Tincture of water pepper during menstruation: to delay and stop

In folk medicine, water pepper is used widely and everywhere. Even the ancient Greeks used this plant when it was necessary to stop bleeding or reduce pain. Even then, women knew that tincture of water pepper during menstruation can relieve pain and stop heavy bleeding. The effectiveness of the plant is even officially recognized by medicine as a science. In a pharmacy, you can easily find a vial of tincture or decoction based on water pepper. The main reason why pepper is so relevant for use during menstruation is its ability to accelerate blood clotting.

A separate advantage of the remedy is the “lack of conflict” – when used in conjunction with other drugs, it does not reduce their effects and does not enter into any chemical reactions.

The method of taking the drug and the amount of the substance taken should depend not only on the desired result, but also on how the body reacts to the plant. Possible side effects include rashes, nausea, dizziness, allergic reactions, and headaches. If at least one of them is detected, it is necessary to stop taking. The plant itself is poisonous, so in no case should an overdose be allowed! To make the process of taking it as safe as possible, you must first consult with your doctor! Only a qualified specialist will be able, taking into account all the individualities of the body, to determine the right dose to take and the amount of time during which it will be safe to take the drug!

Use of tincture during menstruation

Premenstrual syndrome (better known as the abbreviation of PMS) coexists with sudden mood swings, irritability and increased excitability – qualities that do not improve the life of the woman herself and those around her. Menstruation itself, even being a natural phenomenon for a woman, is a painful process. Often you have to look for ways to survive this period, minimizing discomfort. It is not always necessary to resort to painkillers in this situation. Water pepper can help when:

  • The process of menstruation is too painful;
  • PMS is more pronounced than usual;
  • Critical days do not end for a long time;
  • A rash appears on the skin on the eve of menstruation.

If taken during and shortly before menstruation, it will eliminate nervousness and irritability, help relax the muscles of the uterus (pain is caused precisely by its spasms), reduce gas formation and prevent intestinal upset.

Pepper will also regulate the production of the hormone progesterone – it affects the amount of estrogen in the body, which in turn increases the production of sebum. The correct balance of progesterone – not greasy pores – clear skin without acne, which is important for a woman.

If the critical days have dragged on and you need to stop them, the best option would be a remedy prepared at home on your own. To do this, you need only forty grams of a dried plant (as it is also called, “pepper mountaineer”) and half a liter of boiling water. The mixed ingredients are kept in a water bath (five minutes will be enough), after which the resulting mixture is infused for two to three hours, closed in a dark place. Take the finished drug one hundred milliliters every six hours.

The effect of water pepper on the abundance of secretions

Most often, a tincture or decoction is used with an increased amount of discharge during menstruation. Due to the content of nutrients that act on blood vessels, a tincture (on alcohol) or a decoction (on water) based on water pepper will strengthen their walls and help stop even heavy bleeding. The drug has the ability to “close” blood vessels, as it were, and its effectiveness is based on this property.

On critical days, the layer of the inner mucous membrane of the body of the uterus (endometrium) is torn off and leaves the body. It consists almost entirely of blood vessels. Vitamin K and rutin (one of the glycosides) contained in the plant strengthen their shell and prevent the endometrium from thickening more than required. This reduces the amount of bleeding.

Delay Menstruation – How Can Water Pepper Help?

Rarely, when menstruation comes “on time” – there is always a reason to “move” them a few days. And here the tincture of the mountaineer pepper can help. This method, based on physiological characteristics, is much safer than taking pills.

Any intervention in the natural cycle (if it is within the normal range), even based on physiology, is not useful! In order not to cause irreparable harm to your health and reproductive system, in no case should you often experiment with the cycle! Before resorting to a delay in menstruation, it is worth weighing the pros and cons and understand if this is really necessary! If there is an opportunity not to interfere with the natural processes of the body – it is better to use it!

For menstruation to come later than expected, you need to drink 40-45 drops three times a day. The first reception on an empty stomach, two more – not earlier than half an hour before a meal. It is worth starting the course of admission three to four days before the start date of the critical days, they will be delayed for the same period.


Highlander pepper belongs to the category of potent drugs and has its own list of contraindications for use. These are:

  • heart disease;
  • Tendency to constipation and chronic disease of this kind;
  • Nephritis and any inflammatory processes of the bladder;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • Problems and diseases of the kidneys.

Taking the drug is strictly prohibited for pregnant women, as its effect on the uterus can cause premature birth. Against the background of taking water pepper, the development of hypertension may begin, so you should not use the remedy for a long time.

When choosing a method for processing water pepper, you must first pay attention to the individual characteristics of the body. Tincture and decoction have the same effect, but the tincture is made using ethyl alcohol. If you have problems with the perception of alcohol, its intolerance or temporary contraindications to drinking alcohol (liver disease, breastfeeding, etc.), you should choose a decoction or extract based on the pepper mountaineer. Produced on the water, they can help in the treatment and prevention, exerting a directed effect on the vessels, while not affecting the organs that react problematic to alcohol-containing products.

Making a choice in favor of pharmacy tinctures and decoctions, do not forget first …

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