Top Fashion Trends 2021

Despite the fact that the pandemic has also affected fashion trends, most of the world’s designers and brands continued to be active. The main fashion trends in 2021 were still presented at fashion shows in London, Paris, Milan, New York. In the latest collections, the conditions of remote existence were clearly visible. Many couturiers have focused on homely comfortable clothes.

Trends and trends 2021: what will be fashionable?

The presented selection is based on the latest shows and gives an idea of ​​the fashion trends of 2021 in clothing.

  • Bralettes or bikini bras were actively demonstrated by such brands as Christian Siriano, Jacquemus, Versace, Chanel. A small top, more like a bra. It is recommended to wear them with jackets, in a single version or even over a dress.

  • Two-piece sets, consisting of trousers and a jacket, a dress and a bolero or top with leggings. The Chanel collection has received, as it were, a second birth. Well-recognized suits of the same name made of dense fabric made a splash. The print, present in the collections of Kenneth Ize, Issey Miyake, aroused genuine interest.

  • Forced isolation led to the popularization of tracksuits and home wear. As many couturiers of fashion houses suggest, this trend will continue in the spring. Therefore, comfortable, but stylish home images were presented in cozy suits made of silk and knitwear. Similar collections were presented by Victoria Beckham, Richfresh, Cynthia Rowley. Translucent, sexy nightgowns from Anna Sui were of genuine interest.

  • Obviously, home isolation has been reflected in other trends. So voluminous, baggy, shapeless suits just burst into fashion. Puffy skirts, oversized puffed sleeves, baggy trousers. The emphasis on this was made by such brands as Louis Vuitton, Christian Siriano, Loewe.

  • The mandatory wearing of masks has also made its own adjustments to fashion. This mainly affected headwear manufacturers, who provided their models with veils, nets that cover the face. Such items were presented by the main fashion trends for 2021.. These are Paco Rabanne, Maison Margiela and Chanel.

  • Quarantine does not exclude the presence of a business suit in the wardrobe. But in the new season, designers recommend wearing looser, relaxed tailorings. The style was popular a couple of decades ago. And, as is usually the case in fashion, it is reborn again. The bow can be safely supplemented with sneakers, slippers or comfortable slippers, and it will be in trend.

  • Disco at home. This explains the fact that in many collections there were images dressed in suits and dresses with sequins and rhinestones. Several variants of silver leather suits were presented by Laquan Smith.

  • Feel free to put on transparent dresses, blouses, trousers. This is claimed by couturiers from Christian Dior, No. 21, Jacquemus. Under transparent clothing, there are usually elements of dense fabric.

  • Hoodies and sweatshirts made from jersey. Plain, with prints or metallic decor, but more free. In such clothes it is comfortable at home. Comfortable in it for a walk or while staying in the country.

What fashion 2021 dictates for shoes

Lightness, simplicity, inspired by solitude, are visible not only in clothes. The following fashion trends in 2021 in shoes remain at the peak of popularity:

  • ballet shoes;
  • sandals;
  • lacing, crouching in different models (shoes, boots, boots);
  • shoes with square toes and mules with pointed toes;
  • platform;
  • unchanged sneakers and sneakers;
  • high boot with a free top;
  • products in silver or metallic color, as a symbol of reviving disco;
  • boots with draped tops;
  • light shoes with floral prints;
  • chelsea – loose platform boots that can be worn at different times of the year;
  • the small kitten heel is back.

Do not exclude the abundance of decor. This will lighten up a little the heavy burden that has suddenly fallen on the heads of millions of people who are forced to stay at home. The glitter of rhinestones and sequins, golden or silver chains diversify the female bow a little. The pandemic does not force you to stay at home all the time. You can keep your distance on the street, remaining bright and stylish.

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Color trends in 2021

Many designers noted that the upcoming season was quite difficult. But even the lockdown could not stop the unbridled flight of fantasy of experienced craftsmen. And this is clearly seen in the colors of the presented collections. According to the Pantone Institute, the most fashionable color trends remain:

  • yellow;
  • grey, leaning more towards silver;
  • pink or raspberry;
  • red;
  • purple;
  • green and pistachio;
  • pastel colors – beige, sand, peach.

The classic remains unchanged – this is a simultaneous combination in the ratio of 50/50 white and black.

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Despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, designers were able to overcome the barrier. That is why they recommend not to waste money and reconsider your own wardrobe, based on the main fashion trends of 2021. Surely somewhere in the depths of the closet there is a thing that is incredibly popular and fashionable in the upcoming season. The presented selection, based on the latest fashion shows, will help you create a unique, stylish look. And this is despite the fact that many are still forced to stay at home.

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