Tips from Evelina Khromtchenko for autumn wardrobe

Tips from Evelina Khromtchenko will tell you what the perfect fall wardrobe should be. Such recommendations will be useful to every fashionista!


Colors to look out for first

  • Autumn 2019 is very partial to red. However, Khromchenko claims that beautiful red is always out of competition on the fashionable Olympus. It inevitably attracts attention, gives confidence and grace. If you are ready for this “burden”, feel free to replenish your autumn wardrobe with red things.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! Evelina advises to combine red with cobalt blue, pink, black, white, and fuchsia.[/stextbox]

  • If earlier the union of related tones of red, orange and pink was considered tasteless, now it is the hottest trend. Do not be afraid to use this cheerful tandem in your images and look unforgettable.

  • If your bins are hiding things in an elegant shade of lavender, this autumn’s trends call for getting them out and actively using them in your looks.

  • Good news for girls who like to stand out: fashionable experiments with gold and silver tones do not slow down the popularity.

  • Girls who love black, as much as Evelina Khromtchenko, will be delighted with the fact that their favorite is at the height of fashion. The only thing to consider is the ability of the black texture to show the slightest speck, hair or pollution. Accordingly, it will be necessary to monitor the impeccability of dark things especially carefully.

  • Khromtchenko often mentions his love for the striped print. Surely, it can be found in your wardrobe and actively used this fall.
  • Argyle pattern in the form of diamonds is a great option for those who want to shine in an extraordinary way.
  • Inscriptions on clothes are still in fashion, but Evelina advises to approach them consciously. It will be interesting to wear a t-shirt with a slogan or position that fits your personal worldview. For example, Khromchenko herself recently demonstrated a look with a black trouser suit and a white T-shirt with the words “Sorry”.

T-shirt with prints

  • As for color combinations in clothes, the fashion expert suggests taking inspiration from nature or even cooking. For example, the color of eggplant pairs beautifully with orange or red, just like eggplant is appropriate in a salad with a tomato or carrot.

Without a coat

Evelina Khromchenko urges to be optimistic about the vicissitudes of the weather. The first cold snaps are a great reason to walk a new beautiful coat. Although it may not even be new, it will instantly change due to trendy accessories.

A classic of the genre is a cashmere coat in a shade of beige. It should be done in a minimalist style. The current style of “robe” or “cocoon” is welcome. An oversized note also does not harm the stylish autumn look.

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trench coat

A practical alternative to a coat can be a stylish trench coat, which is always in trend.

White sweater

A white embossed sweater is what a fashionista will definitely need in the fall season. Khromchenko suggests that such a warm, soft and cozy top will make the image feminine and romantic and win over those around you.

The main combination that the fashion expert highly recommends trying is the combination of a white sweater with a trendy pleated skirt.

Jumper under the throat

In addition to a white sweater, it is worth having a turtleneck or a jumper with a high neck in your wardrobe. When choosing a color, it makes sense to build on your own color type, but it will also not be superfluous to study the fashion trends of the season.


The absolute must-have wardrobe for the cold season is a suit made of dense fabric. Evelina recommends giving preference to dark colors. You can also take into service the relevance of a checkered print.

Warm skirt

Drawing up a fashionable autumn wardrobe is unthinkable without buying a warm skirt. Here it is worth focusing on the actual midi length and basic shades. Dark tones, milky or red are always in trend, plus they are versatile in their combinations.


Buying a dress in rich colors is a win-win way to raise the level of endorphins on a rainy autumn day. The favorites of the 2019 season are milky, lilac, emerald, blue, peach and sky blue tones.

Special attention is paid to bright colors. Khromchenko gives useful advice on how to decide whether to opt for a bright dress. Let’s say you liked the model in the current yellow design. In this case, you need to bring the dress to your face and observe its effect on the tone of the face. If the skin has become grayish or greenish, the eyes have faded, then it is worth continuing the search for the perfect bright shade.

When choosing a dress for the cold season, be sure to consider the fit. If you are betting on a tight-fitting style, let it be executed in a dense texture. Flimsy knitwear, in turn, treacherously emphasizes all the flaws of the figure.


This season, high-rise jeans in classic blue or blue colors are in trend. Scuffs and decor are stylistic taboos.


In her arsenal of accessories for the cold season, Evelina advises having at least 2 scarves and a stole. First of all, this is due to the practical component – a scarf can become an additional insulating layer of the kit. Also, such accessories allow you to create actual layering and make the bow more interesting. For example, now it is fashionable to tuck the edges of the stole under the belt.

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Deciding on shoes

A vivid manifestation of the fashionable grunge style – the fashion expert advises brutal “work” boots to be adopted first of all. Their main feature is the embossed sole, which will not allow you to fall on the ice.

Khromchenko highlights several win-win combinations with such shoes:

  • skirts of various styles;
  • elongated sweaters;
  • knitted coats;
  • wide or skinny jeans;
  • fur coats.

Chelsea boots, Cossacks, high stocking boots and knee-high boots will also be at the peak of popularity.

High heels are what you need for overweight women. Such shoes lengthen the silhouette and visually shed a couple of kilograms.

Evelina emphasizes that it is in the choice of shoes that you can play a little “naughty”. For example, bright pumps always save the basic suit, and ankle boots with a fashionable animal print add an interesting touch of elegance to the look.

However, Khromchenko also highlights his personal outsiders in the world of shoe trends. For example, she suggests ignoring the square toe trend. The reason for this lies in the ability of this style to make the image heavier and make the leg visually larger. Khromchenko is also worried about the trend towards shoes with a grotesquely elongated toe.

The important role of details

It is difficult to overestimate the role of accessories in a fashionable image. Khromchenko has repeatedly mentioned the basic list of jewelry that will be useful to a fashionista in…

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