Things with fur trim in spring looks 2021

Finishing clothes with fur collars or inserts, which has been in trend for more than a season, is not an invention of modern designers. Even in ancient times, people made fur capes and hid their hands in muffs, and in Soviet times, every woman had a drape coat with a mink collar. Fashion trends 2021, of course, differ in both the quality of the fur and the execution, and therefore do not leave any fashionista indifferent.


In the spring of 2021, draped, cashmere and knitted coats with fur decor are back in trend. Collars made of mink, chinchilla, arctic fox or silver fox are already considered classic; they will decorate a coat of any style.

At the same time, fur collars are in trend – stand-ups, turn-down to the shoulders, hoods and unusual forms of collars, turning into the floor of outerwear.

This season, designers have sewn fur not only on the collars of outerwear, 3D sleeves and pockets also do not give up their fashionable positions.

Well-known brands offer to turn floors and pockets with long-haired fur, for example, fox or goat.


Jackets from the 90s are becoming fashionable this season: leather jackets, pilots, jeans. To the standard decor of these models, the designers decided to add inserts made of natural or faux fur. Leather plus fur is a win-win option that is often used by designers.

It was these styles of jackets with fur on the collar and shoulders that fashion houses presented at their shows in Paris, London and Milan.

For cold weather, stylists suggest stocking up on a parka with fluffy pockets and a collar. The palette of trendy shades ranges from beige and white to brown and khaki. In the spring, designers do not recommend wearing a black or navy blue parka, and certainly not with black fur. The trend is light and cheerful shades.


Fur vests are so firmly in vogue that they have a place in both the winter and spring seasons. But fashion 2021 slightly corrects the favorite models and suggests giving preference to vests with fur inside the product or in combination with other fabrics.

This is, of course, clothing that will not only warm in the spring and create a mood.

By the way, fashionistas are already tired of vests with a long pile, more and more often manufacturers present models with sheared sheep, rabbit, and wolf fur.

Cashmere vests with a collar or “shoulder straps” made of natural fur also look spectacular. This is a kind of alternative to a coat, but in the spring it’s just right.


Knitwear, especially cardigans made of angora, wool or acrylic, get a new round this season. Elongated sweaters with mink or fox inserts appeared in the collections of world brands.

In addition, cardigans with faux fur remain in trend. It is more democratic, and easier to care for.

Fur products are quite durable and multi-season. Not only fur coats are made from fur, but also coats, vests and cardigans. Such clothes have been in fashion for many years. It is enough to correctly choose accessories for products with a fluffy finish in order to be always in trend.

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