Tips from Evelina Khromtchenko about fashionable outerwear for autumn

Tips from Evelina Khromtchenko will tell you what fashionable outerwear to choose for the fall in order to create stylish and versatile looks. Get ready to record!


trench coat

Trench coat is a classic of the genre for creating a stylish and elegant look. It was him that Evelina Khromchenko entered into the basic list of things that every fashionista needs. Moreover, it was not limited to just one beige color. Black and protective shade are also excellent versatility.

Fashion expert gives interesting advice regarding the trench coat. This outerwear should not look new. If the thing has just been brought from the store, something urgently needs to be done with it in order to dilute the bow with a stylish touch of negligence and rid the outerwear of excessive “correctness”.

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Khromchenko has several ideas on this matter – a raised collar, going to a dry cleaner, not fastening all the buttons.

Another stylish idea is to tighten the belt not to the native buckle, but to tie the original knot. By the way, this node can be placed not in front, but behind the product.

As you may have guessed, a trench coat is a basic thing, but it is very conducive to stylistic experiments. We intend to prove this theory to you with the help of an inspiring photo collection.

Double-breasted coat

If we are talking about a basic coat, then Evelina recommends purchasing a classic straight-cut double-breasted coat made of wool or cashmere. The optimal length is -120 cm. As for the color, Khromchenko is unconditionally faithful to the camel shade. It’s not brown or beige, it’s more of a classy mix that suits both brunettes and blondes.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! To shade camel only fair-haired girls with gray pigment should be treated with caution. They should pick up a bright scarf or turtleneck in addition to outerwear.[/stextbox]

Tips from Evelina Khromtchenko include tips on how to pair a double-breasted coat in this pretty colorway. First of all, you should decide on a handbag. If the outerwear is oversized, you should turn to medium-sized accessories, a little larger than a book. The only exception is a trip to the theater or an evening out – events of this kind require an elegant handbag of small dimensions.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! Khromchenko does not recommend choosing a cross-body for an oversized coat – this is at least inconvenient. It is better to prefer an accessory that is comfortable to hold in your hand.[/stextbox]

The selection of a headdress for such a coat is also a task that requires a responsible approach. If the coat is designed in a fashionable voluminous cut, you should not pick up deliberately large and serious hats. A knitted gnome hat is the best option. It can also be in the universal beanie format.

Romantic young ladies should adopt a beret – it is again on the list of leading trends. Moreover, not only the usual knitted textures in the design of this headdress are relevant. Velvet and leather berets also look incredibly stylish.

Any girl with excellent taste should have a silk square in her wardrobe. An elegant scarf is the best way to create an elegant and flawless look. But many girls are faced with the fact that such an accessory often strives to slip. In this case, the accessory should be fixed to the hair with invisibility.

What if not double-breasted and not camel?

There is no need to box yourself in. You may just not like the classic light coat either. Then Evelina Khromtchenko and the fashion trends of the 2019 season have something to offer you!

The most daring fashionistas can rely on bright coat colors – blue, red, mustard, yellow or burgundy colors are in the highest demand in the autumn season. These colors are a great remedy for seasonal blues.

Separately, it is worth noting the relevance of the coat in a cage. This is a stylish and versatile print that suits absolutely everyone. Evelina is especially impressed by the houndstooth motif. According to the expert, such a print in large dimensions is suitable only for young fashionistas. For obese women and older ladies, a medium or small size of the motive is preferable.

This motif with a diagonal direction of the pattern has a remarkable property to slim the figure. If you wear a coat unbuttoned, this effect will be carried out unquestioningly. “Houndstooth” in the image can take on absolutely any mood. The print becomes elegant, bourgeois or strict with the easy instruction of a fashionista. To create a daring bow, Evelina recommends combining this motif with a leather texture.

Fashionable outerwear in the fall 2019 season can be designed in pleasant pastel colors. Such tones are great for women over 50, as they mask age-related changes and refresh the image.


Modern trends offer fashionistas such cardigans, which may well become a stylish alternative to outerwear.

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Beige and gray, according to Khromchenko, are the most successful options for cardigan colors. But she does not advise to abuse black tones.


Jackets today are deservedly loved not only by all fashionistas, but also by Evelina Khromtchenko. You can safely rely on it when compiling stylish sets in early autumn.

Fashion advice! In the autumn season, it is important to mix a jacket with a belt to create an elegant accent on the waist. It is also recommended to expand the scope of its use and include it not only in business ensembles. The jacket feels great in stylish casual bows.

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Some more valuable tips

  • Outerwear should always be a smart and conscious investment in your wardrobe. Fashion is, of course, good, but still, versatility and comfort should come first.

  • Since the fashion expert always votes for practicality first, she advises choosing outerwear in a basic cut and calm colors.

  • Autumn look should always be complemented by stylish accessories. Otherwise, it is doomed to boredom.

  • Jackets and coats for the smell are absolutely all women, regardless of the type of figure.

  • Autumn bow, designed in a single color palette, allows the fashionista to look more slender and tall.
  • If a lady has extra pounds, she may well afford dark-colored outerwear to mask this feature. True, in this case it is worth adding a few bright accents to the bow, for example, in the chest area. But there is a type of women for whom black clothing is contraindicated. We are talking about ladies with large breasts. With them, gloomy colors will play a cruel joke and make the figure more overweight.

  • A definite must-have for the cold season is a fur scarf. Such…

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