Top shoes for summer 2020

Fashion trends 2020 in the world of shoes dictate the popularity of many stylish and interesting models for the summer. Among such a variety of new products, you will surely pick up a pair to your taste!


Current palette

Unconditional favorites among fashionable shoes are models in light colors, namely, in beige, milky and white colors. This is a versatile and extremely comfortable solution. In 2020, you can also opt for black or brown shoes that will easily adapt to any look.

When answering the question of what color shoes are trending in the summer of 2020, the incredible popularity of the pastel palette should also be mentioned. The top has pistachio, blue, lemon, pink and lilac shades.

Pairs of metallized colors are recognized as a real hit. Such models usually have a concise design and easily adapt to any modern bow. The combination with light-colored clothes looks especially elegant.

Bright shoes are a great shake-up for the usual everyday sets. Models made according to the color-blocking principle look as stylish and interesting as they combine several bright colors in their design at once.

Many designers make shoes unique and inimitable due to actual prints. The main hit is animalistic and floral drawings, as well as a charming polka dot motif.

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Many fashionistas in the 2020 season will surely conquer sandals with a stable square heel. Often these models are complemented by elegant straps and ribbons that wrap around the ankle. In addition to the sophisticated design, these sandals have another indisputable advantage – they add a few centimeters to the height and stateliness of the image without sacrificing comfort.

If you don’t like the prospect of spending all day in heels, you can rely on minimalist sandals with straps and woven soles. It is only important to take into account one point when choosing them – wide and dark straps visually “cut” the leg. Accordingly, such a model is contraindicated for women of short stature.

Wedge sandals are the perfect combination of beauty, femininity and comfort. Such a model can be advantageously combined with almost any summer clothing, but a duet with a floral dress will look especially fashionable.


Fans of elegance and comfort may prefer loafers. It is curious that by the summer of 2020, many brands presented such a model in a wide variety of designs – with different heel heights and degrees of openness. Perhaps you will be captivated by the current open-heel loafers – they resemble mules and look especially elegant.

Basic loafers in a classic color without a heel can become a favorite pair for all occasions. A stylish highlight of such a model can be a laconic chain as a decoration. By betting on these loafers, you will ensure that your wardrobe has shoes that are easy to combine with any clothing – from jeans to a pantsuit.

Quilted design

Quilted models of summer shoes are blowing up all records in popularity. Of course, mules with a characteristic voluminous stitch promise to become the main favorite of designers and fashionistas. This trend from the world catwalks was immediately picked up by many brands of the mass market, so an interesting novelty can be purchased at an affordable price.

Ballet shoes

Despite the variety of new products, many fashionistas still remain faithful to the good old ballet flats. In the 2020 season, this strategy is justified by current trends, because designers have presented the world with a new version of classic shoes. Its characteristic features are a pointed cape and a laconic design. Only metal buckles and chains can act as decor.

If laconic ballet flats do not appeal to you, you can give preference to models with large bows. In the basic colors, they will successfully fit into any bow and at the same time give it a stylish and trendy reading.

The hot summer shoe trend in 2020 is the V-neck ballet flats. Such a design element visually slims and gives the silhouette and image of elegance.

[stextbox id=’info’]Another trick is choosing a light-colored shoe that won’t contrast with your skin tone. Such a move will also contribute to the visual stretching of the silhouette.[/stextbox]

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Flip flops

In 2020, the design of flip flops and flip flops is undergoing a real revolution. Designers decisively prove that such shoes can be worn not only on the beach – they will also successfully fit into urban sets. An unconditional must-have is leather flip flops with a minimalist and at the same time elegant performance.

A fairly massive platform can be responsible for belonging to the sporty style of slates. Moreover, modern brands think over not only the stylish design of shoes, but also its ergonomics – that is, the high platform is now incredibly light and comfortable in practice.

Surely many fashionistas are interested in how to style such shoes without a heel. You can take a cue from the heroines of street style and mix it with a tracksuit, light trousers and jeans. You can also kindly borrow the idea of ​​pairing with linen dresses or a floral model paired with a cardigan, with loose shorts or casual overalls.

flip flops

Flip flops with thin straps, a characteristic jumper between the fingers and an elegant heel caused a real sensation in the fashion world. This novelty is a fresher alternative to the usual high-rise sandals. We have to admit that the new version of the flip flops looks very stylish and extraordinary.


The fashion trend in the world of shoes, which received a “second wind” in the summer of 2020, are mules. Such models deservedly gained a lot of fans in past seasons, and since then this number has only increased. If you want to keep the course for elegance and change your usual sneakers for a more elegant model, we offer you to get acquainted with the leading trends.

Characteristic features of modern mules have become a pointed or square cape, exotic leather, thin straps and spectacular or miniature heels. Braided variations would also be a stylish choice. Perhaps you will be captivated by the incredible elegance of the mules with feminine pearls. This decor will add the right touch of romance to any outfit.

The listed models are able, as if by a wave of a magic wand, to turn even a simple bow from jeans and a T-shirt into a stylish and sophisticated one. Mules work great when paired with romantic dresses. In the summer of 2020, a combination with a silk jumpsuit is also incredibly in demand. On weekdays, you can experiment with a combination with cycling shorts, shorts, culottes and midi skirts.


If you are looking for the most comfortable and trendy pair of shoes for the hot season, you can look at sports sandals with an impressive sole with wide straps or Velcro. Such a novelty can be safely …

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