Trendy colors and prints for summer 2021

In order to be in trend, it is worth familiarizing yourself with fashionable colors and prints for the summer of 2021 in detail. As the seasons change, every wardrobe needs variety. With the help of pastel colors, this will be difficult to achieve. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the original and unusual options. A successful combination of bright colors and colorful prints will make the image attractive and interesting.

Trendy colors for summer 2021

The color scheme is no less important than the cut and style. Clothing of a certain color can significantly affect the mood of its owner, create a certain image, character. It is important to choose your own shades that will favorably emphasize all the strengths and hide the shortcomings to the maximum.

Designers present several interesting shades in the new collection. Among them note:

  • Intense orange color. Its shade resembles a calendula flower. Trouser suits, as well as laconic strapless dresses will look good in this color.

  • Yellow. A sunny shade will favorably emphasize a bright summer look. The main accent can be dresses and shirts in yellow. And with the help of a raincoat or raincoat in this shade, you can even cheer yourself up in bad weather.

  • White color. In this shade, you can combine a variety of images. It is suitable for courageous and self-confident women.

  • Red. It is considered the color of life and passion. It will add decisiveness and confidence to the image. This is an up-to-date and fashionable color of summer 2021, which will look good both in clothes and in accessories. With the help of a scarlet palette, it will be possible to create solemn and strict images.

  • Delicate pink color. This shade represents femininity, softness and strength. Suitable for independent, but at the same time gentle and romantic natures. Favorably emphasize the image of the dress, delicate blouses and trousers in this shade.

The right color of clothing can hide the flaws of the figure, make the face look fresher. An inappropriate tone can emphasize imperfections, focus on circles under the eyes. You can choose the right palette based on your color type. If it is not possible to choose basic clothes in a favorable shade, then you should create your own image with the help of details, patterns, shoes, accessories. You can also emphasize the chosen color by properly emphasizing makeup.

Fashion prints for summer 2021

This season, a sufficient number of trendy prints have been provided that can be worn in the summer of 2021. Floral combinations will be relevant as never before. This season, fashionable small flowers with abstract elements. Both tropical plants and familiar roses are popular. Vintage print, graphic floral patterns will look good. You can not be limited to some dresses with this design, but purchase several blouses, tops or skirts.

In order for the image not to be overloaded with a floral print, it is best to dilute it with plain shoes, or jewelry that matches the color of the pattern. If the accessories have a floral print, then the outfit should not combine bright colors.

A striped print will also be fashionable this summer. The vertical line will help emphasize the figure. Blouses, T-shirts, tops and dresses with chaotic stripes will be especially interesting.

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Cell. This print will be more relevant than ever, regardless of the season. Checkerboard and fabrics are popular this year. It will also be interesting to look like a tartan in pastel and light colors. A small cage will help to make the image elegant and gentle. If you need to add volume, then you need to give preference to a large pattern. But at the same time, you should not go to extremes. You can play with the size of the cage, try on several images and choose the most suitable one.

Another of the prints that will be fashionable in the summer of 2021 is abstraction. This is the presence of color spots, blurry lines, the absence of clearly defined stripes. The main focus of abstraction is not form, but emotions. Such clothes will fit well into any wardrobe. Abstraction will perfectly refresh the image, especially in the warm season.

With the help of such a print, you can even create business images. To do this, you should choose things with a restrained color scheme. Abstraction will also allow you to create both urban and sporty looks.

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Polka dots. This is a classic print with which you can get a feminine and elegant look. More than ever, the classic performance will be relevant – this is a black and white color scheme. The size of the peas should be selected depending on the desired image and the proportions of the figure. It is important to correctly place the accents. Elegant dresses with polka dots and blouses will create quite fresh and interesting looks. With the help of this print, you can even adjust the figure. To do this, you just need to create the right combination of things.

Designers provide a wide variety of trendy colors and prints for the summer of 2021. It remains only to choose the most suitable shades and interesting solutions. At the same time, it is important not to overdo it with a large number of bright and non-standard details or prints – this can negatively affect the image. And the main thing at the same time is not just to follow fashion, but to be able to feel it and correctly place accents.

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