Trends that make you fat

In this article, we will cover the main trends that fill and visually add volume to the figure, because not all new items can benefit the female figure.

loose sweater

The loose sweater is not only on the trend list for several seasons in a row, but is also a favorite item of many fashionistas. The reason for this is the obvious comfort and practicality of such a trend. In addition, voluminous sweaters are easy enough to style with any things and fit into various outfits. But there is one “but”.

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A free style in combination with a large bulky knit can in practice give the figure the illusion of extra pounds. This property works best with light, shiny or bright colors. If such an action is completely useless to you, you can not drastically eliminate sweaters from your wardrobe, but simply combine them with a belt. This almighty accessory will easily accentuate your waist and shape your figure into a feminine, beautiful silhouette. Another great option is to pair a tucked-in sweater with any trendy high rise bottoms.

If you want to find an alternative to a sweater that will really create the illusion of a slimmer figure, bet on elegant turtlenecks. Now at the peak of popularity are nude and muted natural shades, which have excellent versatility.


Ruffles and frills now appear in almost every fashion collection, but in most cases, such decor does not flatter the female figure. But this action is manifested in all its glory only under the condition of the wrong arrangement of volumetric decorations. That is, if you place frills on large hips or full arms, they will only emphasize their size.

But stylists have one trick that allows you to safely use the most romantic trend of the season in your looks. The whole secret lies in placing such decorations exclusively on the winning areas of the figure, which you consider to be your merits. You can also not get carried away by such a trend and not choose its huge scale.

[tds_warning]If you beat romantic frills with a winning style with the effect of harmony, they are unlikely to cause significant harm to the figure. For example, a wrap dress with light small flounces will be a great solution for many fashionistas.[/tds_warning]


Reception of layering can be safely included in the list trends that make even thin women fat. Surely, many girls have noticed that now it is incredibly important to combine a turtleneck, shirt and outerwear. This is one example of a stylish layered ensemble that can add significant volume to a woman’s silhouette.

That is why stylists are very categorical on this subject and offer to embody such a trend only for slender girls who are not afraid of a visual increase in the figure. Sometimes you can present a multi-layered ensemble with an emphasis on the waist or keep it from thin textures, but this already requires special skill from a fashionista.

If you have been using layered sets to keep out the cold, you can now express your preference for quality cashmere or woolen items – they also do an excellent job.


With the advent of the oversized trend, many women have acquired loose styles in the hope of masking the imperfections of the figure. But in fact, increased enthusiasm for this trend has the opposite effect.

tight dresses

Along with the oversized trend, tight mini dresses have also marked their fashionable status in the top collections. If such an outfit appears on a full figure and at the same time has a brilliant texture or voluminous decor, then failure is almost guaranteed.

Modern stylists decisively dispel the myth that such styles guarantee a slimming effect. In practice, everything happens exactly the opposite, and tight dresses only focus on all the irregularities and shortcomings of the figure. Alas, such fashion is harsh and categorical – it allows the combination of such outfits only with impeccable body parameters.

Skinny pants

Recently, among fashionistas, jeans and trousers are in demand, the cut of which tapers to the bottom. We are talking about bananas, chinos, mom jeans and other novelties with a similar style. Although they are in line with the latest trends, because of their cut, these trousers give the silhouette a triangle shape and emphasize its massiveness.

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To exclude this property, you can choose the most concise cut with a slight narrowing without active volumetric decor. A win-win technique is also considered the choice of an overestimated fit – a well-known secret of visual harmony.


Some trends sports fashion is also not desirable make you fat silhouette. First of all, this property applies to baggy knitted pants and joggers.

patch pockets

As a fashionable highlight of various new clothes, designers have made large patch pockets. But full ladies should be very careful with such decor – if you place it on a problem area, it will only add volume to it.

The abundance of decor

Some new designers have an excessive amount of decorative elements. For example, trendsetters sometimes manage to combine folds, draperies, embroidery, ruffles and other active decorations in one thing. But here’s the bad luck – when clothes are overloaded with decor, they treacherously add volume to the figure. To avoid this, choose concise universal things with a simple and clear design.

Jeans with fading

Washed jeans are less and less of a trend, but still this element still appears in the triumphant return of “varnets”. However, if you don’t need extra volume on the hips and legs, it’s better to opt for matte plain textures. A great move (because an all-time classic) are versatile blue jeans with a practical straight cut. In such a model, it’s definitely not possible to visually add volume to the legs.

Accent sleeves

Many women of fashion probably did not expect such a turn, but stylists nevertheless state that wide sleeves that are now fashionable make the silhouette heavier and more overweight. In the first place, such a style should be avoided by those girls who consider their hands to be their problem area.

Miniature bags

in number trends that make you even more fat, you can also bring handbags with an underlined miniature size. The fact is that such accessories only focus on full parameters and in most cases look comical.

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In order not to be mistaken with the choice of the perfect bag, you should start from the individual parameters of the figure. Miniature accessories…

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