Trendy blonde shades 2019

The 2019 season turned out to be generous with trendy blonde shades. Girls with blond hair, rejoice – this is definitely your year! And those who have long dreamed of changing their role and dyeing their hair blonde, dare to change more boldly! For all fashionistas, our guide to the most trendy shades of hair will come in handy.


Pearl blonde

Cold tones help to create a stylish image and give self-confidence. Such shades do not lose their relevance in the 2019 season, although they have strong competitors among the warm palette.

The key trend is a pearly blonde with a characteristic silvery tint and pearlescent radiance. This trend should be adopted by women of fashion with fair skin and blue eyes.

[stextbox id=info]Note! The gray shade of blonde hair is not on the list of trends for the 2019 season.[/stextbox]

Transforming into a mother-of-pearl blonde is not an easy task. The first step on the way to a dream is the removal of the natural pigment of the hair, which sometimes takes place in several stages. Imagine how thin and weak curls suffer from this!

Platinum shade

Stunning in its showiness, platinum blond is another trendy solution. However, if you have light problematic skin, this shade will insidiously emphasize all the flaws.

Also, this shade is demanding on the expressiveness of facial features. Dark thick eyelashes and underlined eyebrows should be a gift of nature or the result of daily makeup.

Girls who decide to go from brunette to platinum blonde will inevitably be disappointed – yellow hair, which is a sign of bad taste. Luxurious platinum tone is always the result of painstaking and multi-stage work of a professional master.

rose quartz

A stylish representative of the beautiful shades of blond is rose quartz with a cold undertone. We advise you to pay attention to such a bright trend for girls with a winter or summer color type.

Bright image

strawberry blonde

Among the fashionable shades of blonde in the spring-summer 2019 season, one of the leading places belongs to the strawberry blonde. This is a great idea for warm-toned fashionistas who want their tresses to shimmer with multi-faceted honey-pink tones.

The warm tones of strawberry blonde have one wonderful property – they give femininity and romance. Girls with such hair are incredibly cute and attractive in the eyes of the male. Moreover, delicate strawberry tones rejuvenate and soften the appearance.

When creating such a trendy coloring, it should be borne in mind that it should not be dominated by pink. It should be presented as an unobtrusive radiance.

Who can safely decide on a strawberry blond? We advise bold women of fashion with fair skin and blue eyes to immediately sign up for a salon. And if you want to visually add volume to your hair, this is exactly what the hairdresser ordered. Girls with long and wavy strands can also decide on such stylish changes – this texture will enhance the play of color.

It is not necessary to completely dye your hair in strawberry blond. Only the tips or wide strands in this design will look very expressive. Also, pinkish curls look amazing using the shatush or balayage technique.

sand tones

Interesting shades of sand give a wide range of colors to choose from. Some fashionistas decide on a golden tone like a Barbie doll, and some are delighted with the snow-white sand color. Whatever shade you choose, it is important that it does not turn yellow – this is the only way you will look stylish.

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Beige tone

In life, you can rarely meet a girl with natural beige curls, but such an interesting shade can be achieved with the help of coloring. In 2019, the beige tone is complemented by trendy sandy notes.

This shade fits perfectly on reddish or dark blond hair. Beige hair color will look amazing without a hint of yellowness. Fortunately, the modern beauty industry is happy to offer fashionistas various tonics and color correctors.


Here is a classic light shade that looks natural and at the same time incredibly fashionable. If you want to freshen up the look a little without radical changes, decide on such soft coloring. Wheat shades are ideal for girls with fair skin and blue or gray eyes. But this color is absolutely not suitable for the owners of the summer or winter color type.

Cream shades

Another sensational hit of the season is a creamy blond. With such a gentle and slightly warm shade, any fashionista will look touching and feminine. Cream tones are fully consistent with the latest trends in naturalness and naturalness.

sweet caramel

This trend is a real gift for girls with dark hair who dream of transforming into a blonde. Caramel tones are a kind of intermediate stage between the two extremes, which looks soft and natural.

Without any doubt, girls with swarthy skin and gray or green eyes can decide on such a fashionable blond color.

Staining techniques

Monochromatic coloring is trite. Modern trends suggest making a choice in favor of more complex techniques that allow you to reveal all the beauty of light curls in a multifaceted overflow of shades. In addition, they are more humane to the hair and do not require frequent correction.

[stextbox id=info]The most fashionable coloring in the 2019 season is balayage, ombre, American highlights, cream soda, dirty blond and babylights.[/stextbox]

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A photo selection of current techniques will be the best proof of their beauty. Choose!

Selection rules

Owners of light hair look cute, young and attractive – this is a fact. In addition, shades of blond distract attention from wrinkles and imperfections of the face, which means they give a rejuvenating effect. But how do you choose the perfect hair color? We know the answer!

  • For owners of dark skin and green, gray or brown eyes, we advise you to choose a caramel shade of blond.

  • The same caramel tone will suit a brunette who is determined to dye her hair blonde. A very stylish solution is the mocha coffee color, which gives the hair an attractive warm shade.

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  • A stunning option for beauties with fair skin is a shade of wheaten blond. True, this hair color requires wide and well-defined eyebrows.
  • The combination of cold and golden tones gives fashionistas a magnificent sandy tone. Girls with dark eyes are recommended dark colors, such as wet sand. Fashionistas with green or blue eyes can afford a sandy tone with pleasant golden notes.

  • Tanned skin and bright eye color are signs of an expressive appearance, the beauty of which can be emphasized with hair of wheat, caramel, …

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