Trendy nail polish colors summer 2023

We have compiled a selection of trendy nail polish colors for the summer of 2023 for you. Three hot months should be enough to bring the most trendy design ideas to life!


There was so much green in women’s fashion 2023 that, as expected, it has become a key nail art trend. Manicure in actual colors looks especially summery and colorfully fits into bright seasonal looks.

In fashionable nail trends, all shades of green have been identified – from a delicate pistachio color to the color of juicy summer grass. It is noteworthy that such a palette looks stylish on nails of any length – like for versatility!

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If you are looking for the most practical and versatile nail design for summer 2023, take a look at the current milky base shades. A translucent lacquer in a nude shade promises to look well-groomed even as nails grow and fit harmoniously into any summer bow. Another attractive bonus is the ability of a milky manicure to gracefully emphasize a tan.

Nude manicure for the summer of 2023 will become as fashionable and spectacular as possible if you opt for a milky varnish with a shimmer. Shining particles promise to sparkle dazzlingly in the rays of the sun.

The next trendy idea for summer nail design 2023 is a milky color with the addition of a metallic powder. Two trends at once in one manicure look amazing!


Fashionable manicure for the summer of 2023 is gorgeous with red lacquer in the title role. On the occasion of the hot season, we advise you to choose the brightest and most appetizing shades from the scarlet palette – for example, berry tones are a priority. Red manicure is also appropriate for short lengths, and is ideal in combination with feminine summer dresses!


In the summer of 2023, the elegant lavender nail color will also be out of competition. A fashionable representative of the pastel palette will add a touch of elegance and romance to any summer look, even if it is a combination of a T-shirt with shorts.

The most fashionable incarnation of lavender manicure 2023 appears in combination with other pastel shades. Delicate colors are ideal for the summer season.


The next summer nail color 2023 is sky blue. To make the design especially elegant and airy, choose a light pastel tone of varnish. This color is great in a monochromatic design, but also not against trendy accents – for example, abstract drawings.


In trendy nail colors for summer 2023, a rich, electric shade of blue has taken the title of an important trend. To enhance the brightness and effect of such a varnish, bet on a magnificent glossy finish of the coating.

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Fashionable manicure colors for the summer of 2023 look mega-stylish with a metallic finish. The radiant finish is beautiful on both colored and classic gold or silver nails. You can repeat the trendy technique with a metallic gradient – hitting the trends is guaranteed!


Summer 2023 is the best time for bold experiments with looks that were difficult to decide on during the cold season. Let the manicure be bright, beautiful, cool! A fashionable idea is lemon varnish, which, by its very appearance, cheers up. And how it emphasizes the tanned skin tone!


If you find it difficult to decide on the only favorite from the summer palette, you can bet on a multi-colored manicure. This design is easy to repeat at home with a rich collection of nail polishes.

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To make the final nail art look harmonious, choose colors of the same saturation. For example, pastel shades of varnishes can be taken as the basis for a fashionable summer manicure in 2023.

The trendy colors of nail polishes for summer 2023 prove that a monochromatic manicure can look stylish and spectacular. The current shades are so interesting that you immediately want to embody a fashionable design!

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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