Trends and images for the winter 2022-2023 for short girls

Stylists know what to wear in the winter of 2022-2023 for short girls and offer ready-made trends and win-win combinations. Cheat sheet for winning looks in front of you!


Stylists love to use a monochrome technique in composing images, because it slims and makes visually taller. The principle of drawing up an actual bow is simple and, as everything simple is supposed to be, ingenious – you need to select things of a similar shade to create a color vertical.

We emphasize that the winter 2022-2023 women’s clothing trends highlight a light palette for winning monochrome ensembles. To look taller and enrich the image with elegance, pay attention to trendy blue, powder and caramel shades.

High waistline

Designers invariably use a high waistline in new collections, and this trend is definitely in the hands of girls of short stature. A similar silhouette of clothing visually slims and lengthens the silhouette, which adds a few centimeters of height.

The oversized fit perfectly mixes with vertical arrows, buttons, and a wraparound silhouette. The underlined waist line will save the winter looks of 2023 from unnecessary baggy and boredom.

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In the winter of 2022-2023, the most advanced fashionistas will wear leather textured items. This trend is especially suitable for petite girls. The trick is this – the daring texture makes the image mature, expensive and elegant, and this is the effect that ladies of short stature often strive for.


Instead of a contrasting selection of tops and bottoms, stylists recommend short girls to rely on ready-made sets of things – this is a practical and stylish solution for the winter of 2022-2023. In the cold season, cozy knitted ensembles are especially popular.


The basic wardrobe for short women for winter 2023 is unthinkable without concise items with a checkered print. A pattern with contrasting vertical lines works to visually lengthen the silhouette. The maximum effect is guaranteed in an image with a checkered suit or outerwear. Based on an elegant print, complete the look with plain, minimalist items that will repeat the shades of the cage.

V– cutout

The basic piece with a V-neck can become the central style-forming element of the winter capsule 2023. The choice of fashionistas falls on dresses, cardigans, vests, sweaters and sundresses in the designated silhouette. The special shape of the neckline works flawlessly – the girl looks taller and slimmer.

Balance of proportions

Short women are recommended to wear fitted silhouettes and balanced with accessories in the winter of 2022-2023. The oversized trend noticeably lands the silhouette. Free models of clothing are not prohibited, but stylists recommend marking the line of the figure in a similar way. For example, an oversized sweater or short dress looks stylish with the addition of a belt at the waist.

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Elegant midi length in dresses and skirts is the leading trend for winter 2022-2023. Stylists suggest: this cut suits women of short stature in combination with high boots to match the clothes. It is important that the color of the shoes repeat the palette of the image – this is how the desired vertical is created, stretching the silhouette.

The rule of matching the shade of shoes and the bottom in the image is also appropriate in outfits with trousers. For example, if the jeans are dark, they require similar shoes or boots to accompany them.


A long winter scarf is an indispensable accessory for the 2023 season for short fashionistas. Let the fabric fall in a straight line – the created vertical will visually increase growth.

We hope you have found your portion of inspiration in the selection of fashionable women’s looks for the winter 2022-2023. Current trends will not only make stylish combinations, but also visually increase growth.

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