Trendy color combinations 2023: inspired and repeatable!

We present to your attention fashionable color combinations in clothes in 2023, which will certainly inspire interesting experiments in images. No need to rack your brains over successful combinations – the designers have already taken care of everything!

Majeta and pink

The trendy combination of the color of the year 2023 will turn out with a delicate pink ally. Take on a fashionable tandem if you want to create a particularly feminine look, taking into account the latest trends.

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Gray and blue

In the category of trendy color combinations in clothing 2023, a duet of neutral gray and elegant blue colors is also included. This is a win-win combination that, due to its calm disposition, will fit into a casual or business outfit.

Yellow and lilac

The lemon color in 2023 was replaced by a lighter shade of butter – a gentle and elegant representative of the yellow palette.

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This trend is good for creating romantic and feminine looks. And to enhance the mood, embody the combination with purple or lavender colors, which we spied on the fashion shows of the 2023 season. You can also implement a combination with a green or beige neighbor.


The green color has made a big statement in 2023, making its presence felt in the design of fashionable clothes and accessories. Both the rich tone of summer grass and the delicate pistachio shade are in trend. Whichever version of the trend you choose, it is guaranteed to bring freshness and lightness to your wardrobe.

The fashionable combination of colors in the clothes of the spring 2023 season is easy to leave based on the neighborhood of green and pink tones. The perfect match for a romantic mood!

Black and white

The classic duet of black and white in the image is a trick that many designers remembered in the 2023 season. So that such a bow does not turn out to be too conservative, choose interesting styles of things against the background of pure colors and textures of impeccable quality.

orange and pink

Pure bright colors are an important trend of the 2023 season, inspiring stylish experiments. For example, you can combine laconic things in juicy shades in an image and embody the actual color-blocking technique.

A stylish example is the energetic duo of pink and orange, equally fashionable this season.

To determine the contrasting and harmonious combination of colors, use the cheat sheet in the form of an Itten circle – suitable colors are located opposite each other here. One color can act as the main one, and the second one can set fashionable accents in the outfit.

Blue and black

Juicy blue color is a fashionable discovery of the 2023 season. It is important to choose a cobalt, electric color scheme that matches fashion trends. In practice, this tone feels great in the company of black, enhancing its brightness and saturation.

Beige and red

The trendy beige color promises to add a touch of elegance to the look. However, the trends of the 2023 season suggest changing the calm disposition of colors in combination with red things. The resulting duet promises to look interesting and stylish.

Soft beige color will create a stylish duet also with muted green, blue and chestnut hues.

Brown and khaki

The calm range of earth tones also matches the trendy colors of the 2023 season. Such tones allow you to create complex and deep combinations.

Sand and brown

Dusty nude shades are a real hit of the 2023 season! Stylists say that representatives of the beige-brown palette get along well with each other. According to this form, you will get elegant monochrome outfits.

The combination of colors in clothes 2023 for women is a fashionable source of inspiration for new beautiful looks. Perhaps such trends will allow you to take a different look at familiar things and give new life to boring clothes.

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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