Trendy cold season fragrances

A fashionable fragrance allows every woman, even in the cold season, to emphasize her individuality and complete the image to the fullest. Therefore, further in the article we will consider the latest trends offered to us by eminent perfume houses in the segment of women’s perfumes.


What fragrances will be in fashion: current trends

If you have not yet purchased a new perfume for the autumn-winter period, below we have presented the leading fragrances of this year, which will certainly not leave you unnoticed.

  • Unisex. Men’s themes “leaked” not only in women’s fashion, but also in perfumery. Notes of wood, incense, leather and resin are now present in women’s perfumes. Only risky women who are self-confident can afford to wear unisex fragrances. But dreamy individuals are better off refusing them.

  • Citrus. The most versatile fragrances, because they are suitable for both aged women and young girls. In addition to the perfumes so beloved by everyone with a barely perceptible sweetish citrus trail, this fall, fresher compositions will also be in fashion, which include notes of green tea, mint, ginger and basil.

  • Spicy. Saturated perfumes, in which spicy notes of spices are felt in a duet of floral motifs, also remain in trend. These can be oriental fragrances or simpler ones that include sweet vanilla, cinnamon or almond scents.

  • Floral. Unlike spicy perfumes, floral perfumes leave on their owner a light, barely perceptible trail of blooming jasmine, peony, lilac or rose.

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  • Fruit. Young women can please themselves with aromas based on notes of raspberry, strawberry, apple or peach.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Important! Please note that the right perfume is the key to a good mood. If you failed to do this, against the background of an irritating smell, you may experience a neurosis or even an allergic reaction.[/stextbox]

Top trendy cold season perfumes

As for fashionable perfumes for women, below we have presented the leading fragrances of the autumn-winter season, which every beauty should get this year.

  • Thierry Mugler. The combination of notes of caviar, sea breeze, figs and strawberries in one bottle, which perfumers placed in “Womanity”, caused a great sensation among admirers of elite perfumery.

  • Another perfume with a spicy floral scent. In the trail of “La Petite Robe Noire ma Robe” you can hear notes of bergamot, freesia, almond, jasmine and rose echoing each other.

  • It turned out that not so long ago, the Chanel fashion house acquired another perfumer, who, in turn, developed a completely new fragrance “Misia”. He became the 15th in a row in the famous line “Les Exclusifs de Chanel”.

  • Salvatore Ferragamo. Perfumers call “Signorina Misteriosa” a mysterious and sensual fragrance that will be the perfect complement to an evening look. And all because it includes bewitching notes of wild orchid, patchouli, neroli and orange blossom.

  • Dior. The fashion house Dior did not please us with novelties this year, however, in the perfumery segment, it still remains the leader. For example, the fragrance “Addict” has already become a kind of timeless classic that has not gone out of fashion for years. The light sweetish perfume “Miss Dior” will also be relevant. Lovers of fresher notes can turn their attention to “Cuir Cannage”.

  • Marina de Burbon. The French perfume house is so rich in various fragrances that every beauty will be able to choose her own among the proposed options. If we talk about trends, according to stylists, “Classique” perfumes will be especially popular. They have a pleasant fruity-floral scent that combines notes of raspberry, watermelon, peach, iris and honey.

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  • Jo Malone. Perfumers from the UK have expanded their collection with a new fragrance “Mimosa & Cardamom”. The composition is characterized by a floral scent, consisting of notes of mimosa, honey and cardamom. Perfume is produced in two formats at once: 30 and 100 milliliters each.

  • Fans of fresh scents from Blumarine were introduced to the Ninfea perfume, the main note of which is the water line. They are suitable for romantic and dreamy natures who do not like too spicy and annoying aromas.

  • In a duet with Jennifer Lopez, the perfumers of this fashion house created the JLuxe fragrance, designed exclusively for self-confident women.

  • Perfume “Narciso” will definitely appeal to those girls who love light floral scents. Rose and peony notes were included in this perfume, which are set off by a musky trail.

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How to choose the right perfume: basic rules

Since there are many interesting fragrances in cosmetics stores today, many girls often make the mistake of choosing the wrong perfume. Below we have presented recommendations of famous perfumers that will help you avoid this situation.

  • Perfume should be purchased in the morning. At this time, your charm is especially sensitive.
  • Go in search of a new perfume unscented.
  • Trust only your charm and do not pay attention to brand advertising.
  • Do not try more than three flavors.
  • Rubbing perfume applied to the skin is not worth it. The alcohol base should itself disappear, after which the true smell of perfume will remain on the skin.

  • Having decided on the choice, do not rush to immediately purchase a perfume, as it really opens up only 20 minutes after application.
  • If you have purchased a fragrance that you like, but at the same time causes discomfort, it is better to apply it on your back. He will not annoy you so much, and you can safely wear your chosen perfume.
  • Your skin will help you prolong the durability of your perfume. It must be kept well-groomed and hydrated. On dry dermis, the fragrant plume disappears quickly.
  • Compositions with a fresh scent should be applied to clothing. But spicy and musky ones are better to wear on the skin, especially in winter, as they warm in cold weather.

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As you can see, in the upcoming cold season, it will not be difficult for you to choose a trendy and charming fragrance that you can enjoy throughout the day.


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