Trendy colors for weddings 2023

Another wedding season has begun. For many, it will be the start of a new family life filled with happiness. It is best to prepare for the solemn event in advance. And here it is important not only to choose wedding rings, a hairstyle and a suitable outfit, but also to take care of the design of the holiday itself. To make the ceremony beautiful, match your taste, season, and current fashion trends, choose the “right” shades. What wedding colors will be considered the top ones in the 2023 season? We’ll tell you in today’s review.

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Wedding palette – 2023

In the coming year, the wedding palette is very diverse and attractive. She pleases with her positive, tenderness, harmony. Each of the shades or color duets that we will name below is worthy of attention and will be considered trendy in 2023. Explore all the options presented and choose the one that suits you.

  • citrus mood. Perhaps orange is the most atypical shade for a wedding ceremony. However, this does not mean that it is inappropriate. On the contrary, for the spring-summer season of 2023 it will fit perfectly. Saturated color will give guests energy and good mood. In addition to the decoration elements of the hall and flowers, orange can be dresses of bridesmaids and accessories in the image of the bride. And orange – ideal for a ceremony in the bosom of nature.

  • Chocolate. The most suitable time of the year for this color is winter. Beautiful, calm, deep shades of dark and milk chocolate will add a ceremony of nobility and aristocracy, will soothe and pacify. This is an excellent choice for both young and older couples. In addition, this color gives a lot of opportunities for creativity. For example, you can come up with chocolate invitations for guests and unusual desserts.

  • Gray with green. Choose only natural colors for decorating a wedding in gray-green tones. Be inspired by minerals, lush greenery, precious sparkle of platinum and emeralds. When creating bouquets, wreaths and arches, focus on vegetative floristry so that everything looks as natural as possible, close to nature. A good decision would be to make a wedding in gray-green tones and country style.

  • Viva Magenta. The color for the wedding-2023 can be chosen solely on the basis of fashion considerations. In this case, turn to the favorite from the Pantone Institute – Viva Magenta. It is he who is considered the top in the coming season. This beautiful and rich shade can be safely used even in the image of a bride. Evening dresses in carmine color and on girlfriends will look luxurious. Accessories of a similar shade are needed for the groom.

  • blue electric. The blue palette has held a leading position in the bridal fashion segment over the past few seasons. Only the tones change. In 2023, it is recommended to focus on the bright, exciting electric color. Moreover, it is considered universal, suitable for any time of the year. But, so that the guests do not dazzle in the eyes of the abundance of blue, combine an electrician with white, silver or pale yellow.

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  • Oriole (Meadowlark). Another popular color from the Panton Institute. This pure sunny shade of yellow is perfect for a summer wedding. It will harmonize well with white, green, blue, gray, which gives a lot of opportunities for experiments with design. Oriole is a very optimistic and life-affirming color. It can decorate, among other things, the bride’s dress. Add some tropical sunshine to your celebration.

  • romantic pink. Delicate, feminine, full of sophisticated charm shade. Suitable for spring and summer weddings. Romantic pink is not overly flashy, but it will help emphasize sincere feelings and harmony in a couple. The ceremony, decorated in such colors, can be considered a reference. And don’t worry if there is too much pink, this is the case when “you can’t spoil the porridge with butter.”

  • Cinnamon. The fashionable wedding color for autumn 2023 should be calm, elegant, distinguished by restrained nobility. And the cinnamon shade will perfectly cope with this. It is slightly lighter than the aforementioned chocolate, but evokes no less pleasant associations. A wedding decorated in the color of a fragrant seasoning is fresh and original. And in the decor you can safely use real cinnamon sticks.

  • Silver with white. harmonious duet. White is a recognized classic, and silver is associated with triumph. These wedding colors will not only create an unusual image of the bride, but also give the ceremony an aristocratic gloss. Do not be afraid to use silver candlesticks and crystal glasses with a silver pattern in decoration. They will look elegant and expensive. The radiance of the precious metal will make your holiday unforgettable.

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Fashion 2023 still loyal to the purple palette. Also, if you wish, you can refer to the fashion trend of last season – turquoise.

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

In today’s review, we told you what wedding color is relevant in the 2023 season for summer, autumn, winter and spring, shared photos and moodboards with design examples. Choose from the suggested shades, or come up with something of your own. The main thing is that the preparation for the holiday gives you joy.

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