Trend colors for 2021: tips from fashion expert Anastasia Ermysheva

Have you ever thought that each of us has our own favorite colors that we choose automatically, because in these colors we feel most comfortable and harmonious (relaxed, feminine and soft or collected, strict and business, bold, bright, or vice versa cozy and calm) and there are colors that irritate us, do not correspond to the character, image, mood, impression. There are also trendy colors that are in fashion this current season. And it’s great if in the wardrobe of every girl during the season one or more things appear in the most current color of the year.

Meanwhile, color is a reflected light wave, electromagnetic radiation. And color, like the wavelength, has a very specific effect on the human psyche, studied by marketers, designers and psychologists. Let’s talk about who determines the fashion colors of the current year and when, what impression each color conveys, look through and get inspired by the photos from shows in Paris, Milan, London and New York from Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2021, Fall-Winter 2021-2022.

sportmax, Ulla Johnson, Michael Kors

Flawless gray and illuminating yellow

One of the leading color trendsetters is the Pantone Color Institute (USA). Every year in December, the institute announces the next year’s palette of colors and the main color of the year. In 2021, the Pantone Colors of the Year are PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray and PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating (Flawless Gray and Illuminating Yellow). The Institute makes a prediction on the prevailing mood in society and, as a result, the color of the year after analyzing social networks, Instagram accounts of bloggers, street fashion and street styler images, trends in painting and architecture, global social, cultural, political and economic events, capturing moods and ideas in society.

AutumnWinter 2021–2022, Fendi, Brunello Cucinelli, Dior

Classic steel gray is an achromat, devoid of color pigment. Stylistically, the basic neutral color in the wardrobe that goes with most styles, fits into all color schemes and in most sets. A girl in gray creates an impression of elegance, restraint, wisdom, calmness, dignity and taste. Gray color is a wardrobe stabilizer, perfect for city chic, casual office style, urban, casual, smart casual, sports style (normcore and sport chic) ​​looks. A lot of total gray looks were presented at the Fall-Winter 2021-2022 show at Fendi, Brunello Cucinelli, Dior, Gucci. The Pantone Color Institute put a slightly different meaning into gray: strength of mind, resilience and the ability to withstand life’s adversities.

Spring-Summer 2021, Balmain, Michael Kors

The second color of the year according to Pantone is bright and cheerful yellow, warming, filled with solar energy, giving hope, literally “the color of illumination”. The girl in yellow gives the impression of being sociable, open to dialogue, it is the color of the media and communication, therefore it is associated with intelligence and intelligence. Yellow color is traditionally one of the rarest in the wardrobe, it can be introduced into the wardrobe in doses, for example, adding it as accessories, bags, shoes or replacing pure spectral yellow and neon yellow with pastel, muted versions of melon, lemon, moon yellow. This season, designers offer a huge number of monolooks with trouser suits, dresses, crop tops, jackets in yellow.

Spring-Summer 2021, Valentino, Jason wu

For comparison, in 2020 the leading color of the year was royal blue, the color of calm, purity, stability and confidence, in 2019 bright coral, in 2018 ultraviolet, in 2017 the color of green.

The Color Institute’s 2021 Trendy Color Palette Pantone

Lavender or PANTONE 15–3716 Purple Rose

The color created for romantic and feminine looks is amethyst (warmer option), lavender or light purple (cool option). Perfectly fit into the styles of complex romance and linen style. Designers Ulla Johnson, Off-White, Victoria Beckham, Kenzo, Valentino created exaggeratedly feminine images with puffy layered skirts, flounces, frills, and lace. A girl in lavender is a mysterious girl, charming, mystical, graceful and elegant.

SpringSummer 2021, Jason Wu, Victoria Beckham, Off-white

Herbal green or PANTONE 16–0436 Pickled Pepper

One of the main trends for spring and summer 2021 is the thick, bright, saturated Maygrass color, or mint color. The trend was set by the Bottega Veneta brand, supported by Michael Kors, Versace, Valentino. Pure spectral green is the color of youth, immaturity, on the one hand, and on the other, the color of abundance, firmness, stability. A bright, typically spring color will suit dynamic, self-confident girls and will definitely not go unnoticed.

SpringSummer 2021, Bottega Veneta, Michael Kors, Versace

SpringSummer 2021, Victoria Beckham, Valentino


The orange color in the Pantone palette is presented in 3 variations at once: Marigold PANTONE 14–1050 (“marigold” or “marigolds”), Rust PANTONE 18–1248 (“rust”) and Orange Ocher PANTONE 16–1253 (“rich orange”).

Daring, bright saturated orange for purposeful, organized, creative, creative, courageous girls. Such girls give the impression of being competent in all areas, versatile and extraordinary. Some of the most daring color combinations: orange + green + purple (classic triad), orange + blue.

Warm, neutral, muted rust is Pantone’s “earth-inspired brown”.

SpringSummer 2021, Versace, Valentino, Acne

SpringSummer 2021, Ulla Johnson, Jacquemus

Blue PANTONE 16–4535 Blue Atoll and turquoise PANTONE 13-5412 Beach Glass

The most romantic color in the entire palette is by no means pink. Blue is the color of girlish dreams and dreams, the color of the azure sea and the cloudless clear summer sky, the color of the uniform of pilots and sailors. Presented in the collections of almost all designers. In the shade Blue Atoll (Tiffany color), gentle and feminine models at Louis Vuitton, Moschino, Valentino, the more classic sky blue color PANTONE 15-4020 Cerulean dominates the shows of Hermes, Hugo Boss, Acne, turquoise (“beach glass” ) looks luxurious in the collection of Hugo Boss, Miu Miu. The girl in blue is dreamy, romantic, calm and airy.

Spring-Summer 2021, Blue Atoll (Tiffany color) Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Moschino

SpringSummer 2021, Hugo Boss, Miu Miu

Spring-Summer 2021, Sky blue Hermes, Hugo Boss, acne

Meringue and meringue color

The snow-white range is not part of this year’s PANTONE color palette, however, there were a record number of outfits in colors of champagne, meringue, butter cake and airy meringue on the catwalk – crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Perfect outfits from Hermes, Ulla Johnson, Y/Project and Gabriela Hearst.

Snow-white images – classic, strict, light, elegant, add luxury, chic to the image.

SpringSummer 2021, Colour meringue at Hermes, Ulla Johnson, Gabriela Hearst

Pink Peony or PANTONE 14–3205 Pirouette

Every spring, the most welcome guest on the catwalk is pink, bright, bold, defiant, playful fuchsia from Valentino, dusty and calm color of tea rose and delicate peony from Isabel Marrant. Pink is the “second red”, sexy, luxurious, sensual, feminine,…

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