Trendy colors Pantone fall-winter 2019-2020

The beginning of the new Fashion Week was marked by the selection of trendy colors for autumn-winter 2019-2020 from the Pantone Color Institute.

Designers working at Pantone predict current color trends for upcoming seasons, help brands develop fresh color palettes. For the upcoming autumn-winter season, Pantone has introduced two new palettes within:

  • Fashion color trend Report New York (New York fashion show);
  • Fashion color trend Report London (London fashion show).


List of trendy colors

Warm shades are again in the trends of the season. With the exception of the cool dark blue Galaxy Blue and the calm blue-blue Bluestone.

The palette of fashionable colors for the autumn-winter 2019-2020 of New York according to Panton:

  • rocky road (Rocky road) it will look good in casual, street-style and classic styles. Reminds me of a bar of dark chocolate or whole coffee beans. Looks great in both glossy and matte finishes. Check out suede, leather and wool in Rocky Road.

  • Chilli (Chili Pepper) so named due to associations with hot peppers. Suitable for both classic extravagant outfits and hot evening dresses. It looks advantageous both on fashionable pleated and on dense suiting fabrics like tweed.

  • Bicycle Red (Biking Red) located at the junction of burgundy, purple and brown. This is a rather warm, but at the same time strict shade.

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In order not to overload the image, bicycle red can be used in details (for example, to focus on a manicure, scarf or shoes). Biking Red looks great on skirts, especially if it’s an A-line skirt or a classic pencil skirt.

  • Peach Cream (Crème de Pêche) – This is a delicate light peach shade that will perfectly complement the autumn-winter wardrobe.

It will give the image of lightness, airiness, so it will look advantageous on coats, fur coats, down jackets and other outerwear. Also pay attention to loose-fitting trousers and jacquard dresses below the knee.

  • pink peach (peach Pink) – This is a bolder version of the peach range of shades, located at the junction of coral and light orange.

In pink and peach, jackets and vests are especially relevant, as well as evening dresses and clutches for them.

  • Orange tiger (Orange Tiger) – This is a bright orange shade, diluted with yellow paint. It will look advantageous on elongated coats, sweaters and culottes.

A bright hat or gloves in Orange Tiger will complete the trendy autumn-winter look.

  • fruit dove (fruit Dove) also did not bypass Fashion Week 2019-2020. Named for the color of the plumage of the red-necked motley pigeon. As in nature, it looks quite defiant. It’s important to strike a balance and not look ridiculous when choosing Fruit Dove as it’s primarily a runway rather than a casual look. Looks good on shoes and accessories.
  • dark cheddar (Dark Cheddar) – This is a bright mixture of yellow and orange, the famous shade of cheese from any European cartoon. Especially relevant for sweaters, ponchos and coats. A casual autumn-winter look will be diluted with a dark cheddar-colored scarf or hat.

  • sugar almonds (sugar Almond) is a warm light brown hue reminiscent of sweet boiled sugar. It will look great not only on most autumn-winter clothes, but also on many models of shoes (including ankle boots, chelsea boots, hikers and ankle boots).

  • Eden (Eden) reminiscent of the juicy tropics after a long rain. Eden is quite versatile and will look good on jackets and raincoats, skirts and trousers, dresses and suits.

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  • blue galaxy (Galaxy Blue) is one of the few dark trendy colors for Fall/Winter 2019-2020 by P. It is a deep navy blue that goes well with a classic trouser suit or a floor-length velvet evening dress.

  • Copper vitriol (Bluestone) associated with foggy late autumn. It is more often found in suit fabrics or woolen yarn, so it will help to create a fashionable and at the same time comfortable casual or office look. Suitable for lovers of harmonious classics.

The London palette includes:

  • cranberries (Cranberry) – a bright red warm shade that will look especially good on fabrics for outerwear and suit fabric.

  • Merlot (Merlote) – a warm deep blend of burgundy and brown, reminiscent of the colder New York Biking Red.

  • Summer fig tree (Summer Fig) – carrot color brightening up a cloudy autumn. A bit reminiscent of a more restrained version of the Orange Tiger.

  • Wild Apple (Crabapple)– a warm and cozy shade that will warm in cold winter weather, referring us to the warm September autumn. It will look good on dresses and knitwear.

  • Chicory (Chicory Coffee) – This is one of the darkest shades of the New York and London palettes. Suitable for outerwear made of coarse material.

  • Antique Moss – a bright yellow slightly sour shade, reminiscent of the first fallen leaves.

  • Forest Biome somewhat colder than Eden. A versatile shade that goes with almost everything in your wardrobe.

  • Hazel (Hazel) – soft color a few tones darker than sepia, but no less warm. It belongs to the most universal autumn-winter shades.

  • Butterscotch – London’s most cheerful and lively color, consisting of golden and yellow.

  • Grapeade – a balanced shade, similar to soft lilac.

[stextbox id=’info’]The common colors of London and New York are cold Galaxy Blue And Bluestone. The idea of ​​the two palettes is different: a bright, free and confident New York as opposed to a balanced and somewhat stiff London.[/stextbox]

Basic colors of autumn-winter 2019-2020 from Panton

In addition to the twenty-two listed shades, the Pantone Fashion Institute has introduced four basic ones that can be combined with any clothing and used in most color combinations.

Vanilla Custard (Vanilla Custard)

Evening Blue (Evening blue)

Paloma (Paloma or Dove)

Guacamole (Guacamole)

These are gentle Vanilla Custard (Vanilla custard), languid Evening Blue (Evening blue), fresh Guacamole (Guacamole) and strict Paloma (Paloma or Dove).

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Classic colors are more resistant to fashion trends and will be relevant for more than one season. So it is quite profitable to buy things in this range.

We hope that Panton’s selection of fashion colors for fall-winter 2019 2020 will help you update your wardrobe according to current trends.


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