Trendy color – spring 2020

In this article, we tell what color most trendy spring 2020. Such knowledge is the basis of the basics, from which any shopping and drawing up stylish bows begins!



Breaking our selection is fiery red, which many designers have expressed particular preference for the 2020 season. Clothing in this design is the choice of bold and determined young ladies who want to emphasize their self-confidence. If you are not going to choose clothes of this color, you can pick up lipstick or nail polish – they can also create a stylish accent in an outfit.

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The mood color throughout 2020 is classic blue. This is a calm and noble shade, which is equally well suited for the design of outerwear and romantic chiffon dresses. Another feature of the main favorite is its versatility. But in order to choose the perfect shade, it is worth considering the features of appearance.

  • Burning brunettes with light eyes are great for bright manifestations of this color, for example, the sensational shade of “electric”.
  • Girls with a calm appearance, blond hair, green or gray eyes go with warm indigo tones. Win-win color combinations will turn out with brown and gray things.
  • If you’re a fair-skinned blonde, you have two choices: an inky navy blue, or one that’s close to blue but has just the right amount of saturation.
  • Red-haired girls may prefer the fashionable color “Prussian blue”. The perfect tandem is guaranteed to turn out interspersed with emerald or green things.

Blue color is great both in monochrome and in combination with other shades. It can also be used as bright accents to refresh familiar bows. For example, a blue scarf will look extremely fashionable against a neutral shade of outerwear.


The leading position in the palette of spring belongs to the numerous lilac shades, which are especially well suited to blondes. Silk outfits, denim jackets, overalls and dresses of various styles are beautiful in this color. Such a palette can be safely adopted and when choosing trendy shoe color. The lilac pair will perfectly fit into the bow with things of classic colors.


Among the bright colors, yellow shades also receive the approval of designers and fashionistas. Moreover, almost all tones are considered in demand – from sunlight to juicy bright yellow color scheme. The shade of saffron stands out especially, from which it exudes warmth and spring mood.

[tds_warning]If you want to slightly reduce the brightness of yellow things, you can make a spectacular combination with brown additions. So you get a stylish and aesthetic tandem for any occasion.[/tds_warning]

orange peel

If you want to give your spring wardrobe a real shake-up, with the determination of a real fashionista, add items in shades of orange peel to it. This coloring is beautiful on any texture – from delicate silk to self-sufficient velveteen.

Even accessories in sunny orange color will add fashionable piquancy and saturation to the image.


Against the background of the usual base, energetic turquoise accents will look great. They will not only add bright colors and dynamism to the canvas of everyday life, but also casually demonstrate that the girl knows a lot about fashion trends.

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Biscay green

Another trendy representative of the azure palette is Biscay green. Light, fresh and light – it is the best fit for a spring look. The most interesting thing is that this color is great both on a dense leather texture and on light airy materials.


If you are not a fan of bright colors, then there is a suitable favorite for you among the fashion palette of 2020. Perhaps you will be conquered by the warm shades of cinnamon from the brown range. This is a pleasant and noble tone that can be easily included in the image with any mood.

dusty green

At first glance, neutral dusty green shades hide a huge stylistic potential. Designers proved this by demonstrating complex cuts or unusual textures in this design, as well as bewitching multi-layered ensembles.


After a gloomy and prolonged winter, many fashionistas are unbearably eager to add freshness and style to their spring wardrobe. We propose to act on a long-proven path – updating with the help of white things. Of course, a light total bow will look as luxurious as possible, but if this is too bold for you, choose other companions for white.

fashionable bag color in the 2020 season it can also belong to a light palette. Everything is in trend – from milk postmen to white knitted shopping bags.

White shoes are another unconditional must-have of the 2020 season. It would seem that this is a universal classic color, but in choosing shoes it looks very non-trivial. This technique is already used in practice by many fashionistas who want to refresh the usual combinations. Almost any choice in the 2020 season will be correct, whether it be Cossacks, ankle boots, sneakers, mules, boats or flip flops.


For fashionistas who have fallen in love with the main color of 2019 – coral, we have great news! This shade retains its top position, only in a new interpretation. In 2020, it is a warm and soft tone with a touch of pink. This color is the best suited for especially feminine and elegant looks, as well as coral accents invigorate business and casual sets.


Fashionable color in clothes in spring 2020 may belong to the pastel palette. The focus of fashionistas were pink, blue, lavender and pistachio shades. All of these tones are perfectly combined with each other, creating refreshing and rejuvenating bows with a romantic mood.

Lemon and other yellow shades from pastel colors deserve special attention. They are associated with the first rays of the sun, light and warmth. New items in such fashionable colors will give you joy and good mood.

Spring manicure palette

Many readers are probably worried about what color on nails most trendy spring 2020? We just compiled a guide to the most relevant shades!

  • Nude gamma again enjoys great popularity among fashionistas. Such a neutral background allows you to “recoup” in a fashionable manicure design. For example, in the 2020 season, it is fashionable to add negative space inserts, foil, sparkles, animalistic accents or contrasting abstract patterns to nude nail art.
  • In the spring, lilac varnish will also be a fashionable choice, which fits incredibly gently into any bow. The most fashionable design options with this color in the lead role are represented by duets with sparkles, colors and geometry.
  • Second wind…

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