Trendy Pantone colors: autumn-winter 2021-2022

The main trendsetter of fashionable colors in the fall-winter 2021-2022 season, as always, is Pantone (Pantone color Institute). This is an internationally recognized source of color expertise, which regularly dictates fashionable color trends and no cataclysms can stop this.

Pantone is the main color trendsetter in the fashion world

At the Pantone Color Institute, leading experts combine the scientific and emotional approach to the selection of trendy color schemes. The completed palette is based on painstaking work and time-consuming examination of trends in the world of fashion and marketing, celebrity life, politicians and even social networks.

Although the world of fashion has been heavily affected by the global pandemic, even under the new quarantine rules, Fashion week will be held digitally again in September. World designers still create their collections based on Pantone data. Therefore, if you decide to update your wardrobe with the onset of the cold season, then taking into account the recommendations of the Color Institute is perhaps the best thing to do before going shopping.

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The main Pantone collection: what to look for

Pantone always offers four different palettes for one season, plus two palettes of universal tones. These sets of shades are mainly used in the collections that will take part in the fashion weeks in London and New York.

This season, the skilled staff of the Color Institute have emphasized diversity. The palette contains bright shades that are more associated with the summer collection, but they are also designed to remind you of the sea and warm countries in winter. There are soft cold ones – they add lightness and airiness. There are also several variations of earthy colors that look so warm they seem to keep you warm even in the bitter cold!

The list of fashionable colors in clothes that are presented at the Pantone autumn-winter 2021-2022 shows is as follows:

Mykonos blue. It is a deep blue color with a hint of a sea wave. Soft and sophisticated, it will remind you of your summer vacation. The perfect solution is a dress in the floor of this color. You can combine it with a pearl necklace or a light lace cardigan.

Illuminating. Bright yellow, even lemon, is a very atypical color for the autumn collection. Outerwear that is sewn from the material of this shade will obviously be clearly in trend: it will attract attention in the crowd and give passers-by a positive mood.

Leprechaun. Judging by the name, a very fantastic color: leprechauns are the main characters of Irish legends. Northern peoples believe that these little men wear outfits of just such a bright green color. If you also like fairy tales, be sure to look for models of this color on store shelves.

Fuchsia Fedora or fuchsia continues the ranking of the most popular clothing colors for autumn-winter 2021-2022. The main thing is not to overdo it with bright colors. A fuchsia-colored outfit should be combined with more calm and strict accessories.

Rale Rosette – a favorite shade of Turgenev young ladies. Perhaps this is the first gentle choice of the Panton team. It is closer not so much to pink as to powder.

Adobe. Another warm color that is more common in winter collections. Terracotta, even rather, clay color looks great on jackets and autumn shoes.

root beer. This is also an earthy color, darker and more saturated. During its development, the creators were inspired by the roots of centuries-old trees.

Fire whirl – really fiery. Bright red color that energizes and uplifts the mood.

Rhodonite somewhat similar to the already named Mykonos Blue. The same deep blue, only with a subtle purple tint. Looks great on satin and cotton fabrics.

Spring Lake – a fresh color, really reminiscent of a clear lake, in which the spring sky beats off. A little softer and more complex than heavenly, it goes well with bright belts, pendants and scarves.

Do not forget about the psychology of color: after all, each shade has a different effect on the emotional state. Bright colors energize, deep colors inspire, soft colors soothe. Also, when choosing a color scheme for a new wardrobe, it is worth considering not only fashion trends, but also your own preferences, combinations with the figure and character.

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Most of the colors of the fall-winter 2021-2022 collection were inspired by nature itself: as you can see, there are marine, celestial, earthy, and vegetable shades here. But the abundance of bright colors symbolizes the invasion of humanity into the calm world of forests and lakes. We, the people, are the very “bright bomb” that “explodes” the world, and Pantone colorists are in a hurry to tell us about this.

Offering such a variety of colors, Pantone hints at the transience and fast pace of life inherent in our time. Specialists adapt even to a fragmented vision and desire for freedom. Given the social framework in which we have been squeezed lately, everyone so lacks a breath of fresh air. So, the trendy colors of the autumn-winter 2021-2022 season, developed by Panton, give us such an opportunity!

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