Trendy haircuts for teenage boys in 2023

A model hairstyle is an important detail of the appearance of a modern teenager. After all, they meet, as the saying goes, not only by clothes, but also by stylishly cut hair. Yes, it is not always possible to choose the perfect image right away, but do not be afraid to experiment. It didn’t work the first time, but it will definitely work the second. Fashionable haircuts for boys in 2023 differ from each other in terms of volume, length, execution methods, and styling technologies. We list the most trendy options for younger and older teens.


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Top short haircuts

Fashion 2023 presents a lot of haircuts that look appropriate on short hair. But they must look well-groomed. We list what professional hairdressers and stylists advise teenage boys this season.


  • Half box. Neat and versatile. For those who lead an active lifestyle, go in for sports. The haircut is suitable for any type of face, it does not need to be put in order for a long time. The model allows you to freely experiment with styling. It is characterized by strands 6-7 centimeters long at the crown, smoothly and gently turning into hair that is as short as possible at the back of the head and temples. Combined with a small bang, laid to the side, makes the image more adult. Trend reception – a deliberately careless look of strands. It is given artificially with the help of foam, mousse, gel.


  • Tennis. To create this stylish hairstyle, a minimum volume (1-1.5 centimeters) is left in the temporal zone. On the parietal and occipital zone, the hair should be slightly longer than in the aforementioned semi-box (but not more than 8 centimeters). It should be borne in mind that a haircut requires time for styling and regular visits to the hairdresser, but it’s worth it. The strands are combed back or left sticking up. The most common classic version. Fashion 2023 welcomes such varieties of tennis as a hedgehog, four of a kind, youth, elongated. With frequent use of styling cosmetics, it is necessary to choose a restorative agent.


  • Military. Refers to trendy haircuts for teenage boys in 2023. Hair may seem over-shaved, but it should be. Military is the perfect look in seconds and without any work. This is the special charm of the haircut. Minimalistic styling in the style of a military dress code looks modern, emphasizes willpower and masculinity. Differs in simplicity of execution and lack of need for special leaving. Ideal for round and square face shapes.


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Among the short hairstyles are also relevant: British, quiff, crop, messi, undercut. The technique of shaving patterns and stripes above the temples does not lose popularity. A smooth straight line, zigzag, lightning, stars, inscriptions – there are no restrictions for youth haircuts.


Models for medium length

The most popular models can hardly be called new. This is a beaver and a short flight of stairs, well known to many young men and men.

  • Bobrik. It resembles a bob, only with a distinct, sharp border between the temples and the crown. Looks modern and simple at the same time. The difference in length between short and long strands is 2-5.5 centimeters. Beaver is not recommended for sparse and too soft hair. In addition, he can emphasize such flaws in appearance as coarse facial features, a high forehead, a long nose.


  • Ladder. Included in the list of top haircuts for teenage boys. It is characterized by strands of different lengths. When performing, a step technique is used when the hair is cut in layers. A great option for thin hair, as smooth transitions allow you to achieve good volume.


In addition, an intelligent Canadian and a provocative mohawk are in trend. The first one looks quite traditional. The second involves some challenge. Shaved temples and a wide strip of hair at the top, set vertically, are required for her.


Trendy hairstyles for long hair

A teenager with long flowing hair is not so common these days. However, some models of haircuts still retained their relevance.

  • Top knot or “top knot”. Japanese-style haircut continues to be one of the trendy youth options. It involves the complete shaving of hair at the temples. Long strands remain in the upper part, which are collected in a twisted ponytail or tourniquet in the occipital area.


  • Gavroche. The novelty of the season, returned from the past. Not only teenage gavrosh is relevant. Hairstyles for young men are gradually coming into fashion. The youth version is soft transitions of lengths.


  • Beanie. There are no specific length settings. The main feature is short-cropped temples and a voluminous cap of hair on top. During the styling process, the strands are dried with a hair dryer in a chaotic manner, volume is created using a gel or foam.


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The retro mullet haircut with hair lengthening at the back of the head has also returned to the trend lists. The length of the strands can reach the base of the neck or shoulder blades.

Take a closer look at the trendy haircuts for boys in 2023. Choose the model you like, and then bring the idea to life in the hairdresser. Be sure to heed the advice of a professional. His recommendations will make it possible not to make a mistake with a hairstyle.

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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