Tonsillitis plugs: symptoms, causes, treatment

Tonsillitis plugs are a curdled substance of a yellowish or grayish hue that accumulates in small amounts in the tonsils, in their recesses. Basically, they always contain calcium, but sometimes mineral compounds from magnesium, phosphorus, ammonia, and various carbonates can also be found there. The formation of tonsillitis plugs occurs due to the presence of a disease such as tonsillitis in a person.

Reasons for the appearance

The culprits of the appearance of traffic jams are microorganisms. These include chlamydia, streptococci, staphylococci, candida fungus, adenoviruses. They live and breed in the air.

If a person’s tonsils are healthy, without any damage, then they do an excellent job with microbes that have got into the throat. When they cannot resist them, inflammation immediately begins in the throat.

The disease can also be transmitted by direct contact with a sick person by airborne droplets or household methods. Also, the cause of the disease can be caries or sinusitis that a person has.

Other possible causes of chronic tonsillitis in humans and the formation of traffic jams include the following factors:

  1. Self-treatment of angina and improper medication.
  2. Unfinished treatment. Usually, patients in this case stop taking the medicines prescribed by the doctor as soon as the disease begins to recede.
  3. The presence of inflammation in the soft tissues and in the sinuses.
  4. Adenoids or trauma to the tonsils.
  5. Hypothermia of the body.
  6. Weak immune system.
  7. Curvature of the septum.

Symptoms of the disease

Tonsillitis occurs mainly in two forms of the disease: acute and chronic. The disease of an acute form is a common sore throat. If it is not treated in time, in this case it will quickly acquire the status of a chronic disease. In the chronic form of the disease, a person will constantly face the problem of the formation of plugs on the tonsils.

Tonsillitis plugs in any form of the disease almost always have the same symptoms. These include symptoms such as:

  1. Pain in the throat. In this case, there may be a sore or burning sensation in the throat, and pain may also occur when swallowing food or water.
  2. In the presence of traffic jams, there is always an unpleasant smell from the mouth.
  3. The appearance of pus on the tonsils in the form of a curdled mass. On the tonsils, just small yellow dots, the so-called follicular abscesses, can also be observed. These points can be observed only when there is no exacerbation of the disease.
  4. An increase in the surface of the sky and its redness.
  5. General weakness of the whole organism.
  6. High body temperature.
  7. The lymph nodes located under the jaw and on the patient’s neck increase several times.
  8. In the laboratory, when examining the contents taken directly from the tonsils, pathogenic microflora is detected.

Treatment of tonsillitis plugs

It is necessary to be treated immediately if you find purulent plugs in your throat. Currently, there are several methods of getting rid of the disease:

  1. Throat rinse. Probably, there is no easier, more affordable and safer way to remove tonsillitis plugs. It is necessary to rinse the throat as often as possible several times a day. Suitable for rinsing are such compounds as: furatsilin, baking soda, drugs Rotokan, Yoks, Chlorhexidine, Miramistin, as well as infusions based on medicinal herbs (chamomile, mint, string). Small children can simply often be given warm infusions and decoctions or throat irrigation with a douche with furatsilin or chamomile decoction.
  2. Inhalations. This is a very effective procedure for getting rid of congestion in the throat. It can be done not only in the hospital, but also at home. To carry it out, you can use an inhaler bought at a pharmacy or simply breathe in pairs of herbal decoctions over a saucepan under a towel.
  3. Tablets and injections from a number of antibiotics. Antibiotics are prescribed by a specialist and only after the results of the analysis taken from the tonsils are known to determine the virus that caused the disease.
  4. Washing the tonsils. This method is resorted to only if other methods of treatment do not help to completely cure the disease. Washing the tonsils is the removal of purulent plugs mechanically. For washing, solutions from antiseptics are used: furatsilin, boric acid, white streptocide, chlorhexidine. They well help to relieve swelling of the throat and reduce the risk of the disease reappearing. For the whole year, such washing is done at least 10-12 times. Treatment is usually carried out in courses. The course consists of 12-16 washes.
  5. Removal of the tonsils by surgery. Such surgical intervention quickly solves all problems with the tonsils. But at the same time, the correct functioning of the human pharynx is disrupted and chronic pharyngitis may begin. Because of this, doctors are in no hurry to prescribe such a cardinal solution for the treatment of the disease as an operation in the treatment of tonsillitis.

Treatment at home

Methods for getting rid of tonsillitis plugs at home are especially highlighted. The only rule that must be observed is that pus cannot be squeezed out of the tonsils. This only leads to an increase in the disease.

The most popular and affordable ways to treat at home are gargling and lubricating the tonsils. The following methods can be attributed to recipes for home treatment of tonsillitis and removal of traffic jams:

  1. Fir oil. Apply the oil on a cotton swab and lubricate the places of accumulation of pus on the tonsils with it.
  2. Angivirated alcohol. This alcohol lubricates the tonsils in the morning and evening.
  3. Sea buckthorn berries. During the day, you need to chew at least 10 sea buckthorn berries. In this case, before each berry, rinse your mouth and throat well with plain water.
  4. Propolis. It can be used both in the form of a whole small piece, and in the form of a tincture. A piece of propolis must simply be kept in the mouth during the day. Gargle with propolis tincture 3 times a day. You can buy it at the pharmacy or prepare it yourself.
  5. Natural honey. It needs to be sucked daily on a spoon several times a day.
  6. Salt solution. Gargle with this solution. It is prepared as follows: a spoonful of soda and salt, as well as 2 drops of iodine, are taken in a glass of water. Everything is thoroughly mixed.

All these methods of home treatment help to get rid of even the chronic form of tonsillitis. But still, before using these methods, it is better to seek the advice of your doctor, as a person may be allergic to some ingredients.

Disease prevention

Tonsillitis, accompanied by the formation of traffic jams, is one of those diseases that are much easier to prevent than later …

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