To the floor or shorter: the actual length of dresses for New Year’s Eve 2021

The choice of outfit for New Year’s Eve begins long before the holiday. It is necessary to take into account the latest trends in fashion houses and the characteristics of the main symbol of the coming year. The most popular clothes among girls are dresses of different styles. To meet 2021, models of each length should have certain nuances.


Most often, ladies opt for elegant floor-length dresses. To meet the Year of the Ox, it is necessary to give preference to expensive and heavy fabrics, such as velvet, satin, brocade. Designers offer stones, rhinestones and sequins as elements of festive decor. Draperies in the bodice area and bows are popular. Plunging necklines or an open back, which often appeared at the latest fashion shows, can be safely combined with a length that completely covers the legs. Cuts on one or both sides are also acceptable for a New Year’s outfit, but in this case, the top of the dress should be restrained and concise. Hoodie dresses have given way to a fitted or form-fitting silhouette.


The golden mean for those who want to look fresh, but avoid excessive openness. For dresses of this length, a detachable waist and a wide skirt or A-line skirt will be relevant. Models with intricate draperies are welcome, but it’s best when they complement a wrap dress. Fully fitted silhouettes are also a good choice. But you should not combine too open top with such a length, otherwise it will look vulgar. For skirts made of heavy fabrics, designers offer to add a light top made of satin or organza and thus create a trendy two-layer set.


A short dress cannot be combined with a revealing top – this is a rule that should not be neglected even on holidays. In addition to tight-fitting looks, girls are offered a tight bustier-style bodice and a fluffy skirt. You can add puff sleeves to the top or open only one shoulder. In many podium images there was a corset-type bodice. Since a mini-length dress is already a bright element of the wardrobe, it can be made in a minimalist style and goes well with active jewelry. In the year of the Ox, the color scheme should be warm, so shades such as gold, yellow, ocher, umber, soft green are welcome. White and silver colors will also be relevant.

Each woman should choose the length of the dress, based on the type of figure. There is only one general rule: the chosen outfit should suit its owner, emphasize her advantages and hide her flaws. In order not to be mistaken, you need to try on different options in advance and stop at the most successful one.

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