Trendy colors and shades of summer 2019

It’s time to find out what colors in clothes this summer of 2019 will be fashionable and stylish, what prints remain in trend, as well as fashion trends for the summer season, new items. And our photo selection will help you not to get lost in the flow of information.

Color and fashion

Color in clothes plays no less important role than style. Even some not so relevant models of the same top or skirts with trousers – in a fashionable color will be perceived in a new way. Or, it is enough to add an accessory of a stylish color to a gloomy or boring bow – and the image will immediately transform into a harmonious and attractive one.

At the spring-summer 2019 fashion shows, fashion designers demonstrated the best options for bows. From the “color” trends one could notice:

  • bright and vibrant colors – no one is shy and does not disguise themselves as a landscape. The colors of summer clothes should be cheerful, optimistic and cheerful. They can be used in a single color or combined in interesting color combinations and prints;

  • combinations of incongruous shades – what used to seem to “hurt the eye”, is now perceived as individuality and a manifestation of one’s self. Fashionistas not only boldly combine fabrics and materials, but also mix shades from different scales and different saturations in the bow. It turns out not “variegated” or “like a parrot”, but vice versa – interesting, with a spark and non-trivial;
  • spectacular and defiant prints. Everything is in fashion: check, stripes, peas, leopard spots, geometry, floral motifs. Designers even combine them in one look and create unique stylish looks.

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Many long-established rules are starting to change:

  • in the office, you can choose not only neutral shades, but also use bright accents in the bow;
  • full ladies can not only limit themselves to dark colors that “do not make you fat” – a small print, juicy shades also suit them and can even visually model a slimmer silhouette;
  • and it’s time to stop being modest and shy – decisiveness, energy and the desire to go towards the goal are in fashion.

[stextbox id=’info’]Tip: Don’t be afraid to experiment, especially in color combinations. Modern fashion loves daring decisions and bold combinations.[/stextbox]

Trendy summer colors

Based on the results of research, the Pantone Color Institute has compiled a palette of the most fashionable colors for the summer of 2019 in clothes. The selected shades all turned out to be bright, saturated and perfectly combined both with each other and with others that did not fall into the favorite shades. White and black remain in fashion, but I would like to highlight the other most popular colors.


The traditional color of summer, sun and warmth. In the main palette from Panton there is a fashionable shade of yellow – Aspen gold (golden aspen), and lemon verbena (muted yellow) from an additional set. But other tones will be in use. Feel free to wear solid yellow or yellow with a print, combinations of different tones of yellow – from light corn to dark pear.

You can use yellow for:

  • delightful elegant and summer dresses and sundresses – there are many styles and silhouettes. From skinny to layered fashion looks that will be very popular;

  • summer trouser suits – this will definitely distinguish a lady from the crowd;

  • trousers – elegant straight for the office, slightly flared, light, airy for walking and meeting with friends;
  • skirts of fashionable styles – a pencil skirt, pleated and tulip will be playfully elegant in yellow;

  • swimsuits – on a tanned body, yellow looks even more sunny.

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Yellow can be combined with:

  • blue – bow yellow blouse and blue skirt is great for work and for a date after;
  • pink – tender and juicy, this is how this image will be perceived;
  • white – yellow, even the brightest, will be slightly muted by white, so you can safely use this combination anywhere;
  • with gray – the image is harmonious and pleasant;
  • with shades of brown and beige, you can create beautiful and colorful fashion combinations.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting. There are cold and warm shades of yellow – so every girl can safely choose her favorite things in this color for her color type.[/stextbox]


As the color of the year 2019, it burst into our lives and literally inspired all fashion designers and designers. In a coral total look, show business stars and business ladies appear in public.

Coral look the most luxurious:

  • elegant suits – both trouser and skirt, both strict cut and light airy elegant;

  • light dresses of different styles;

  • blouses combined with black or navy blue skirts or trousers;
  • top in an ensemble with red, raspberry, burgundy, orange bottom and vice versa.

Also, this color is harmoniously friendly with denim: combinations of jeans and a coral shirt, blouse and denim skirt are practical, fresh and stylish.

And girls are very fond of coral scarves, bags and shoes.

Soy, toffee, brown granite

If you look at the photos from the catwalks or fashionable girls, you will notice that shades of beige just filled everything.

Fashion designers even demonstrate total looks in beige, but, between us, such options look boring. It is much more pleasant to look at a mix of light and dark brown shades. So, you can safely use delicate and soft beige, playful warm toffee, the color of dark chocolate and coffee beans – brown granite to create your summer bows.


  • business dresses and suits;

  • trousers and skirts.

Beige shades go well with white and black, so making a profitable presentable bow for a business style is not difficult. Pleated skirts and trousers with a metallic effect are especially good in beige.

Pleated skirts

[stextbox id=’info’]Clue. It is better to choose sundresses and summer dresses with an original print, a combination of different shades or layering, so that on tanned skin, a solid, tight beige does not look faded.[/stextbox]

Intense blue

Truly royal – after all, only real princesses can afford such a brightness of blue, who are not embarrassed by hundreds of admiring glances.

In blue, they are incredibly good:

  • dresses, especially maxi;

Color Princess blue (royal blue)

  • skirts, strict business, but especially – pleated, with metallic – hit of the season;

  • pants and trousers.

Fashionistas combine this blue with light blue, but for those who are not afraid of brightness, they can be combined with orange, red and coral.

All shades of red

It is in fashion now to stand out, to be different from everyone else, and red is the best way to do this..

Girls wear things in a variety of red shades – from pink to rich burgundy.

There are many options for clothing in red:

  • fabulous evening dresses;

  • everyday and office outfits – skirt and trouser suits, laconic dresses;
  • summer airy tunics and sundresses;
  • awesome swimwear;
  • skirts and trousers of various styles.

Fashionistas with different color types can find their …

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