Top 10 trends for the summer season 2021

Cool evenings just made us quickly prepare for you a selection of 10 top trends for the summer season 2021. After all, we have been waiting for this for 9 months. Preparing for a trip to the sea will no longer be a problem if you highlight a few of our ideas.

Top trends for summer 2021

Fashion is a controlled epidemic, George Bernard Shaw once said. The post-pandemic world dictates peace and tranquility. So, the catwalks were seized by a “fever” of voluminous things, similar to blankets, transparent fabrics, marine motifs and bright outfits.

Let’s take a quick look at the main trends:

  • all shades of pink, light green and orange;
  • water world;
  • lace;
  • blue denim;
  • oversize;
  • 90s and 70s;
  • “children’s” jewelry;
  • sport chic;
  • feminine blouses.

After we figured out the main trends for the summer of 2021, we will consider each trend “under the microscope”.

baseball caps

Surprised? We are no less. It turns out that the “cottage” accessory has migrated to fashion platforms. Adepts of street fashion vied with each other to demonstrate images with a baseball cap.

And to the feast, and to the world, as they say. With a cap, you can wear not only trouser suits or sportswear. This is a great option for a club party. For example, a dress with sequins and a baseball cap, complete with sneakers. Stylish bow is ready.

Everyday variations are full of combinations with dresses and skirts made of flying fabric. And for adherents of more restrained and familiar combinations, stylists recommend wearing a baseball cap with monochrome sets. How Hailey Bieber does it.

Cropped blouse and puff sleeves

Crop tops are no longer in high demand. They managed to move cropped blouses, but with long sleeves. Pay special attention to the sleeves. Lush, decorated with embroidery and drapery will become the main focus of the image.


Just borrow a fishing net from your father. We’re joking. But in the trend, however, tunics from a large weave of threads. Wear them over dresses and shirts. The mesh worn on an evening dress will look elegant. Great replacement for an outdated harness. More daring ladies can wear a mesh bodice and a long skirt, like the model in the photo. Stylish and simple is the combination of mesh and jumpsuit.

Wide jeans

Finally, designers have brought this incredibly comfortable trend back into fashion. Bulky jeans or bell bottoms will make you a boho-chic beauty. It is customary to wear them with shirts and bras, on top – a light cape. The combination of an oversized blouse, tucked only in the front part into trousers, is very relevant.

Pastel shades and accent trousers

Here we are talking about the whole outfit. Boring pants are ideally complemented by an alcoholic T-shirt or just a pastel-colored T-shirt. In this “balance” go to summer gatherings with girlfriends or to a party. Pants in high esteem are very different:

  • with sequins;
  • with fringe;
  • with inscriptions-slogans;
  • metallic;
  • velvet;
  • bright color;
  • with chains.

“Sleep hour” and grandmother’s tablecloths

For several months we were sitting at home in self-isolation, and many developed such a home trend for comfort. The designers suggested moving it to the catwalks. Sheets and pillowcases have become bras and summer raincoats. And the lace from the tablecloth inspired the fashion maestro to create dresses and skirts.


The trend has migrated from autumn to summer 2021. It is customary to flaunt sconces. For example, wear a bodice over a shirt dress or floral a la Parisian chic. So the bold version of wearing bras returned to the pages of fashion magazines – peeking out from under the dress. Laconic bra with a strict trouser suit – wear to the office.

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Pink, green, orange

Raspberry and fuchsia literally filled the fashionable space. All possible shades are used. It is important to dress in pink from head to toe. It is on this emphasis in the new season that you should pay attention.

Also, to be in trend, buy an orange dress. This vitamin option, apparently, should remind you of citrus fruits.

Grass color is another truly summer color. It is embodied on suits and dresses. Green perfectly complements the brown and beige color scheme. For brilliance, wear it with yellow and the aforementioned fuchsia. A light green bag with a pastel monochrome bow looks beautiful.

Summer knitwear

But from cotton yarn! Dresses, polo and short jumpers. This is a great option for a chilly evening. Pair with lace-up sandals, tote bags and retro glasses. A two-tone model of a knitted T-shirt for the summer looks creative. The meshes that we have already talked about can also be made of knitwear. Looks like your grandmother has a case…

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Plastic rings and beaded jewelry

There is a reason to “order” a pair of jewelry from the younger sister-needlewoman. Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa showed how to wear colorful accessories. It is better to focus on massive round or square rings, and wear beaded beads around your neck in several rows. On the contrary, such jewelry should not be neat and elegant. It is designed to cheer up and spice up a simple denim or cotton outfit. A bright manicure will perfectly complement the plastic decoration.

Another fashionable accent is long earrings up to the collarbones. Some may find it too extravagant. However, this is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make an outfit smart and festive.

We have collected for you the top 10 trends for the summer season 2021. Do not ignore fashion, but do not turn into a walking bag of the latest trends. Choose a few closest to your heart and conquer the passers-by.

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