Trendy green manicure 2023

The spring-summer season has come, which means that it’s time to bring as much positivity and brightness into your life as possible. A life-affirming green manicure will serve these purposes perfectly. In 2023, he promises to be very popular, so it will not be superfluous to get to know him better. We suggest doing it right now in today’s review. And even if you do not like this color, we still recommend that you take a close look at it, because green gives hope.

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What shades of green are popular in the 2023 season

The green palette is quite extensive. It includes dozens of really beautiful shades that are not all equally popular. Right now, we list those that can be safely used in nail art in 2023. This:

  • juicy light green;
  • green mint;
  • acid lime;
  • forest greens;
  • fundamental olive;
  • bewitching absinthe;
  • refreshing menthol;
  • green opal;
  • calm pistachio;
  • herbal;
  • kiwi and green apple.

As you can see, the shades presented to choose from differ from each other in different intensity, brightness, saturation. And this means that every lady will have enough opportunities to create an interesting design on the nails in the spring-summer of 2023.

What shades to combine green in manicure in 2023

Green color is a wonderful “neighbor”. It pairs well with other popular shades. Below are some of the current combinations.

  • With pink. A good choice for the spring-summer season. Moreover, pink, like green, is very popular today in all segments of fashion. Manicure in these shades can be done in a fruity or floral theme.

  • With black. Black and green manicure is almost a classic. It looks very impressive and stylish. Suitable for both everyday and informal looks. An excellent choice for design on long nails.

  • With milk. Green and white manicure has now somewhat lost its popularity. It was replaced by a new nail duet – with a mega-fashionable milky shade. Such a manicure will look fresh, suitable for every day.

  • with yellow. Green and yellow manicure is one of the brightest fashion trends in 2023. The two shades complement each other perfectly. Include them in your spring and summer looks, it will turn out very positively. Choose natural colors.

  • With gold. A very elegant solution that will be relevant for any environment. Gold inserts on a calm green background will look organically in an office setting and at a noisy New Year’s party.

  • With orange. No less positive than yellow-green, green-orange nail art looks. It will be a good addition to beach and casual summer bows. Suitable for sporty style.

  • With blue. Blue-green manicure is not the most popular solution. Many are afraid to combine these shades, because the result does not always come out the way we would like. However, with the right selection of colors, everything turns out organically and cute.

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Also a good solution would be to combine the green color of the varnish with red, gray, silver. Opportunities for experimentation are plentiful.

Design Ideas for Green Manicure 2023

Now let’s look at what design options can be brought to life if you choose a green color for a manicure.

  • With clover. An uncomplicated solution that will definitely be appreciated by those who do not need a little luck in life. And the clover symbol is now quite popular, including in the jewelry segment. Such a delicate design on the nails looks fresh, non-trivial.

  • Gradient. The spectacular nail art, which implies stretching the color, does not lose its relevance. Transitions can be carried out both within the same palette, for example, from dark green to light green, and from black to light mint. Both the ombre and the gradient in green look incredibly beautiful.

  • french. Absolutely inimitable French design, made in positive green shades. Yes, this solution is not quite traditional, but definitely very stylish. Such a manicure will look fresh and relevant. The photo below shows interesting ideas.

  • With divorces. Green manicure with streaks is the absolute trend of the spring-summer 2023 season. Smooth lines crossing the nail without a definite meaning and direction are what is relevant today. This type of design is contrary to geometry and graphics, which is interesting.

  • With sequins. A universal solution that will look especially good on nails covered with a solid green varnish. Sequins can be textured, which is very fashionable now. Or it can be an unobtrusive shimmer that will bring a little shine to your look.

  • Neon. Bright neon manicure is the squeak of the coming summer. And don’t let its arrogance scare you. Choose your favorite shade, cover your nails with it and enjoy the resulting effect. In this case, the special particles in the gel polish will be reflected in the sun’s rays.

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Green color is equally good for any shape of the plate, be it almond, square or classic oval. It will also look attractive on short nails.

Green manicure-2023 with or without design is always a good solution. Feel free to include the most popular shades from the palette in your images, and let them give you hope.

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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