Trendy colors for summer 2020

In this article, we bring to your attention the most trendy colors of summer 2020 in clothes. Find out which colors will become the main favorites according to the Pantone Institute, and how interesting it is to beat them in your stylish looks!


The main king of the summer palette is a fresh and clean white color. Its dazzling character is able to enhance the brightness of other shades or strengthen the strength prints. The versatility and conciseness of white clothes inspire stylish combinations. For example, in the 2020 season, you can make a winning alliance with fuchsia, cocoa, turquoise, light pink, peach, sunny yellow, orange, blue or malachite.

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In light colors, an ashy shade is also considered fashionable, which perfectly emphasizes the brilliance and play of textures in the image. Stylists recommend combining this color scheme with dark pink, sea buckthorn, olive, honey, blue or gray-violet.


The blazing flame of such a bright color of the red palette is a real find for confident and determined fashionistas who are definitely not going to remain in the shadows this summer. This color decisively tops the list of current trends, and it is able to perfectly decorate girls with a contrasting and expressive type of appearance. Other fashionistas can keep up and actively use the power of this trend in accessories – stylists hint that such details will perfectly transform basic familiar ensembles.

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And now to the most interesting – with what combine such a bright and saturated color? Among the most successful tandems, one can single out an alliance with white-pink, dusted coral, peach, red-brown or orange tint. If you want to go beyond the boundaries of a given palette, you can create a winning Scarlett duet with cinnamon, champagne, topaz, as well as brown-green, gold, azure or light beige colors.


Spicy saffron adds a fragrant spice to the stylish palette. Fashion trends surely included this color in the current range, so that it will transform your images with its radiance, as well as energize and cheer you up. Cloth in such an extraordinary and juicy color, it is especially suitable for girls with a contrasting and warm appearance.

But with what combine such a color scheme so that it creates really stylish and relevant images? Fashion 2020 season suggests combining Saffron with lavender, creamy, athracite, olive, red-orange, red, denim or blueberry. As you can see, among the actual tandems there are both emphatically bright and rather restrained combinations for different occasions.

Classic blue

Among fashionable clothing colors for obese women in 2020 season, the noble and versatile blue color stands out in particular. This is a classic color scheme, which, along with its restraint, has limitless combinations. Due to the matte and dark character, the blue color of the clothes can slim down and visually stretch the silhouette. In addition, such a novelty has no restrictions in the form of a color type.

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Fashionable blue color scheme will look great in combination with wine, gold, honey, malachite, blue, beige, black, blackberry and chestnut shades. The proposed options look stylish and restrained, which means they are perfect for for women over 50.

Biscay green

Clean, fresh and pleasant, Biscay Green is a trendy color that can perfectly fit into the summer style. With the right approach, this trend will perfectly refresh and rejuvenate appearance. To control the mood of the image, you can vary the lightness and saturation of the trendy color. This property will also allow you to use the Biscay green tone for a fashionista with any color type.

Among the successful combinations with such a shade are combinations with a light and sunset color palette of a pink palette, emerald, chestnut, milky, azure, tan, gold and blue-violet tones. Choose any!

green onion

This trendy color also promises to fit very organically into the summer style of the image. As psychologists say, the green tone allows you to restore personal harmony. It is worth noting that this is a deep and muted shade, which, due to its restraint, is able to look stylish not only in everyday, but also in an evening or business bow. It is he who will give the outfit a touch of intelligence and charm.

But how skillfully to present this novelty from Pantoneto unleash her full power? Here we recommend relying on winning combinations, namely, duets with eggplant, black, chocolate, denim, red, mustard, burgundy, menthol or malachite shades.

[tds_warning]For women 40 years old such a color scheme is not contraindicated, but stylists recommend placing it away from the face and not using it in monochrome ensembles. Otherwise, it can distort the skin tone, giving it a pale, unhealthy look.[/tds_warning]

Grated denim

Institute Pantone among trendy colors of summer 2020 introduced also grated denim shade. It is characterized by stability, reliability, comfort and lightness. Such a trend can be safely used in their images by girls with a non-contrasting type of appearance.

This fashionable color is best in harmony with tea rose, milk chocolate, wet asphalt, salmon, as well as sunny yellow, marsh, coffee, beige, pumpkin and emerald.

blue mosaic

Another representative of the blue scale, which conquers with its calmness and depth. Another feature of it is adaptability to any color type.

Combine this trend with cherry, raspberry, peach, gold, beige or blackberry to create a mosaic of your look.

Evening jacket

However, the potential of the blue palette will not be exhausted in the summer season either. Designers in all their splendor presented the deepest and richest shade of this range, which is ideal for contrasting combinations. The stylists assures that the color “Evening jacket” is the most fashionable alternative to the usual black color scheme, which will perfectly fit into an evening or business look.

Among the a priori harmonious combinations with this trend are alliances with milky, blue-violet, wheat, red, sunset pink, lilac, blue and menthol hues. Experiment!


To convey a carefree summer mood in your looks, you can use the trendy shade “sunshine”. This color goes great with green, steel, red-violet, gold, coral-orange, blue and amethyst.

coral pink

The coral palette does not give up its positions either, only in the summer of 2020 it appears with an admixture of pink. It is a warm and noble color, which is the best for…

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