The use of folk remedies for the treatment of arthrosis

It’s not just the elderly who suffer from osteoarthritis. This disease is widespread among people involved in sports: wrestlers, football players, gymnasts. The cause of the development of the disease in them are microtraumas, bruises, sprains.

Prevention of arthrosis of the knee joint is available to anyone. First of all, it is necessary to approach various physical activities more carefully, and in case of injuries, consult a doctor. If even slight pain in the knee appears, it is also necessary to undergo a medical examination.

Osteoarthritis most often affects people who are overweight, so you need to monitor your body weight and get rid of extra pounds in time. With arthrosis, you should not eat food containing a lot of animal fat, and especially red meat. Such products should be replaced with fish and poultry meat. It is recommended in this disease to eat plenty of fruits, raw vegetables, and drink eight glasses of water a day. Also, for the prevention and treatment of arthrosis, there is a special gymnastics.

Various folk remedies can be used to treat arthrosis, but traditional medicine should not be neglected. Treatment of gonarthrosis with folk remedies is quite effective if the disease is not started and is in its initial stage.

The most popular is the treatment of knee joints with blue or red clay. Clay should be collected only with a wooden spoon; clay will lose its healing properties from a metal spoon. The diseased joint must first be wiped with a damp cloth. Stir the clay with water until the consistency of sour cream. Put clay two centimeters thick on a cotton cloth. Apply such a compress to the sore knee, bandage it and wrap it with a woolen scarf. The compress should be kept for two hours. After this procedure, the knee should be washed with warm water, and the clay should be discarded. It should not be used a second time. Do such lotions for five days, and besides that, add a little clay to the water and take it every hour.

For the treatment of gonarthrosis, traditional medicine advises the use of burdock. The leaves of the plant should be washed, wiped and applied with a fluffy side to the sore spot. Similarly, you can use birch leaves. Also, for the treatment of gonarthrosis, you can use the leaves of Jerusalem artichoke. It will be necessary to pour 1.5 kg of crushed leaves with 8 liters of boiling water. Cool the broth to a warm state and immerse the diseased joint in it. A compress is made from boiled potatoes and applied warm to a sore knee. In addition to these remedies, you can use dandelion flowers to treat joints. First, they are washed and dried. After that, dry flowers need to be chewed, while doing 3,000 steps.

Treatment with folk remedies is best combined with the appointments of the attending physician. It is not worth abandoning the medical treatment of gonarthrosis, since a neglected disease will have to be treated with surgical methods.

Draw your attention to! The information presented in the article is for informational purposes and does not call for self-diagnosis, self-treatment and influence on your body by any means. Only a qualified specialist (doctor, trainer, nutritionist, etc.) can make a diagnosis, prescribe (recommend) treatment and medications or dietary supplements, give recommendations on nutrition and training, and also control the treatment process (weight loss, training), focusing on a particular person and based on his individual characteristics.

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