Translucency in the New Year’s look – trend 2021

How to celebrate the year of the White Metal Ox in order to look fantastic? This question worries girls and women on the eve of the main night of the year. Stylists have prepared a lot of stylish images for the holiday. In the fashion of 2021, there was a place for clothes made of transparent materials. Every woman wants to shine on this special occasion. The main thing is to find the right outfit. What styles of translucent clothes will be relevant on New Year’s Eve?

Bold trend of 2021

Today, frankness is a favorite among many fashionistas. Eminent fashion houses demonstrated collections of translucent and transparent clothes in New Year’s outfits. Such clothes will help to create a feminine image and realize the most daring ideas.

Transparent materials

Transparent fabrics in evening dresses have gained immense popularity. This clothing is presented in such fabrics as chiffon, organza, tulle. Things made of chiffon sit well on the figure. It is easy to choose a harmonious addition to them in the form of trousers or a skirt of any style. Sexy and at the same time chic, organza fabric is popular with designers. Dresses made of this material open the body and look sexy. Tulle fabric is used for sewing festive clothes. The air canvas is easily formed into folds and flounces. In combination with the current cut and decor, bold New Year’s outfits will attract the attention of not only men, but also women.

Transparency rules:

  • if the outfit has a transparent bottom, then the top should be closed;
  • you need to take care of dense, seamless underwear;
  • under a black translucent blouse, a basic top or an expressive bralette will do;
  • light underwear under a white blouse or dress looks less defiant;
  • for translucent clothes, a smooth plain top with straps, without lace, is suitable.

The main rule is that in transparent clothes it is important to feel confident and like yourself.

Elegant dresses made of transparent fabric

Translucent dresses will look elegant on the New Year’s holiday, captivating with tenderness and elegance. The leading trend in 2021 will be a dress worn over a combination of the same color. Guests will be surprised by an evening dress with separate transparent guipure or mesh inserts. An outfit with puffy sleeves and a transparent hem will make the girl the star of the party. An unusual option for the New Year’s Eve is a translucent shiny dress in stones. Exciting black dresses made of flowing transparent materials also look harmoniously in New Year’s looks. Such a bow becomes light and refined.

Translucent blouses

Airy fabrics make the image extravagant and seductive. Evening blouses can be completely revealing or open only the arms or back. It all depends on the chosen model. Translucent organza blouses with puffed sleeves, which open the body and attract attention, look delightful and gentle.


It is worth noting light translucent skirts. In such clothes fashionistas look elegant and mysterious. You can combine translucent skirts with a linen-style top, with a blouse that emphasizes the femininity of the image. Under a tulle skirt, an additional cotton cover is used. A skirt with transparent inserts will help to look fashionable. Inserts are made in the form of a circle, stripes, rhombuses, zigzags. A translucent floor-length skirt is also in fashion. Designers embroider models with flowers, lace, and beads.

A pair of elegant shoes and bright accessories will logically complete the festive look.

Impeccable make-up, a drop of your favorite perfume scent, a great mood – and you can conquer the world with beauty and charm.

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