Trendy bob haircut ideas 2023

We have collected in one article the main trends of women’s bob haircuts in the 2023 season with a photo. New variations of the classic elegant hairstyle – especially for your stylish changes!


The classic bob haircut 2023 is a simple and elegant model that is suitable for any type of hair. Stylists specify that the combination of a shortened nape and a voluminous crown design is especially suitable for thin strands.

Bob in the classic version ends at the level of the chin, has a straight or side parting and straight lines on the cut.


Long bob haircut is longer than the classic bob and can reach the shoulders. It has softer lines and can be slightly layered. Long bob 2023 will be a great option for girls who grow length and want to look stylish at this time.

A bob haircut with elongated front strands and a side parting is perfect for a round face. Such a silhouette of the hairstyle will visually lengthen the shape.

With a bang

A fashionable touch of the bob haircut 2023 and an element of appearance correction – an elegant bang. In the trend, elongated front strands in the form of a curtain, which make the look expressive and the image feminine. Versatility is also considered an undoubted advantage of the curtain – the fashion trend is combined with any face shape and has no age restrictions.

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Oblique bangs for bob haircut 2023 also look stylish with lengthening. Such a detail beautifully corrects the round and square shape of the face.

Bob with straight bangs 2023 takes on a fashionable reading with a thinned contour in the form of thinning. The new trend gives the hairstyle airiness and elegance, and also creates a beautiful accent on the eyes.

A daring and stylish look in the 2023 season is created with a combination of a short bob haircut and shortened straight bangs.


The trend in women’s haircuts 2033 is deservedly a slightly careless shaggy silhouette, which goes well with a bob. The key difference of such a tandem lies in the effect of negligence with layered ends and active texture.

The new women’s haircut 2023 will suit fans of versatility. The shaggy bob looks stylish straight and with a variety of styling options.


The 2023 bob haircut allows you to give the classic short length airiness and volume. Additional mobility is created by designing several smooth layers. This haircut stylishly fits on wavy hair in combination with a side parting.

With graduation

The 2023 graduated bob has a more complex texture and stylish volume. In addition, airy layers rejuvenate the look and soften the square outline of the face if necessary.

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The grading and styling of the beautiful layers make the 2023 bob a suitable haircut for women over 40. The moving silhouette of the hairstyle promises to give a refreshing and rejuvenating effect.

On wavy hair

Wavy and curly hair is not a contraindication for a trendy bob haircut. On this basis, the hairstyle will acquire additional texture and volume. The new airy silhouette will fit into any look and become its stylish decoration.

Bob haircut for curly hair 2023 looks great in the French version. A laconic straight cut looks fashionable and saves from excess volume.

The curly texture of the hair is also friendly with the fashionable shaggy haircut, which will only be decorated with slight negligence. The trendy mess effect doesn’t even need additional styling.


The French bob haircut conquers with a special charm and elegance. Characteristic features of the hairstyle are the length to the chin, graduation with a slight elongation in front and short straight bangs. The fashionable bob 2023 will perfectly complement business and feminine looks – it is so versatile.

French-style bob 2023 looks fashionable in rich dark shades – for example, walnut or chocolate.

Bob haircut 2023 is able to correct the appearance and make the image more stylish and relevant. Fashion trends will help transform the outfit and become even more attractive!

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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