Trendy colors for winter 2020-2021

Knowing what colors will be in fashion in the winter of 2020-2021, you can create a very stylish and attractive outfit for this time of year. After all, the color palette of the outfit is very important. Each season, the Pantone Color Institute notes several basic shades that will distinguish a fashionista from the crowd, classify her outfit as the most stylish and trendy. From the article you will learn about the main fashion trends of the season in the field of color, see how fashionistas and celebrities use the current palette when composing their images.

Fashionable palette for the winter 2020-2021

A list of stylish winter shades will certainly inspire fashionistas to bold experiments. After all, the trend will be bright shades of orange, calmer tones of beige and blue, a deep palette of blue and burgundy.

In general, the palette can be described as restrained and practical, but there is also some originality. The color set reflects the trend of minimalism, which today is appreciated not only by designers, but also by fashionistas, who prefer more functional and practical clothes, free from frills.

However, the desire for practicality in no way makes the image too boring and mundane. The fashion palette has the following features:

  • allows you to create stylish tandems,
  • colors are easily mixed with each other;
  • shades are embodied in various items of winter wardrobe.

Intense Amber

Winter looks made using this trendy color look very stylish and interesting. Such a shade of orange will definitely highlight the fashionista from the gray mass, make the image more catchy and bold.

Look at the look in a rich amber palette, which was chosen by the famous American model Gigi Hadid and British singer Rita Ora. Total bow in this color looks very stylish. If you are afraid of such a bold look, you can use warm amber in individual details.


It is essentially a shade of red, but it is much more delicate and less saturated. At the same time, “samba” is a rather dark shade, which at the same time emits positive energy. This color allows you to create a fairly sophisticated and elegant image.

The color “samba” is ideally combined with fashionable clothes in the winter season 2020-2021. For example, loose floor-length trousers made in this color, as well as outerwear, look very stylish.


This delicate shade of beige allows you to create a neutral, soft and very discreet outfit. At the same time, it is impossible to call an image in such a palette boring. Rather, it turns out incredibly elegant and stylish. Just look at the image of the famous fashion consultant Miroslava Duma – a gentle set, composed in shades of “sandstone” looks incredibly attractive. Even such celebrities and secular divas as Valeria and the wife of the American president, Melania Trump, do not bypass bows made in shades of sandstone. Such light colors look incredibly attractive, refresh the image, rejuvenate their owner.


Classic blue is the main color of 2020. This color allows you to create incredibly stylish and at the same time versatile winter outfits. Also, stylists recommend paying attention to both monochrome bows in blue and complementing images in other shades with blue things and accessories. A coat, a down jacket, a blue fur coat will refresh any bow. Just look at the image of the American actress

Blake Lively – in a blue fur coat looks simply stunning. Keke Palmer chose a short sheepskin coat in a blue palette, and Shailene Woodley went the furthest and not only chose blue for the winter look, but also a very original style of down jacket.

green glitter

This is perhaps the most daring and daring color that will be in fashion in the winter of 2020-2021. This shade tends to be yellow, but it is not devoid of hints of green, which makes it unusual and attractive.

And again, as a good example, let’s turn to the image of Melania Trump. Just look how feminine and stylish at the same time, a set of a coat and a turtleneck in a trendy shade looks like, which shoes and accessories in a brown palette are perfect for. But Kim Kardashian decided to make a set of a bright coat, combining it with a trendy shade of blue, and she did not fail, the image looks simply stunning.

dusty pink

Fur coats, down jackets, coats, winter accessories – such outerwear looks great in shades of dusty pink. This color is quite neutral, but at the same time, it will never leave a fashionista unattended. Look at the image of Gwyneth Paltrow. At first glance, she is dressed in a very simple and discreet short down jacket, however, you must agree that such outerwear will certainly attract the attention of others, emphasize the style and individualism of the owner.

Do not lag behind foreign fashionistas and domestic divas – just look at the stylish image of the eternally young Valeria in an artificial fur coat of a dusty pink hue.

Green ultramarine

This blue-green shade is ideal for self-confident and balanced fashionistas, or ladies who want to appear so. With its richness, this tone inspires us with firmness and calmness.

Fashionable in 2020-2021, the green-blue color is perfect not only for warm winter coats, jackets, but also shoes.

burnt brick

This is another trendy shade of red. The tone of the “burnt brick” is very deep and at the same time neutral. This color will give the image of originality and attractiveness, make the bow more serious and elegant.

Most successfully in the winter season, the shade is embodied in leather products. Fashionistas can safely pick up outerwear and accessories made of leather in shades of “burnt brick”.

peach nougat

Pale and delicate peach shade looks incredibly feminine and soft. However, despite its lightness and beauty, it does not look too elegant and childish. Images made using this tone give the owner additional chic and luxury.

For the winter of 2020-2021, you can pick up a fashionable faux fur coat of this color, a coat and even get a manicure in a peach palette.

Check out Jessica Alba’s peach nougat monochrome look for a stylish yet feminine and elegant look.

Purple purple

This is the only purple shade that is present in the fashionable winter palette. Coats, shoes, accessories presented in this color scheme make the image mysterious and intriguing.

Purple-violet will be the perfect shade when creating a stylish winter manicure. Fashionistas should definitely get not only things, but also accessories in this color scheme.

Additional palette for the winter

In addition to the main colors, the Pantone Color Institute traditionally offers fashionistas several neutral shades that will be an excellent base for creating winter bows. Next, we’ll introduce colors that are more practical and versatile, so it’s easy…

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