The tie-dye has become a Hollywood celebrity favorite and we’ll be wearing it in 2020 too.

Nodular dyeing of tie-dye fabric is one of the oldest ways to create an ornament on fabric. There are countless options for winding, folding, wrapping fabric, and this makes it possible to create a unique pattern every time.


Why is tie-dye so popular

The first peak of popularity of tie-dye was achieved thanks to the hippie movement. Among them, it was fashionable to create things with a rainbow print. At the same time, in the Soviet Union, young people, imitating Western youth, dreamed of jeans. They were very hard to get, and young people boiled knotted jeans at home.

Now many trends from the past are returning to us, and tie-dye is no exception. Many designers already use this technique in their collections. So, Stella McCartney moved tie-dye to denim. And Karl Lagerfeld and Michael Kors used this technique to create the effect of a sky with white clouds on the fabric. One of the Collina Strada collections consists entirely of tie-dye pieces.

Things in this unusual style have already been seen on many stars. So, Beyoncé chose it to relax on the beach, Justin Bieber visited the church, and Dree Hemingway decided to wear it on the red carpet. This fashion trend was not spared by the famous models Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. Now this print is applied to a large number of things, ranging from T-shirts, trousers, skirts to outerwear, bags, scarves. Shoes can also be dyed using this technique. Designers say that tie-dye perfectly emphasizes the individuality of the person who wears it, the main thing is to combine it correctly with other items of clothing.

tie-dye shirts

What to wear with tie-dye

With an unusual design, tie-dye still impresses with its versatility. It will not be difficult to find a matching set for it. When choosing an image with elements of clothing in the tie-dye style, there are two rules. First, at least one thing in the image must match the color or shade of the print. Secondly, if you need to balance a bright print, then you should choose the rest of the elements of the image in plain colors. You should not combine several things in this style in one image, so as not to look ridiculous.

The combination of a tie-dye top and jeans is considered the most win-win option. It can be T-shirts, tops, sweatshirts, hoodies, cardigans in combination with current jeans models (straight, flared, oversized). Jeans can also be replaced with a skirt made of satin, silk, denim or leather. If the print is present at the bottom of the image on a skirt or pants, then it is better to choose a solid color up.

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Tie-dye goes well with other prints, whether it’s polka dot, plaid or leopard. Tie-dye itself is considered a dangerous print, as it fills a woman’s figure due to its fuzzy lines. To prevent this from happening, you should avoid things with the image of a rainbow spiral, horizontal stripes, chaotic blots. At the same time, the figure will appear slimmer if you choose clothes with vertical or diagonal lines.

How to make tie-dye with your own hands

There are a lot of techniques for creating a tie-dye print, but at the heart of any staining technique are three steps: fold, bandage, dye. For painting use the usual paint for fabric, liquid or powder.

The basic way of tie-dye is a thing with a spiral pattern, so you can dye a t-shirt. For this you will need:

  • paint of different colors;
  • stationery gum or rope;
  • gloves;
  • fork.

First you need to wash your T-shirt. Still slightly damp, it needs to be laid out on a flat surface. It is required to place a fork in the center of the T-shirt and rotate it until the T-shirt wraps around it. After that, the T-shirt must be knitted in such a way that it is divided into several equal parts. Paint each piece a different color. Next, you should leave the T-shirt for several hours, then rinse and dry. T-shirt with a unique print is ready.

how to dye a t-shirt

Every girl dreams of looking fashionable and stylish, when the whole image is thought out to the smallest detail and takes into account the latest fashion trends and trends. Now among them there is also tie-dye, which will bring with it a touch of uniqueness and rebellion.

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