Trendy nail polish colors 2019

The question of what are the most fashionable and popular colors of nail polish in 2019 worries many ladies. After all, a manicure is an important and serious matter. Therefore, now we will talk about fashion trends and novelties in nail design and back it up with photos of the best works.


Fashion manicure 2019

The main components of a successful and beautiful manicure for the coming year are naturalness, grace and naturalness. No excessively long and pointed nails, crazy patterns and poisonous unnatural shades.


  • both matte and glossy shades are in use;
  • rhinestones, sequins, pebbles, stickers and drawings remain a favorite of designers. But don’t just a few beautiful beads adorn an elegant wedding manicure or jacket?;

Matte manicure with rhinestones

  • you can combine close tones – paint your nails in different, but close shades or make a gradient;
  • bright experiments with neon colors and cat-eye effects, broken glass remain among the most popular choices for ladies;

Bright neon manicure

  • artistic painting (for example, daisies for yellow manicure, orchids for lilac, and so on) remains a source of pride and envy from girlfriends;

  • creativity and creativity – sometimes you will not find exactly the same nails, because each specialist puts something of his own even in ordinary drawings taken from the Internet. Therefore, the more creative the master, the more unique the client’s nails will be;

creative manicure

  • the technique of painting one nail remains in the favorites. You can cover 8 nails with a single-color varnish, and on two (one finger per brush) make a special design – drawing, pattern, rhinestones. So the impression will not be blurred, and certainly all colleagues, girlfriends or classmates will gather to take a closer look at the masterpiece.

Beautiful design on the ring finger

Good news for all girls – long nails are back in trend. But the shape should be close to the natural shape of the nail plate.

Beautiful manicure on long nails

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Advice. To make a manicure look dignified, neat and luxurious – contact good masters who know and love their job.


Interesting: Manicure gray with silver

Fashionable manicure options:

  • moon and french remain the number one choice for elegant women striving for perfection in everything;

  • rhinestones and sparkles are added for elegant and evening manicure;

  • metallic design can be created in many ways: with foil, rubbing, varnishes with a metallic effect, but the main thing is that the “cosmic” style continues to be in trends.

Do not forget that we must adhere to the principles of naturalness and minimalism.

Interesting: Geometric Manicure

Trendy nail polish colors 2019

Among the favorite and stylish shades for the coming year, there are a lot of options to choose from. At the same time, they can be mixed in drawings and patterns, or even painted nails in different colors.

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The choice of color depends on the season:

  • spring-summer period is bright, green, red, sunny nails, floral patterns and juicy fruits;

Bright summer manicure

  • autumn-winter – these are colder shades and dullness. Brown, burgundy, blue lacquer colors and shades, as well as green are very popular for cool days;

  • gold and silver are in fashion all year round. In winter, it is a reminder of the holidays, and nails sparkling in the sun in warm weather perfectly cheer up both the hostess and those around her.

Take a look at the latest 2019 photos of the best options for using luxurious and trendy colors and shades of beautiful nail polishes and get inspired.

Interesting: Manicure brown with gold

The best color options for manicure:

  • white – many ladies adore different shades of this color: snow-white, milky, matte white, ivory and other light nails fit different clothes. They harmonize well with gold or silver rings and bracelets.

The lacquer “marbled” looks especially luxurious and unusual. Dark stains dilute light manicure and declare closeness to nature;

  • gray is another rich and beautiful nail polish color. Choose soft gray or dark gray, almost jade tones – this will be the most fashionable option. And leave medium gray and faded shades to create “combo” variations;

  • yellow – how much energy in this color. You can choose from playful lime to warm sunny or sandy, whatever shade you like. Stylists consider the most fashionable yellow color – the color of pineapple pulp. Muted moist and juicy;

  • soft pastel colors will come to the aid of business ladies. Such a manicure will always look neat, stylish and presentable;

  • red and black lacquer colors continue to be used by active and daring girls who are not afraid of everyone’s attention. But if an elegant lady also wants to use a similar manicure for the evening, it is better to make a gradient, add white (with patterns or partial coloring) or highlight 1-2 fingers on the hand brighter.

Then the nails will be in perfect harmony with a black or red cocktail dress, but not be too vulgar;

Interesting: Red manicure with design: photo

  • blue, green, purple and their shades are also used by fashionistas actively and with pleasure. Green nails are wonderful in spring and help to wait for juicy greenery, blue ones remind you of summer and water, and purple is a very beautiful color of varnish, suitable for any style of clothing;

  • among the new products in 2019, coral will be in great demand – after all, the Pantone Institute chose it as the color of the year. Coral manicure can be monophonic or this color goes very well with yellow, red and gold hues.

Interesting: Coral manicure

Preferred patterns:

  • geometric ornaments, lines, stripes;

  • floral and plant patterns;

  • droplets like after rain;

  • butterflies, dragonflies, birds and other living creatures are more typical for young fashionistas, but some respectable ladies also want to show that they are young in their “soul”;

  • lace, embossed patterns;

  • maritime theme is typical for those yearning for a vacation.

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Advice. On short nails, it is better to use thin, graceful and small drawings and patterns.


Interesting: Yellow manicure – trend 2019

New manicure 2019

Rhinestones, sparkles, foil have already become commonplace. Many ladies begin to ask the masters “something new.”

Here’s what to offer:

  • huge popularity won “rubbing” – a fine powder with different visual effects. For example, mirror, holographic, color-changing, pearl. After application, the manicure acquires a special glow. Most often, rubbing is used with a pastel manicure or with a jacket;

Manicure with mother-of-pearl and mirror rubbing

  • stained glass painting is a complex option for painting a nail. Colors…

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