Tourmaline soap for face and body: what is it?

If you pay attention to your appearance, are used to carefully taking care of your face and body, follow the latest in the world of cosmetology, you have probably already heard about such a miraculous remedy as tourmaline soap. Do not mind trying it, but you doubt it because you don’t know what it is, where it came from and how to use it correctly? Learn all about tourmaline soap and learn how to use it to the maximum benefit for your beauty and health.

What is tourmaline – description and properties

To understand how tourmaline and cosmetic products containing it affect our health and appearance, we need to understand what this unique crystal is. Tourmaline is a natural mineral that has been formed over many thousands of years as a result of a volcanic eruption. Translated from the ancient Sinhali language, the name itself means “precious mixed stone”. Tourmaline is able to reflect colors, it can be of any shade.

But the uniqueness of crystals is not only in this. When pressure is applied to the surface, they form an electric charge that acts resonantly on the human body. The chemical composition of tourmalines is also very unusual. The combinations of components are so diverse that it is difficult to attribute tourmalines to one group of minerals with a well-defined composition; scientists divide them into several broad subgroups, each of which has its own characteristics and properties.

Recently, great attention has been paid to these multi-colored stones as a healing agent, their properties are still not fully understood. Although the healing properties of tourmaline were known to the ancients. It is known that tourmaline crystals are able to absorb solar energy and create an electric field around them. Tourmaline is both a source of infrared radiation and negative ions. In China, this amazing mineral has been treated with respect and reverence since ancient times. It was believed that it attracts energy flows from space and thus protects a person, surrounds him with a special aura, protects him from diseases and prolongs life.

Tourmaline soap – what is it

The researchers found that the strength of the energy charge of tourmaline directly depends on the thickness of the crystals. The thinner it is, the more unique its properties. Tourmaline chips and small pieces of crystals are widely used to make whitening toothpaste, face and body scrubs and masks, and, of course, soaps.

It is quite difficult to find tourmaline soap in free sale, even in large cities. But in online stores it is always in stock. The cleanser looks like a small bar of dark brown, gray or black color, usually packed in cellophane and in a cardboard box. Don’t be confused by such an unusual shade and dirty foam that forms when soaping. This is just bamboo charcoal (burnt bamboo shoots) – the second active component of the soap, which helps to whiten the skin, remove age spots, and make freckles less noticeable. The cost of one bar, depending on the manufacturer and composition, varies from 70 to 130 rubles.

Also, the composition of the soap may include such additional components:

  • seaweed extract;
  • extracts of various plants;
  • vitamins;
  • amino acids.

A variety of artificial flavors, dyes and preservatives are not used for the manufacture of soap, which makes it acceptable to use it in the care of even infants. The product is practically odorless – an important factor for the elderly, pregnant women and allergy sufferers. Let us consider in detail what effect regular use of tourmaline soap has on our skin?

How it works

Those who have already purchased this soap for themselves and tested it unanimously confirm that this is truly a unique tool for skin care not only for the face, but also for the body. Here’s how it works:

  • removes blackheads, blackheads, pimples and prevents their appearance;
  • whitens the skin, making pigmentation and freckles less noticeable;
  • smoothes scars and scars;
  • promotes skin regeneration at the cellular level, that is, its rejuvenation;
  • removes rosacea;
  • saturates the skin with oxygen, activates the production of collagen;
  • tightens the contour of the face and removes fine wrinkles;
  • removes bags and dark circles under the eyes.

This is about the skin. But for the body, the use of tourmaline soap is very useful. This is a great scrub that exfoliates dead cells and helps fight cellulite. With regular use, the skin becomes smooth and elastic, stretch marks and scars, postpartum stretch marks are absorbed. There are some precautions to be taken when using this therapeutic cleanser.

The soap has a granular structure – when washing it is felt. It acts similarly to a soft, gentle scrub. Therefore, if there are inflamed rashes, wounds, scratches or abrasions on the face or body, it is not recommended to treat this area with tourmaline soap. For especially delicate and sensitive skin, soap is made, inside of which there is one small crystal that saturates it with its energy.

Ways to use for the face

This soap, according to the manufacturers, is simply universal: it can be washed off cosmetics, used for washing in the morning and before bedtime, applied as a mask or scrub.

For simple washing, it is enough to lather a small amount of soap with warm water in your hands and apply to the face, avoiding contact with the eyes. As a scrub or mask, soap should be applied to the skin of the face, gently massaged and left for two to three minutes. This will be enough for the soap to show its miraculous properties. Then the soap is washed off with warm water, the face should be gently blotted with a soft towel or napkin.

Tourmaline dries the skin a little – in some cases it is only beneficial, for example, with acne, subcutaneous acne, excessive greasiness. But for mature skin, thinned and prone to the formation of the first wrinkles, this is an undesirable moment. Therefore, after using tourmaline soap, be sure to apply a moisturizing day or nourishing night cream to your face. You can store soap in an ordinary soap dish, preventing the bar from getting too wet.

How to use for the body

To apply soap on the body, it is recommended to use a soft washcloth made of natural materials or a special mitt. Use circular motions to lather the product all over the skin, paying special attention to problem areas – the abdomen, thighs, buttocks. No need to be too zealous, 3-4 minutes will be enough. Then the body…

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