Trendy blue manicure 2023

Blue color continues to be one of the most sought after in the nail art segment. And for good reason. Saturated and deep, it looks luxurious on the hands, without exaggeration. Especially manicure in blue tones is relevant in the cold season, but in the summer many fashionistas do not refuse it, because it gives any image a touch of elegance. And this is not its only advantage. What will be the blue manicure in the season of 2023. In today’s review, we will share the freshest design ideas.



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The best color combinations with blue in 2023

The blue palette is quite extensive and includes dozens of different shades. Of course, not all of them are in demand in the nail industry. Among the most popular this season are the following:

  • calm denim;
  • gentle cornflower blue;
  • energetic ultramarine;
  • deep Prussian blue;
  • juicy blueberry;
  • marine with turquoise.

Whichever of the listed shades you choose (and not only them), as a result you will get a beautiful manicure that will be appropriate in any setting, be it an office or evening gatherings with girlfriends.

In the event that plain blue nail art seems too boring for you, we recommend that you refer to the following combinations with other popular shades.

  • With silver. A solemn duet that will perfectly fit into evening and cocktail looks. It is also a universal version of nail design for the New Year. Silver glitter perfectly complements the rich blue.


  • With black. Black and blue manicure will be a suitable choice for fashionistas who prefer elegance and restraint. This nail duet is also suitable for business and evening events. It is best to wear it in the cold season.


  • With red. And this combination is for the most daring. Red and blue manicure looks catchy, but at the same time quite attractive. This design can be safely chosen for a vacation on the sea coast or for the spring season.


  • With orange. We recommend this nail duet to fashionistas who are not afraid to draw attention to themselves. Wear black and orange on long nails and let these colors delight you with their positive and uplifting combination.

  • with yellow. A blue manicure with yellow accents is considered one of the most trendy in 2023. Nail masters recommend wearing it from early spring to autumn. Moreover, there are a lot of design options for these shades.


  • With white. A classic combination that is appropriate in any setting, be it a celebration or a date. It looks great on both pointed and square nails. White color emphasizes the depth and nobility of blue.


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If you plan to wear blue on short nails, choose a solid color design or pair it with nude polishes.

Blue Manicure Design Ideas for 2023

Blue causes a lot of associations due to its versatility. The sea surface, space, the brilliance of sapphire, ripe blueberries, summer midnight – all this is one palette. With the help of blue, you can bring any idea to life. That is why it does not go out of fashion from year to year. However, the techniques used to design nail art also change slightly. What can be a blue manicure in 2023? We list the most popular types of design.


  • French. Highlighting the “smile” line in blue is extraordinary, beautiful, fresh. Indeed, in the current season, it is an unusual French manicure that is in trend, which means you can safely do nail experiments. Complete the design with rhinestones, neat drawings, self-adhesive thin strips. You can also highlight the hole in blue to make it even more interesting.



  • with sequins. And again, a suitable manicure option for a solemn exit. Glitter can be matched so that it does not look too catchy, or give preference to silver and gold glitter. A luxurious design can be obtained by combining a shiny decor with a matte finish. However, remember that you should not apply gloss to all nails at the same time. This is bad manners.


  • With drawings. Blue manicure-2023, complemented by drawings, is a trend that has become a classic and a popular New Year’s design. For festive events, fashionistas apply snowflakes, themed patterns, reindeer, stars to the blue coating. To create a casual design, you can turn to inscriptions, floral themes, trendy butterflies and veil techniques.


  • with foil. Foil has long been considered one of the main decorative elements in the nail art segment. It was she who replaced the rub on a fashionable pedestal. Solid and multi-colored, dark and holographic foil pieces allow you to create a unique design for all occasions. In 2023, the “broken glass” fashion trend will also remain popular.


  • With divorces. Clear, even geometric shapes and lines on the nails are gradually becoming an anti-trend. Instead, smooth chaotic divorces came into fashion. Just like foil, they allow the manicure to become unique, because when creating a design, the master does not adhere to strict rules. Blurred patterns look best on long nails, such as almond shapes.


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The trendy matte manicure, made in a noble blue color, will not lose its positions in the popularity rating.


Blue manicure is not just spectacular. This shade is designed to give harmony and peace, which means that in 2023 you simply cannot do without it. We hope you enjoy the designs shown in the photos.

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