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The fashion trends of the fall season 2019 dictate the use of the most natural palettes, both in clothing and in the nail art segment. Shades of nail polishes should fully identify natural motifs, which, in combination with the textured design that is relevant today, creates a truly luxurious manicure. Therefore, later in the article we will consider the most trendy colors of autumn, which should be in the home collection of varnishes for every girl who follows the latest fashion trends.

Stylish and trendy nail polish colors for autumn

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Top trending nail polish shades for the fall season

Creating an autumn palette of nail polishes, designers were inspired exclusively by the landscapes, vegetation and natural phenomena that surround them. The result is a rich and vibrant collection of colors, among which the following shades are the most fashionable.

Fashion trend for natural colors

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jet black

A classic color that has not lost its popularity over the years. This season, its use is relevant, both in a single-color design, and as a substrate for different designs.

Fashionable black color of varnishes for creating a stylish manicure

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Important! When deciding on a monochromatic black manicure, give your preference to varnishes with various effects, for example, “cat’s eye”, thermal varnish or interspersed with small sparkles.



Dirty shade of green

Saturated and rich color, which can be seen simultaneously shades of gray, blue and green. In this regard, its second name sounds like “dirty azure”. Stylists recommend wearing such a varnish exclusively in a plain design or with a decor in the form of foil or sparkles.

Dirty green – fashionable manicure for autumn


A fashionable color that smoothly migrated from summer trends to autumn manicure. In addition to the classic snow-white, its other shades are also relevant, for example, milky or cream. As with black lacquer, white can also be used to completely cover the nail, or as a complement to the design.

Delicate light manicure

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The magic of red

The classic shade of red has been in fashion for several years now and is an ideal solution for both daytime and evening manicures. It is better to wear it in a monochromatic design, as this color itself looks spectacular and does not require additional decor.

classic red


In addition to the standard gold, silver and bronze, other shades with a metallic sheen are also on trend. Particular attention should be paid to blue colors, thanks to which you can recreate an imitation of the starry sky on your nails.

Metallic manicure

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Deep plum, delicate lavender, daring ultraviolet and bright orchid color will become the constant companions of a fashionable autumn manicure. They look perfect on the nails and give them an expensive and sophisticated look. To add texture to this design, a matte finish or velvet powder to match the varnish will help.

Beautiful and trendy purple manicure

“Bright Red Mandarin”

This is not only a retro shade that has returned to us from the distant 50s, but also a representative of the trendy colors of the autumn-winter season 2019-2019 according to Pantone. When choosing nail polish, you should pay attention to decorative coatings with a bright orange pigment without any additional inclusions. Stylists recommend not overloading it with complex techniques and an abundant amount of decor and opting for a manicure with holes or a plain one.

Stylish orange manicure

Oily yellow

A bright shade of yellow with a slight creamy undertone will harmoniously fit into the autumn manicure design. It blends perfectly with simple nail art techniques in the form of a moon or jacket, as well as with more complex ones, such as mosaic design and artistic painting.

Fashionable yellow manicure

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Blue “family”

Fashion trends in the autumn nail art segment are full of all sorts of shades of blue, the most relevant of which are listed below.

  • Indigo. Dark and deep color that is simply mesmerizing. It looks impressive both in a monochromatic coating and with a finishing top imitating a metallic gloss.

Indigo Manicure

  • Cobalt. A classic shade of blue that looks very catchy and bright in nail design. It is especially fashionable to combine it with holographic stickers or a matte finish top.

Blue cobalt manicure

  • light blue. A representative of the pastel range, which at first may seem boring and dull. However, in combination with various nail art techniques, holographic stickers or glitter, this color appears on the nails in a completely new way.

Delicate blue manicure

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Important! The fashionable novelty of the autumn trends of 2019 was the white-blue color with a slight gray undertone. This nail polish is recommended to be combined with a gradient glitter stretch.


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“Olive in Martini”

An unusual shade that combines two fashionable colors for today, such as olive and khaki. It looks very impressive in a monophonic design and the maximum that can be added to it is a scattering of Swarovski stones.

olive marigolds


Absolutely all its shades are in fashion, ranging from the lightest with a beige undertone to rich dark graphite. Since this color gets boring very quickly, it is better to combine it with brighter shades, such as pink, blue and blue. All kinds of decor in the form of rhinestones, foil and glitter are also welcome.

Gray nail polish

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“Tart” burgundy

A beautiful rich shade of burgundy has been a constant favorite of fashionistas for several years now. This color looks so beautiful and rich on the nails in its own form that any decor here can simply ruin everything.

Stylish burgundy nail design

This fall, the variety and saturation of shades of nail polishes allows you to create a stylish and spectacular manicure that meets the trends of 2019. You can verify this by viewing photos with images of swatches of such varnishes, as well as examples of current designs with them also given in the article.

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