Trench coats 2020: novelties and trends

Trench coat is the most fashionable type of outerwear in 2020. A real Must Have of the coming spring and upcoming autumn. So, if your wardrobe does not yet have this stylish and light raincoat, urgently correct it. And we will tell you which models you should pay attention to.


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Like many things that are popular today, the trench coat was once invented for practical purposes. Namely, he was part of the uniform of English soldiers during the First World War. Then this raincoat-coat was sewn from dense, almost waterproof and windproof fabric, which perfectly protected the military in harsh weather conditions. Of course, a lot has changed now, and the trench coat has become part of a stylish female look. And for its tailoring, the following textures are chosen.

  • Natural and eco leather. Versatile and practical. Suitable for damp chilly weather, perfectly protects from the cold, gives elegance. Today, leather coats are popular among fashionistas, not only in classic black and brown, but in non-standard bright colors.

  • Vinyl. The glossy trend of spring 2020. A couple of seasons ago, this retro fabric from the 80s of the last century was hesitantly returning to the fashion pedestal. And today it has become a real hit.

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  • Gabardine. A very practical fabric in which you will definitely not get wet even under the heaviest rain. In addition, it does not wrinkle, does not wash off and is very elastic. This matter is created from cotton fibers, sometimes in combination with synthetics.

  • Atlas. A satin trench coat looks very feminine and sophisticated on ladies’ shoulders. However, it should be worn only in warm sunny weather, since this matter does not carry practical functions.

  • Denim. Another hot trend for 2020. A denim trench coat is a great solution for everyday fashion. It will keep you warm and comfortable. In addition, it is easily combined with many basic things in the wardrobe.

  • raincoat fabric. Perhaps this is the most popular material for sewing trench coats. It is highly durable, water repellent and wind resistant. Wearing raincoat fabric is easy and pleasant in any weather.

[stextbox id=’info’]Also recently, velvet is increasingly used for sewing trench coats. Of course, like satin, this material is not very practical, but it makes the image truly expensive and luxurious.[/stextbox]

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Popular styles

What is the difference between a trench coat and a regular raincoat? Yes, almost nothing, except for the external design. More specifically, the classic trench coat is a double-breasted light raincoat, complemented by such details as a turn-down collar, cuffs, two rows of buttons, a decorative yoke on the back, and a slit that is needed so that when walking, movement is not constrained. And yet, fashion does not stand still, and today many trench coats deviate from the usual canons. And how they look in a modern interpretation, we will now tell in detail.

  • oversize. Free-cut raincoats, as if not chosen according to size, are one of the main trends in this clothing segment. And if, for example, in dresses, the oversized style is gradually fading into the shadows, then the voluminous fashionable trench coat is still very relevant in 2020. Moreover, both for obese women and for girls with a standard figure. After all, it gives the image fragility and allows you to hide any flaws in the body, whether it be a bulging belly or massive hips. But it is better to combine such a raincoat with tight-fitting clothes in order to maintain harmony.

  • Havelock. This style is perhaps the brightest novelty of the coming season. After a long oblivion, he came to the attention of stylists last year, when the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton, appeared in public in Northern Ireland in it. Since then, the havelock trench coat has been rapidly gaining momentum in popularity. Its main distinguishing feature is a small cape draped over the shoulders, resembling a cape. It is she who gives the image originality.

  • With asymmetry. This season’s trendsetters are very fond of trench coats with an asymmetrical cut of mallets, shortened in front and elongated in the back. This style looks very unusual and allows you to demonstrate the beauty of ladies’ legs. In addition to this asymmetry, there are other options. For example, a one-shoulder trench, with additional details in the cut, and combined, looking like two parts of a different outfit. If you are interested in such unusual models, then you can peep even more interesting ideas in the collections of Alexander McQueen, Valentino, Maison Margiela.

  • Maxi. Floor-length is popular in a variety of clothing segments today, and trench coats are no exception. Increasingly, women can see raincoats made of light fabrics that literally reach to the heels. Particular attention to this style came after the show of the collection from the Burberry fashion house. As a rule, trench coats to the floor are chosen by tall, slender girls who seek to give harmony to their image. And in order to look truly stylish, it is enough to roll up the sleeves, baring your arms to the elbows, and complete the bow with stilettos.

  • mini. In contrast to long raincoats, shortened trench coats can often be found in fashion collections, which in their cut are more reminiscent of jackets or jackets. And only a distinctive feature in the form of a large turn-down collar indicates that we have outerwear in front of us. Combining such a thing with a basic wardrobe is very simple. In addition, it can come in handy not only in spring, but also on cool summer evenings. So it’s a very versatile option.

[stextbox id=’info’]Fashionable colors of trench coats in 2020: beige, classic black and white, red, burgundy, pale blue, sand, coffee, orange, sunny, olive. And the cream shade is called the favorite of the season. Two-tone raincoats are also very popular.[/stextbox]

  • Focus on sleeves. Wearing voluminous sleeves is a trend today. What you will not find here: flashlights, “ham”, bishop, balloon, bell. And each of the forms is combined with modern styles of trench coats just perfectly. Also, fashionistas really like sleeves with trim. For example, with bows, ruffles, cuts. In the current spring, wear short sleeves ¾ long. Increasingly, sleeveless trench coats appear on the fashionable Olympus. From the side, such a raincoat resembles an elongated vest and looks very stylish.

  • Kimono. Another new addition to our collection. And we immediately notice that such a trench coat looks somewhat unusual, because, unlike its “brothers”, it has absolutely no buttons. Fastening is carried out using a belt. As a rule, such a raincoat is sewn from light fabrics, such as satin or silk, which makes it unsuitable for wearing in cold weather. But he will complement the evening look perfectly. However, you can combine a trench kimono with everyday items, such as jeans, skirts or trousers in a classic style. It is better to choose shoes with heels.

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