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Outdated clothes and accessories can easily spoil even a stylish look. How to replace irrelevant things is described in the material.

Replacing obsolete trends

This season, stylists offer to remove some things and choose more relevant ones instead.

Tracksuit for every day

Loose pants, a T-shirt and an oversized hoodie are a very comfortable combination. Therefore, most young people prefer to wear tracksuits in everyday life. But there are rules of etiquette that do not allow you to wear a bathrobe to the office and sweatpants somewhere other than the gym.


Form a basic wardrobe capsule, where there will be several looks for every day. For example, straight-cut cotton pants and a neutral-colored T-shirt or top. So you can move comfortably and look stylish.

Skirt with tulle

A few years ago, the tulle skirt suddenly appeared on the list of fashion items. But it’s pretty impractical. It is difficult to combine it with other things and create beautiful outfits. Therefore, the trend quickly became irrelevant.


This season, satin skirts in soothing tones will be relevant. For formal outfits, you can take a classic pencil skirt. And for walks, a skirt above the knee is suitable.

Large backpacks

In the modern world, girls have to carry a lot of things with them: money, cosmetics, a comb, napkins, documents, and a number of other things. Because of this, voluminous roomy backpacks used to be relevant.


Now such an accessory looks bulky and out of place in everyday life. For everyday looks, you can choose a leather bag in an unusual color or shape.

Outdoor slippers with faux fur

This season, home style, which has been trending for several years in a row, fades into the background. If slip dresses can still be used, then fur slippers and silk suits are best left for home.


Pay attention to concise models of shoes. An excellent solution for urban looks will be comfortable flip-flops or flat shoes. Choose models without unnecessary decor. So your everyday style will be simple but elegant.


The beret became popular back in 2018. Most fashionistas have started using this headdress to create a French look. But berets are frowned upon by stylists because they are difficult to match with the rest of the wardrobe. Such a thing will not even be able to warm in cold weather.


If you doubt your ability to stylishly combine things, do not choose berets. Nowadays, well-known brands offer many other hats. For example, a hat with straight resistant fields.

Lace-up swimwear

At the sight of so many different swimsuits, eyes widen. There are bandage sets, and swimsuits with strings / laces in different places, and options with a mesh. On some beaches, you can even see fashionistas in sequined bathing suits. These trends don’t last long.


If you want to choose a swimsuit that will be relevant for a long time, choose neutral classic models. The most appropriate this season will be a regular one-piece swimsuit. Take a solid color model on thin or wide straps with an open back.

Sneakers with thick soles

Recently, platform shoes have been in great demand. These are not only shoes, sandals, boots, but also sports shoes. But stylists are convinced that such models should be urgently put aside in the far corner of the closet for trips to the country.


A universal option to replace an outdated trend are ordinary sneakers. If you like sneakers more, you can look at the models in the style of the 80s and 90s. Also relevant this season will be sneakers-socks.

Bandage dresses

Too revealing sexy outfits have long gone out of fashion. Therefore, dresses of this style made of elastic fabric should not be used. For everyday outfits, excessively dense fabric and a fitted cut will be inappropriate. In them you will not be able to feel comfortable and move easily. It is worth noting that such an outfit has been anti-trend for several years in a row.


Actual replacement will be models of dresses that focus on femininity. Choose simple styles, without a lot of decorations. Wrap dresses or with a belt emphasize the waist and visually adjust the proportions.

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Ripped mini shorts

High-waisted shorts with holes or fraying are out of fashion and are best recycled. It is also worth sending shorts with sequins, stripes, rhinestones and other inappropriate decor there. Tight mini-shorts will also be irrelevant.


This season, give preference to looser mid-thigh length models. It is best to choose shorts made of organic cotton. For autumn, you can use leather shorts.

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Leather leggings

Leather things are still in trend. But leggings are outdated options. They emphasize all the flaws and can visually shorten the legs.


Jeans are considered one of the current replacement options. You can take mom jeans in black or gray.

Now you know how to replace obsolete things. Feel free to use current replacement options to create a stylish bow.

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