Trendy colors for summer 2021

The Pantone Institute recently presented a list of the most fashionable colors in clothes for the summer of 2021. Therefore, we suggest that you do not waste time in vain and already begin preparing for the hot season by studying the main palettes.

What colors in clothes and shoes will be fashionable in the summer of 2021

Be prepared to completely renew your wardrobe, as only bright colors will be in trend this summer.

  • Orange. A soft yellow-orange shade with a warm undertone is also called “marigold” because it is very similar to the coloring of the buds of these plants. The orange color belongs more to self-sufficient palettes that do not require any additional contrasts.

Interesting! Psychologists say that it is the bright orange color that is the most suitable option in oppressive quarantine conditions, as it warms and uplifts.

  • Azure. Pale blue color, more reminiscent of the heavenly surface, will fit perfectly into your images. These can be light sundresses or strict dresses, playful suits with shorts or more restrained classic ones with trousers.

  • “Rust”. A light shade of brown with a warm reddish undertone will be an excellent basis for creating truly luxurious evening looks.

  • Optimistic yellow. This shade of yellow is so bright and pleasant that seeing it, a smile involuntarily appears on the lips. You can not be afraid of this juicy range. Optimistic yellow is quite versatile and suits everyone without exception.

  • French blue. Dressed in this shade of blue, you certainly will not go unnoticed. And all because it is distinguished by its richness and depth. In addition, unlike the other colors on our list, French blue is more practical and wearable. It will easily fit into your basic wardrobe.

  • Coral. According to the Pantone Institute, another trendy color in clothes in the summer of 2021 will be burnt coral. It is not as aggressive as the classic shade. But at the same time it is just as bright and interesting.

  • “Green Ash”. A light shade of green, in which notes of light green and wormwood can be traced, gives calm and refreshes the appearance.
  • Mint. This season we can not do without invigorating mint colors. But only now this color has acquired more saturated tones. With it, you can create the image of a woman who knows her own worth.

  • “Orchid”. A beautiful purple color will be just a godsend for girls who want to emphasize their independence and great sense of style. Despite some aggressiveness, you should not be afraid of this color. It will perfectly fit into your wardrobe, giving it an expensive gloss.

  • “Raspberry Sorbet” The hot pink color with raspberry undertones is one of the most colorful in the collection. And one of the most picky. It is extremely difficult to combine with other palettes. Therefore, it is better to wear it in mono-images.

  • Light pink. And to be more precise, its dusty shade. It is suitable for creating light and one might even say that more romantic images. However, this does not mean at all that only young ladies can wear it. Older women can also get dresses, trousers or shirts designed in this range. The main thing is that the style fully identifies the psychology of color: it is comfortable and does not constrain movements.

Basic gamma

The fashion shows were not without a collection of basic colors in clothes and shoes that are fashionable in the summer of 2021. We will also consider them.

  • “Inkwell”. If you look at it in poor lighting, you may have the illusion that it is black. But this is not so at all. This is a rich shade of dark blue, which can only be compared with the impenetrable depths of the sea. In this regard, in images it is better to combine it with lighter colors such as white, blue or beige.
  • Gray. This is not at all the classic gray color we are used to. And its lighter shade, which can be easily entered into various images. For example, to create a calm and discreet outfit, you can wear a gray business or casual silk suit. Those who want to stand out from the crowd can dilute the gray color with bright fuchsia, lilac, pink or multi-colored floral motifs.

Important! The real trend of 2021 was the combination of light gray with yellow, which stylists recommend using even in make-up.

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  • “Butter cream”. Soft shade of white, which is more like an airy whipped creamy mass. You can safely experiment with this color, since you can wear clothes aged in this shade, both in monolooks and in complex multi-layer outfits.
  • Beige. A classic beige color dubbed “desert fog”. And all because looking at it, it seems as if you are among the sand dunes. The shade itself is very calm and versatile. It can be worn not only in solid colors, but also combined with blue, blue and green.

  • “Willow”. A light shade of brown with a refreshing green undertone. To many, it looks more like the bark of a tree, slightly covered with light moss. The color “willow” is very self-sufficient and will look good in monochromatic images. But you need to combine it carefully. The combination with white and classic brown will be the most advantageous.

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Photos with examples of fashionable colors in clothes given in the article prove that in the summer of 2021 the fair sex will look bright and spectacular.

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