The use of nicotinic acid for hair growth

Vitamin B3 is widely known in the world. Studies by American scientists have shown that the vitamin is able to cope with many types of bacteria and infections, against which all developed drugs are powerless.

Niacin or nicotinic acid is pure vitamin B3 (an obsolete name is vitamin PP), discovered in the 50s of the last century by scientist L. Ron Hubbard and used it as a drug to remove harmful substances from the human body.

Scientists believe that niacin has a great future, since only this drug is characterized by a thousandfold increase in immunity and the acquisition by the body of natural protection against viruses that can destroy it.

There are two forms of niacin:

  • nicotinoamide found in animal products;
  • nicotinic acid, which is part of plant organisms.

What is vitamin B3, what does it contain

Only the consonant name makes the vitamin nicotinic acid related to the strongest neurotoxin, the alkaloid nicotine, and even thanks to Weidel, who oxidized nicotine with nitric acid in 1873 to convert it into niacin. The effect of substances on a person is absolutely opposite.

The range of positive effects of vitamin B3 on a living organism is huge. As it turned out, the beauty of human hair largely depends on this substance.

As a drug, nicotinic acid is used to treat many gastric diseases, hepatitis, various types of tumors, and circulatory disorders of the brain.

In foods, niacin is found in beans, black bread, pineapple, buckwheat, mushrooms, and meat.

In a pharmacy, vitamin B3 can be purchased in the form of a liquid sealed in an ampoule.

The effect of nicotinic acid on hair

What properties of nicotinic acid affect the growth and structure of human hair? The action of niacin is a complex effect on the head area. Scientists have proven that the content of the increased content of this substance in the body does not have a negative effect on it. The activation of subcutaneous processes in the area of ​​the scalp was no exception.

Nicotinic acid affects the scalp in this way:

  • activating the subcutaneous circulation on the head, nicotinic acid increases the access of nutrients to the hair follicles. The influx of nutrition to the bulbs stimulates hair growth;
  • By entering directly into the hair structure, useful substances and moisture stop hair loss, reduce their fragility.

In a short time, the appearance of the hair changes for the better: their dullness is not observed. Hair becomes shiny, their pigmentation improves, bright shades of natural color appear.

The complex effect of nicotine is manifested by the supply of nutrition not only to the hair follicles, but also to the vessels of the scalp. Due to this property, niacin or nicotinic acid is used in cosmetics. It is introduced into the composition of therapeutic masks and creams for head care. Shampoos and conditioners also include niacin in their formulations.

Cosmetologists have tested the methods of action of nicotinic acid on the hair structure. The program participants were divided into two groups. The first group took vitamin B3 tablets, the second received injections with the simultaneous use of special masks. The course of treatment with vitamin B3 is designed for two weeks. It was noted that the best result was observed in the group taking the drug in the form of masks and injections.

Methods of treatment with vitamin B3

The conducted studies led experts to the conclusion that the effect of using niacin for the treatment of hairline diseases is obvious. The positive results noted in the studies in both groups made it possible to apply both methods for hair treatment.

Both options provide a course equal to two weeks:

  • two tablets in laziness, after eating, drink as much milk or mineral water as possible;
  • a drop of niacin solution is applied from the ampoule to the palm of the hand, and rubbed into a cleanly washed scalp, starting from the temples towards the back of the head. The remains of the drug are rubbed into the crown of the head;
  • the drug can be combined with various herbal concentrates;
  • in the process of hair treatment, vitamin B3 does not cause dryness of the scalp, so there is no need to use cosmetics to soften the skin.

Features of the drug

Nicotinic acid, used as a drug or cosmetic product, has its own individual characteristics, which are perceived differently by its users:

  • due to the high excitability of blood circulation as a result of the use of the drug, people suffering from hypertensive disorders should not use it;
  • individual intolerance to niacin;
  • allergic effects of nicotinic acid can manifest itself in redness of the scalp, slight itching and burning;
  • the use of drugs by people who may have hemorrhages in the body is excluded.

Getting advice from a doctor about the possibility of cosmetic procedures using nicotinic acid is a mandatory step.

In the event that nicotinic acid causes a negative reaction, the beautician will suggest other hair treatment options.

For those who find vitamin B3 acceptable, there are several special masks that are available at home.

Options for hair masks with nicotinic acid

Pure nicotinic acid mask.

  • the contents of 1-3 ampoules of niacin are rubbed into the scalp;
  • after two hours, wash your hair and dry it with a towel.

The course is designed for 10 procedures with an interval of three days. After a month break, the procedure can be repeated.

Nicotinic acid with chamomile infusion.

  • the contents of two ampoules of nicotinic acid, mixed with one tablespoon of infusion of chamomile officinalis;
  • rub into the scalp:
  • wash off the mask after 1-2 hours.

Chamomile can be replaced with infusion of aloe, nettle.

Nicotinic acid with propolis.

  • Mix 2 teaspoons of propolis with the contents of one ampoule of vitamin B3;
  • rub into the scalp and keep the composition on the head for two hours;
  • Wash off the mask with herbal shampoo.

A mask with propolis not only affects the skin and hair follicles, but also increases the elasticity of the hair structure, which is important for those who use a hair dryer or tongs for styling.

Nicotinic acid and oil.

  • mix the contents of the niacin ampoule with an oily solution of vitamin A or E;
  • rub into the scalp, soak for one hour and rinse with herbal shampoo.

A mask with vitamins will help to remove the problem associated with brittle hair.

If niacin is used systematically, the course of treatment is performed in the prescribed two weeks, the result will affect …

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