Trendy colors of 2019 in clothes

For those who are planning to update their wardrobe, it is very important and relevant to know what colors will be fashionable for women’s clothing in 2019. Let’s consider in more detail.

The main favorites of the cold season in 2019

Top 10 Pantone Colors for Winter 2019

The Pantone Color Institute selects trendy palette shades for each season, and each year the Color of the Year. Clothing manufacturers, designers and fashion designers are guided by these selected colors.

Dresses with inserts in different shades of brown

For the cool season, Pantone chose bright shades for fashionable women’s clothing:

  • red pear – bright burgundy and rich, it will suit respectable ladies to create a sophisticated, but bright look. Outerwear – classic coats with fur, fitted down jackets or quilted jackets in this color will become the accent of the bow, the rest can be restrained calm tones. Although fashion designers offer to combine such a coat with boots and a bag of the same color, but from a different material: for example, a cashmere coat, a bag and over the knee boots are leather; leather jacket – suede boots and clutch;

Red pear shade

  • valiant poppy – there is nothing “belligerent” or “aggressive” in the shade, rather, a bewitching and strong color in saturation. Best use – sportswear or sport chic style: trouser suits, parkas and boots;

Bright Valiant Poppy

  • hazy blue – light blue blends wonderfully with warm shades, so you can safely wear things in a hazy blue hue with orange or red elements: coats and fur coats in this color look very catchy and bright, while throwing on an orange scarf or pick up a red handbag in the kit red boots;

deep hazy blue

  • Ceylon yellow – this is one of the favorites for the color of the year 2019. Yellow and warm, like the summer sun, is best for autumn or warm winter – in the form of cardigans, jackets and knitted dresses;

Yellow in 2019 will be in demand in winter, spring and summer

  • olives in martini – this color, in addition to khaki and the “standard” olive, the military style happily accepted into its ranks: a la uniform shirts, raincoats and coats resembling overcoats look natural and impressive in this color;

practical olive

  • red orange – a very interesting color with its “load”. The most chic combination is with black things, then it will be fully revealed. Coat, parka, jacket – we cheer ourselves up and those around us with juicy outerwear. It is better if it is short or medium length, and under the bottom – black shoes and dark tights, pants or leggings;

Bright red orange

  • ultraviolet – the year 2018, the color of bold, daring and loudly declaring themselves. It is logical that there are many stylish clothes in this color – from boots to underwear. Outerwear in purple is very unusual;

fashion ultraviolet

  • crocus petal – a gentle and romantic shade – for people who love a lighter and calmer range, it has become a real salvation in the fashion palette: light coats, jackets and delicate fur coats – we create a soft image of a sophisticated lady;

Delicate crocus petal

  • ramp light (soffits) – another yellow, this time bold and daring. This shade is needed for decisive girls who are able to do big things. But in clothes, the color is most suitable for dresses and suits, and for winter – for short jackets;

Unusual ramp color

  • green quetzal – the color of the plumage of the bird is not pure green, but in combination with blue. Designers have come up with many models of dresses and suits in this color, but down jackets and coats are not so common.

deep green quetzal

[stextbox id=’info’]Tip: The shade of Lamplight is specific, and looks best on dark or tanned skin. Pale-skinned girls are better off looking at Ceylon yellow.[/stextbox]


Smoky shades in spring 2019 collections

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Trendy colors of 2019 in clothes

For spring and summer, the Pantone Institute chose 6 shades of red, 2 green, 2 yellow, blue and brown.

Do not be afraid of bright saturated colors, especially in summer


  • fiesta – orange with redness;
  • cheerful red – rich and beautiful;
  • turmeric;
  • living coral – golden orange;
  • pink peacock – crimson;
  • pepper stalk – noble and soft green;
  • gold is now among fashion trends;
  • royal blue;
  • toffee;
  • mango mojito – yellow-orange;
  • muted dark green;
  • sweet lilac – lilac-pink.

shades of toffee

[stextbox id=’info’]Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year is Living Coral. According to the Institute’s experts, coral is a “life-affirming, warm and bright”, “energetic and caring” color.[/stextbox]

Main color of spring 2019

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In addition to the palette, there are also basic colors in the trend:

  • soy – soft beige;
  • sweet corn – milky white;
  • eclipse – deep blue;
  • brown granite.

Basic milky brown

Looking at the runway photos, Pantone’s 2019 trendy colors are easy to mix and match:

  • blue with red, for example, cheerful red with royal blue;
  • golden goes with any other shade;
  • against the background of the basic ones, each primary color will be revealed to the fullest.

Combinations of stripes of saturated colors give dynamics to the images

Discreet spring looks with prints in trendy basic colors

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Coral, the main color of the year, goes well with:

  • gold, silver;
  • amber and copper tones;
  • cold or warm shades of pink;
  • blue
  • white;
  • brown and dark brown.

Coral clothes on the catwalk

You can wear a piece in coral and go through your entire wardrobe, looking for the most luxurious combination of color and style.

Rich and pale coral in clothes

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Clothes for spring-summer 2019

The bold shades of the chosen palette make you put modesty and shyness aside and prove yourself:

  • floor-length dresses, cocktail and evening, look luxurious in any fashionable shade of red, in noble blue and muted green. The main thing is that the cut of the dress and its details (back, cuts, neckline) should be concise, strict, so as not to overload the image. If we take delicate shades – lilac, toffee or basic ones, then you can “play” with the neckline, with cuts and decor;

Floor-length dresses in lightweight fabrics for spring 2019

  • for puffy dresses with ruffles and waves, asymmetrical and unusual tunics for summer, orange, yellow shades and gold will be wonderful;

Fashion puffy maxi dresses

  • trouser suits – sporty and glamorous are ideal in bright red, but green, blue or toffee give a calm and even official look;

Fashion trouser suits

  • overalls can be of a simple cut, and in one of the bright colors of the palette they will become elegant and “weekend”, and if you add an ornament, …

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