Trendy Pantone colors: autumn-winter 2020-2021

The Panton Institute has traditionally provided a report on the most fashionable colors of the fall-winter 2020-2021 season. Watch and get inspired!

amber orange

You might have expected to see exclusively neutral and restrained shades in the palette of the cold season, but this fashionable rating opens with a juicy amber-orange color. We live in a time when stereotypes can and should be broken. Dress brightly in winter? Great idea!

This coloring instantly charges with optimism and positive. In addition, psychologists suggest that juicy orange things can instantly cheer you up, set you on a creative wave, and even raise the level of self-esteem and self-confidence. As you understand, the amber-orange coloring has a special power and mission in the cold season, and you should definitely use it for your own purposes!

You can create a trendy bow with this color in the lead role on the principle of monochrome, but we have to admit that this decision requires some courage. Styling with neutral black, white or beige will turn out to be much more restrained. If in autumn the soul requires more extraordinary combinations, you can embody a tandem with red or blue things.

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mallow red

Almost no Panton palette is complete without a representative of the red scale. However, one can clearly trace the primary sources of this trend – among the scarlet shades, every woman can find her personal favorite and use it to enhance her personal attractiveness and self-confidence.

By the fall of the 2020 season, the most advanced fashionistas will be looking at the mallow red hue. At first glance, it may seem too complicated and mysterious, but stylists recommend getting to know it better. So you will find that this trend can be successfully combined with representatives of the nude, blue or white palette.

However, you can always go the safe route and just pick up accessories in a trendy deep shade. Surely, many fashionistas will be fascinated by the aesthetics of a bag or shoes in mallow red. Such novelties will easily serve as a stylish accent in any look. Especially they will justify themselves when compiling actual business sets.

Burnt brick color

In the fashion range from Panton there is another representative of the red palette – only more subdued and restrained. This is a deep and noble color of baked brick, with which you can make many interesting combinations. Autumn and winter should definitely be enough to try them all! So, stylists advise first of all to experiment with duets with gray, black, brown, beige and blue shades. In such an actual color, everything is beautiful – both elements of a strict dress code and cozy knitwear. You can also note how fashionable leather and silk in brick colors look stylish.

yellow green

The next bright and self-sufficient representative of the fashion of the autumn-winter season is yellow-green with a pronounced lime overtones. Based on the classic and understated shades (which you will also get to know in this article), yellow-green coloring can play the role of a main refreshing accent. You can also dare and allow this fashionable color to solo in a monochrome outfit.

Classic blue

Our regular readers probably could have guessed that according to the Pantone Institute, the list of fashionable colors for the fall-winter 2020-2021 season would include a classic blue hue. He was recognized as the main color of the 2020 season, and is not going to give up next year. In addition, many women of fashion have already managed to fall in love with this favorite for its versatility, restraint and at the same time stylish character.

You can also fall in love with the blue color for its adaptability – stylists confirm that girls with any color type can pick up the perfect tone in such a range. If you guess with the silhouette of blue clothes (you can make an unmistakable bet on minimalism), you can create a stylish look that embodies elegance and impeccable taste.

We invite you to look at some inspiring images that motivate you to make a strong friendship with classic blue.


ultramarine green

Another leader in the blue palette for the 2020-2021 season is an ultramarine green hue. It is worth recognizing that this color has a very difficult character, but street style heroines have already tamed it in their images. For example, many fashionistas rely on raincoats, bags and suits in non-trivial colors. Any choice will be a wonderful breath of freshness in gloomy autumn weather!

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Traditionally, in the fashion range there was a place for restrained and neutral tones with excellent compatibility rates. The key representative of this category was the basic sand color, which can organically fit into the wardrobe of any fashionista.

This coloring perfectly reveals its beauty on a variety of fashion items – for example, on an elongated trench coat, trouser suit, silk or pleated skirt. And the most interesting thing is that the acquired novelty will definitely not cause difficulties with compatibility, because all representatives of the beige palette can be easily combined with almost any color. And how they look in monochrome ensembles!

Shade of peach nougat

An incredibly romantic and elegant peach shade is so airy and light that it can suit a fashionista of any age and reveal her sophistication and attractiveness. At stylish shows, designers made it clear that this color can be used in images not just as modest accents – on the contrary, it is better to give it the right to solo in a fashionable look. For example, you can buy a pantsuit in such a cheerful shade.

This trendy fall-winter 2020-2021 color is best combined with the same light and delicate tones, for example, with a pleasant beige palette. This technique is successfully used by many fashionistas, and you can also join them!

purple purple

By mixing blue and red, the experts at the Pantone Institute gave the world a purple-violet hue. This color fits perfectly into the autumn-winter capsule, as it has the perfect saturation and depth.

[stextbox id=’info’]If you want to make the most fashionable combination with purple, feel free to mix it with red things. You can also embody a duet with a fashionable print in a black and white palette.[/stextbox]

Olive khaki

Many fashionistas associate the approach of autumn with the predominance of muted and restrained colors in their wardrobe. If you like this trend, you can take note of the olive khaki color, and at the same time the trendy military style, which is not going to lose relevance in the 2021 season.

Stylists resolutely bring this color into the basic palette, which is characterized by excellent compatibility. For example, with it you can …

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