Thongs: advantages and disadvantages

Thongs are considered one of the sexiest and most revealing types of underwear. They are very popular not only among the female, but also among the male population.

At one time, this little detail of the wardrobe made a lot of noise in the world, for its frankness and, as many believed, vulgarity. But, despite this, today, they are worn with pleasure not only by young girls, but also by women (and sometimes men), of almost all ages. Today we will take a detailed look at all the pros and cons of these flirty panties.

Thongs and their advantages.

As many recognize, the main advantage of this wardrobe detail is that they fit absolutely any type of clothing – whether it be tight-fitting trousers, a translucent skirt or a formal suit, thongs, unlike other panties, are practically invisible.

Thongs are very sexy and flirtatious. According to studies, most girls and women admitted that they feel more confident and attractive if they are wearing this particular underwear.

They are very comfortable (if they are exactly the right size) and with regular wear they cease to be felt on the body.

Even men appreciated their merits, although most of them are not very willing to admit that this piece of clothing is present in their wardrobe.

Thongs and their disadvantages.

In addition to being uncomfortable, these cute sexy panties can also contribute to the development of vaginal yeast infections. The reason for this unpleasant fact is that such underwear is often made from synthetic fabrics (for example, nylon). Synthetics, as you know, have the ability to retain moisture, which is ideal for various kinds of dangerous bacteria, because they live in a humid and warm environment.

Regular wearing of thong panties is fraught with irritation and microcracks, because these panties are designed in such a way that their back part can rub and sometimes even injure delicate skin. And that doesn’t bode well.

Another disadvantage is that the cut of the string allows bacteria from the anus to freely enter the vagina (still the same ill-fated back part), I think it’s not worth specifying what consequences this can lead to.

Some helpful tips.

If you are worried about your health, but are not ready to give up your favorite panties, then follow these simple rules:

  • Say no to synthetics. Choose underwear only from natural fabrics (and this applies not only to panties of this style).
  • Avoid wearing these panties in very hot or humid weather.
  • Do not wear thongs regularly, it is better to leave them for special occasions, in everyday life, give preference to more “closed” models.
  • Choose the right size, panties should not cut into the skin and bring discomfort. Wearing tight underwear can lead to various diseases, including infertility.
  • If possible, do not purchase swimwear with such panties.
  • When choosing underwear, pay attention not only to the appearance of the product, but also to the quality. Panties of any model should have a cotton tab. The ideal option is cotton underwear with the addition of microfiber, it is very comfortable and hygienic.

To wear thong panties or not to wear, the individual choice of each person. But health is above all, so next time, when choosing underwear, think about whether the game is worth the candle. Moreover, modern fashion offers us options for safer and no less attractive panties, such as, for example, slip panties and tango panties.

If you are still in doubt, consult a gynecologist on this issue.

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