Trendy color of 2019 – coral

Are you ready to get acquainted with the most fashionable color of 2019 – coral? Then meet this juicy, interesting and self-sufficient shade of Living Coral! Very soon all the store shelves will be filled with it, and it will rule the top collections. Believe us, we are in for a stylish and promising season with fun combinations and cool looks!


Why is he

Experts from the Pantone Institute explained why Living Coral was honored to become the master of the 2019 season. It turns out that the inspiration for this choice was nature with coral reefs of incredible beauty.

Living coral is a trendy color 2019

The Institute of Color is sure that people in the age of crazy technologies are in dire need of warmth, lively communication, care and natural tranquility. All this you can find in the coral color, which in itself is a true association with comfort and happiness.

The news that the coral color has become the most relevant in 2019 was not a discovery for many, because this color appeared in shows from Chanel and other famous designers. They instantly appreciated the juiciness and versatility of this shade, join them and you!

Coral color at the shows of famous designers

my favorite coral

The theory says that this color suits all fashionistas without exception. However, in practice it turns out that the secret of this versatility lies in a well-chosen shade, depending on the color type.

  • Girls – “summer” are allowed to try on any shades of trendy coral, with the exception of only the neon colors of the orange-pink palette.
  • The autumn color type welcomes pale peach and orange-terracotta shades. A contraindication, in turn, will be lilac and pink-pearl tones.
  • All bright versions of coral are recommended for women of fashion with belonging to the “winter” color type. But it is better to refuse light pink shades.
  • Lucky people with a spring color type can experiment with different tones of coral – from delicate mother-of-pearl to hot pink.

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Trend combinations

Cheerful coral inspires bold experiments and games with color. In such clothes it is not boring. On the contrary, she wants to smile, be the center of attention and collect compliments. We have selected for you win-win combinations that you can safely take as the basis of your stylish bows.

  • The most juicy and optimistic combination is obtained from coral with … coral! Yes, yes, total look is possible in such an interesting interpretation. Business bows with strict suits in such a palette look especially dynamic. There is simply no better way to colorize gray working days!

  • If the idea of ​​dressing head-to-toe in coral does not appeal to you, pay attention to its combination with turquoise, blue or mint.

Such an image is definitely doomed to success, because it looks fresh, stylish and very tasty!

  • Do you want something unusual? Try to create a fashionable tandem of coral with purple or fuchsia. So you get a very original and juicy combination.

  • Universal combinations are always paired with white, gray or black. They will come to your aid when you need to assemble a stylish bow in a matter of seconds.

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Note! You will need a sense of proportion when combining coral with black. A bright shade should prevail, otherwise the image will turn out to be heavy and overloaded.


  • If you want to get a light and feminine outfit, we recommend that you combine coral with beige tones.

  • Saturated shades of brown will also be true companions of coral in the new season. Surely, in your wardrobe there are plain basic things of a chocolate or coffee shade. It’s time to give them a color shake!

  • How about bright and optimistic combinations that will not let you stay in the shadows? If you don’t mind, create a trendy outfit with a combination of coral with yellow or gold.

  • Light shades of coral reveal themselves beautifully with lilac, gold, azure, cream or aquamarine.

Coral combined with soft lilac

  • A more luscious berry coral is great with green, chocolate, silver, navy blue, or light pink.

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You will definitely make a splash in a dress of a red-orange shade of coral. Choose accessories and shoes for it in silver, lemon, hot pink, brown or gold.


Coral dress with golden sandals

  • Style and trend awareness will be seen in coral and olive colors. In such a tandem, other shades of green have proven themselves well – emerald green, light green and pale grassy.

Keep in mind that the softer the green, the lighter the coral should be in combination with it.

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  • Blue is able to calm the brightness of the coral a little and add calmness to it. Maybe that’s why fashionistas often choose this pair for everyday bows?

In order not to be unfounded, we suggest you look at a photo selection of combinations of coral – the main color of 2019.

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If you have not yet decided what coral things to replenish your wardrobe, use our list of the most win-win options:

  • jacket;
  • cardigan;

  • dress;

  • shirt or blouse;

Fashion example by Jennifer Lopez

  • bag;

  • pleated skirt;

  • swimsuit;

  • sneakers or shoes.

Fundamentals of winning combinations

Wearing coral-colored clothes is a whole science. Fortunately, we teach its basics.

  • Although coral is a bright shade, it does not require a complete absence of accessories and jewelry in the image. Add a touch of flair with clean and solid decor in the right complementary color and you’ll create a pleasing and uncluttered look.

  • If coral is presented as the main thing of the outfit, sharp contrasts should be avoided. The rest of the image palette is designed to emphasize the beauty of this shade, and not fight it for attention.

  • Do not spoil the bow with cheap jewelry and low quality things. In an image with such a self-sufficient shade at the head, everything should be perfect!

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Precious jewelry looks great with coral things. Gold should be chosen for warm shades, and silver for cold ones.


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Coral clothes are too much!

If you really think so, then this is not a reason to stay away from fashion trends. Bright clothes of this juicy shade can be replaced with things with coral edging or color splashes in prints. Geometric motifs are still in trend, and with the addition of coral accents, they look fresher and more original.

Accessories in the current palette will also help you stay at the peak of fashion. The most restrained and calm bow will turn out with their …

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