Trends autumn-winter 2019: new items with photos

Of course, generalizing, structuring fashion is not a very rewarding task. After all, it is impossible to take into account all the nuances. But still, let’s see what they are, the trends of the autumn-winter 2019 season and what are the main leitmotifs in the images created by famous fashion designers.


First of all, it is fidelity to classical models. But there is also a mixture of different styles, unexpected color combinations. Also in fashion collections there is a combination of images in a minimalist style with decor elements that go beyond common sense.

Without a doubt, the trend will be the one who decides to experiment, will boldly combine a variety of styles and accessories, and will focus on bright images in his wardrobe.

The main fashion guidelines for the autumn-winter 2019 season

As for outerwear, you can still choose what suits your taste and vision of beauty.

However, it will not be superfluous to look back at the main trends in outerwear that appeared in 2019. Namely:

  1. Volume in the shoulder area, which returned to us from the 80s. Therefore, if your mother’s lush Velcro shoulder pads are dusty in your closets, you can use them when creating your fashionable look. In addition, it is important to know that such clothes are combined with tight tight-fitting trousers, straight skirts.
  2. Things made of draped fabrics with a cage or a strip are also relevant in the fall-winter 2019 fashion season.
  3. Trends can also be considered bright, bold color schemes, military-style coats and jackets trimmed with knitted jersey instead of fur.
  4. Leather jackets and fringed cowboy jackets are still relevant.
  5. Long vests, knitted cardigans will actually be complemented with original embroidery, asymmetric patch pockets.
  6. Bright knitted scarves will be a great addition to a raincoat in cognac tones.
  7. Products made of artificial fur that imitates natural wool. Moreover, the fur can be the most unexpected color. And such a product can be decorated with a geometric print, embroidery.
  8. Quilted jackets, raincoats, and denim products will still look advantageous. And hats, scarves knitted from wool, checkered scarves will successfully complement the image.

How to emphasize individuality in the autumn-winter 2019 season?

The main trends can be seen in the photos in fashion magazines and on the Internet. It is not difficult to see that aesthetic eclecticism is in fashion this season with various ways to challenge gray everyday life.

For example, in clothes from many designers, you can trace the following feature – on the arms, hips, waistline, parts of the body are bare. Mini dresses go well with a bell skirt or loose-fitting trousers that reach to the ankles.

In addition, tops are very relevant. The trend of autumn and winter 2019 is jersey tops. They are worn over blouses and shirts.

Skirts can be of various lengths and always loose. Actual models with petticoats in a contrasting color, deliberately looking out. This is a real design feature. Gliding skirts and models with bright geometric prints also remain on the crest of the wave.

Another highlight of the coming season is fringed clothing. For example, a long beaded fringe can be sewn into the chest area of ​​a dress. In this case, there is not even a need to complement the image with jewelry – it will turn out bright anyway.

A sundress will look incredibly stylish. It can be worn directly on a long dress.

Jeans and trousers this season must be high-waisted, but can be completely different lengths. Although cropped trousers, which fit the figure well, go well with all the things from the wardrobe of a fashionista. If the trousers are bright, they will act as a color accent in the image.

An interesting detail from leading designers is stripes on trousers of various widths, lengths and colors. Both ethnic drawings and bright floral prints will be good. Find what you like and you will look great.

Fashionable textures of the season autumn winter 2019

Velvet – soft, pleasant to the touch material is very relevant this season. It will be successfully combined with lace, openwork patterns, feather decorations. For example, tight-fitting velvet jackets will look great. They go well with jeans, straight-cut skirts and trousers.

Suede, felt – designers love to use these materials as collars – stand-ups and regular ones.

Leather, jeans – still remain out of competition. A wardrobe with these elements will look great.

In general, a combination of different textures is welcomed in the models of the new season. Lace can be combined with wool and knitwear. Leather inserts look interesting in woolen products.

Actual colors in the current season

Despite the fact that autumn and winter 2019, the trends of which are described in the article, are not the brightest times of the year, this situation can be corrected with the help of saturated colors in the wardrobe. I must say that they go well with gray and brown shades. Here are the colors that are the trend of the season:

  1. Green, or rather, it is presented in the wardrobe with a touch of khaki or cypress green. It can be the predominant color in the wardrobe, or combined with cognac. This color can be called a classic – exemplary. It will perfectly fit into autumn weekdays with their yellow-red and crimson tint. And it will also become an adornment of any, even the most gloomy day.
  2. Deep blue, close to turquoise. Also a light blue color. These shades can be the base of your wardrobe, and at the same time, create a bright accent. The blue color is well slimming and suitable for people with any appearance.
  3. Dusty cedar is a combination of burgundy and brown, which is presented in products from brocade, suede, drape, felt, knitwear and knitwear. This is a luxurious color that you can wear in your daily life. It will help you relax and feel at your best.
  4. Cool gray – According to Vogue magazine, this color expresses the emotional state of a person well. For example, it will help you focus on thinking about some important idea and allow you to blend in with the crowd if you wish.
  5. Red – can be of several shades. For example, “grenadine” is explosive, bright, shocking. Girls dressed in this color seem to obey the whole world. Wearing things of this shade is better for those who have a bright, contrasting appearance. But the shade “Scarlet” is more restrained and yet luxurious. It will look great on people with any appearance and is relevant in any circumstances. Red accessories will look incredibly stylish. For example, a handbag or jewelry.

The palette of trendy shades of the autumn-winter 2019 season is very diverse. Therefore, those who follow fashion have a good opportunity to create a stylish and original image.

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