Trendy haircuts for summer 2011

French fashionistas are sure that a woman’s clothes demonstrate her wealth. And the hairstyle allows you to conclude how the young lady treats herself.

However, both stylists and fashion designers now note that a fashionable and stylish hairstyle is a kind of trend, under which … it is necessary to adjust the whole image! After all, a hairstyle can sometimes tell a lot more about its owner than her … costume!

Thinking about what haircuts to choose for the summer? Let’s ask the stylists!

As always, haircuts for long hair are popular with stylists. Are you lucky and your hair is long and well-groomed? Great, so you can experiment, not only with shapes, but also with styling, color!

Lovers of curls, as well as happy owners of naturally wavy hair, are also given the opportunity for bold experiments! Still, curls this summer are very, very relevant!

Lovers of “classic” braids and ponytails will also not remain offended. This summer, braids, tails, buns, a wide variety of braids can make their mistress not only original, but also trendy! However, the styling of your hairstyle should be a little sloppy, rather “loose” – it will look relevant and fashionable. But remember that sloppy styling is not at all synonymous with sloppy styling! Yes, and long hair is in fashion, only if they are well-groomed! And good care is not necessarily salon and insanely expensive.

Do you have short hair? The stylists have surprises for you too. Especially fashionable now are haircuts with oblique bangs and a classic bob in all its variants. Fashionable hairstyles for short hair should be “steps”. Haircuts can be combed back using styling gel and a comb with wide teeth.

Original and fashionable hair ornaments are not forbidden, even in short haircuts. But there should not be too many decorations, they simply must be in harmony with the costumes of the fashionista and the color of her hair.

Stylists and fashion designers unanimously assure that the fashionable shade is the one that suits you. And this season there are no special favorites. However, the models at fashion shows were mostly redheads. And the hair color usually looked pretty natural. This effect can be achieved in a regular hairdresser. The master will surely offer you coloring with paints of similar shades, which will give your hair a beautiful, natural shade. In the light, the hair will “play”, giving quite natural sun glare. And the summer sun will linger in your hair for a long time …

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