Trend bags for fall 2019

Our photo selection has collected all the most fashionable bags in the autumn 2019 season, so that all readers can arm themselves with information about which bags are in fashion.


Trendy colors

Fashion trends in the world of bags for autumn 2019 are marked by a riot of colors and prints. Such a course is quite understandable – when the autumn cold does not contribute to optimism, one has to save oneself with juicy accessories.

  • An effective antidepressant will be the whole variety of yellow tones. Sunny shades with a touch of nostalgia for the summer are especially held in high esteem.

  • Juicy fuchsia also has a hollow right to be the main focus of the autumn look.

  • Piercing orange, lime, blue and purple are also on the list of top trends.

  • Not without natural noble shades inherent in the autumn season. Marsala, emerald and blue tones always look expensive and stylish.

  • The classic of the genre – black – is also with us.

  • Models with animal prints have a special chic. Leopard colors look as glamorous as possible, and python skin prints have presentability.

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  • Logomania still has a strong influence on the world of modern fashion. Accessories with a large brand designation are a stylish confirmation of this.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! A creative manifestation of the total look trend is the selection of a handbag to match the main outfit. Most often, fashionistas make this combination in accordance with outerwear.[/stextbox]

current models

in mini format

Some everyday bags have borrowed the format from evening accessories. The miniature size allows you to take everything you need with you and at the same time not to clutter up the image with large details.

On a chain

A chain bag is a classic model that fits well with any outfit. Such an accessory can be safely added to your basic wardrobe.


Strict and original at the same time – the satchel bag is back on the list of trends. It is easy to recognize this model by its rectangular shape and reversible straps, just like a briefcase.

unusual shapes

With enviable constancy, accessories of strict geometric shapes flicker at the shows. This season’s favorites are a cube, a circle, unusual shapes with a loop handle.

Wide belt

Designers decided not to limit themselves to experiments with the shape and finish of the bag and turned their attention to belts. To summarize: accessories with wide belts are now in trend. Such decor became a field for the embodiment of fantasy and belts began to be decorated with logos, embossing, rivets.

A reliable belt can be present on almost any model – a shopper, a bag, a satchel and many others.

Folder bag

Until recently, a folder bag was a stylish company only for a strict dress, but now it fits into everyday looks no less successfully. Stylish business ladies liked the rigid shape and clarity of lines, and they immediately adopted such bags. Such accessories are appropriate in a business setting, combined with various bows, they are comfortable to hold in your hand.

Belt accessories

Despite the riot of color and decor, designers still prioritize functionality. Therefore, belt bags are still at the top of fashion – incredibly stylish and practical accessories.

The laconic design is responsible for the versatility of such models. This season, the ball is ruled by a dark color, a minimum of decor and practical leather trim. Of the jewelry, the focus is on chains and metal logos. Such bags make you fall in love with yourself from the first meeting, because they make any look more stylish and complete.

Quilted shoppers

If a belt accessory is too small for you, take a closer look at the quilted shopper bag that holds everything and even more. Despite its straightforward name, such an accessory is appropriate not only for shopping – it has won its place both in a business wardrobe and in everyday life.


This season, designers decided to use a whole arsenal of tools for decorating bags, which made it possible to make bags for the cold season more vivid and original. We offer to fight back the autumn depression with the help of the right accessories!

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Chains and spikes

“Heavy artillery” in the decor of autumn 2019 is aggressive chains and chains. However, with the right presentation, they do not look gothic, but stylish and elegant.

If you like a bag with chains, we advise you to take a closer look at the model, where such decor is presented in the form of several layers – this is the hottest trend.


Fur as a decorative feature in the cold season is hardly new, but did you expect to see it on fashionable bags? There are several trendy fur designs. The most innocuous is the background for the logo or framing the borders. A bolder trend is a bag completely made in fur texture. You definitely won’t go wrong if you get such an accessory with a stitch – another key trend of the season.

As for the color solutions of such models, this time the most juicy shades came to the fore – bright lilac, turquoise, orange and lime. Prove to everyone that you can be bright even in the cold season!

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! A stunning effect will be produced by a total bow from a bright fur coat and a matching fur accessory.[/stextbox]


The combination trend is literally everywhere today – in the design of clothes, shoes and accessories. Designers liked the idea of ​​combining different textures, prints and colors, creating exclusive models.

Bags with a combination technique can look both extravagant and quite minimalistic. The easiest way to follow this trend is to find a model that combines patchwork leather in contrasting colors.

Also, the bag boasts versatility, which embodies a tandem of a print with a monophonic texture on a tone.


The stitch is the main favorite of the autumn-winter 2019 season. This technique looks restrained, but at the same time it is not without originality. Now the trend is bags with a stitch in the form of rhombuses, stripes and squares.


This technique is timidly gaining momentum in its popularity, but designers are sure that very soon it will take its rightful place among fashion trends. The essence of this decor is borrowed from the upholstery of expensive sofas – they are often decorated with voluminous buttons.


There is one decor that turns an ordinary handbag into the embodiment of femininity and beauty. Of course, we mean flowers.

On fashionable bags, floral motifs appeared not only in prints, but also in voluminous decor. Models with roses made of satin, leather or wool looked great. The most grandiose embodiment of this trend is accessories in the form of flowers.

Python skin

Among the list of fashion trends, there is one stylish bag that will organically fit into a weekday, business or evening look. It will not let you down, and will remain in trend for a long time, and will also please you with an expensive look and…

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