Tortoise nails – fashion trend 2019

Turtle manicure is actively stepping on the heels of its competitive designs. Stylish and beautiful, he confidently burst into the list of main trends and seriously plans to maintain his leadership position for a long time to come. We invite you to be one step ahead and be the first to try this cool new product.

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5 arguments for tortoiseshell manicure

  • The universal palette of this design looks appropriate in any image – casual or festive. You don’t have to rack your brains over choosing the right outfit for this manicure – tortoiseshell nail art will masterfully adapt to clothes of any color and style.

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Interesting! The most trendy combination, peeped at the top shows, is obtained with an emerald dress and manicure in brown shades.


  • Agree, being the first to try out a hot trend on yourself is a very pleasant mission. With such a manicure, it is very easy to be on the wave of fashion trends and feel at your best. Try it yourself!

  • For such a design, your skin and hair tone does not matter, because it suits everyone without exception.
  • Turtle design, like other fashionable animal motifs, is possible for both short and long nails.
  • Such nail art looks amazing on nails of any shape, even the most outrageous, but the most spectacular design will turn out on a “ballerina” or almond-shaped nails.

In a word, the versatility and practicality of the tortoiseshell design is a weighty argument in its favor.

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We combine and win

The combination of several colors at once in manicure in the 2018-2019 season is even recommendatory. Fashionistas just love to combine the tortoiseshell design with other colors.

  • The tandem of such nail art with gold accents definitely deserves your attention. This luxurious decor can emphasize the tortoiseshell pattern in the design, or it can act as a design for individual marigolds.
  • If you’re looking for a stylish yet understated manicure, team up with tortoiseshell nail art with beige, cream, or dark brown.

  • You can also create a calm nail art in combination with soft pastels in the nude palette.
  • If you take the tortoiseshell design as a basis and add blue varnish to it, then you will get a trendy and original manicure.
  • Spotted color goes well with dark red shades of varnish.

  • Cheerful yellow accents in tortoiseshell manicure will help to add colors to the nail design, and at the same time to gray everyday life. Such a stylish and bright combination will definitely make a splash in your image!

Tortoiseshell manicure looks great with an additional design in various techniques. Catch the most relevant ideas on how to make such nail art even cooler!

Idea #1

Attention to your nails will be guaranteed if you embody the tortoiseshell design on them in splendid isolation. This season, this is the best way to show the world that you know a lot about the main trends.

Unusual and bright manicure

Idea #2

Such a design can be an absolutely unique pattern on each nail. In such a manicure, you do not need to try to repeat one image on all nails. Let the characteristic spots vary in size and slightly in color. Very stylish!

Idea #3

An interesting design is obtained by combining a tortoiseshell color on some nails and a plain coating on others. What color to choose? Use our hint of winning combinations, which we wrote about just above.

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In such a manicure, a glossy finish looks great, but the fashionable “cat’s eye” technique will be no less spectacular.


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And of course, rhinestones, where without them! If you do not welcome such decor in everyday manicure, you can replace them with small dots of silver or gold lacquer. So the design will look more modest and restrained.

Idea #4

Look at the photo how chic tortoise nails look in combination with other manicure techniques. In this case, it is a lunar and matte design. You can repeat a similar combination on long nails. A short length, in turn, will look overloaded with such a manicure.

Idea #5

Do not be afraid of sequins in daily manicure. When they act as laconic accents, it looks modest and elegant. For example, a finished tortoiseshell design can be topped off with a final coat of clear lacquer with gold glitter.

Idea #6

You can easily repeat such a manicure at home. The simplified coloring of the turtle is done using varnishes of a brown-black palette, and a matte texture is easy to achieve by simply holding the nails over the steam. As you can see, being in trend is very easy!

Idea #7

This manicure idea proves that even short nails can create real masterpieces. Look how amazing the tortoiseshell design looks paired with gold decor and individual nails decorated with shiny tape. A contrasting palette sets the dynamics for such a manicure and draws attention to women’s hands.

Idea #8

Minimalism is still on the list of the main trends, so you can safely combine simple design elements with fashionable spotted nail color. Thin stripes, dots, simple geometric shapes, abstraction and stars usually act as signs of the minimalist style.

If you connect the current “negative space” technique to such a manicure, then this will definitely be a 100% hit in trends.

Idea #9

The tortoiseshell finish and bold gold accents are sure to add a touch of class to your look.

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Idea #10

Imitation of the color of a turtle in a manicure can make friends with various simple patterns. With this design, it is better to rely on conciseness and minimalism.

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Get inspired by the finished works and come up with your own top manicure design!

I would like to believe that our photo selection managed to inspire and motivate you for a tortoiseshell manicure – the hot trend of 2019. Indulge yourself in the pleasure of being in the center of fashion and choose the most stylish and beautiful nail design!

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