Trendy pink manicure 2023

Pink manicure is a real hit of the 2023 season. And there is nothing surprising here, because this color helps to emphasize femininity and sophistication, gives the image a bit of romance and lightness. Pink nails are beautiful, gentle, fashionable. In addition, the ladies have a huge selection of all kinds of techniques. And that means creating a design that will definitely have both to your liking and to the place, it will not be difficult. Pleasantly pleased with the variety of shades of pink.


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What colors from the pink palette are in trend in 2023

Fashion 2023 turned out to be quite democratic. It gives ladies maximum freedom of choice. Do you want to see extravagant fuchsia on your nails? Please! Prefer subtle powdery? Fine! In the trend, both acidic brightness and shades from the category are more gentle than tender. And, of course, more traditional ones. We list the most relevant for the current season:

  • salmon pink;
  • light flesh;
  • magenta;
  • lavender pink;
  • crimson;
  • coral;
  • purple;
  • pale pink;
  • Persian rose;
  • cherry bud color.


Each of these shades has its own special charm and aesthetics. It is also possible to combine them in one design. Pink has long been an out-of-season color, which means you can wear it both in summer and in winter. Nail designers only recommend dimming the brightness a little in cold weather, and also if you are doing a manicure on short nails.


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The barbicor style is still relatively popular, in which all types of pink manicure are appropriate.

The combination of pink with other trendy shades

If monochrome pink on your nails seems too “sugary” for you, combine it with other shades. From this, both the manicure and your image as a whole will only benefit. We offer for consideration the most successful combinations.

  • With gray. Grey-pink is an elegant nail duet. Two seemingly inappropriate colors actually complement each other perfectly. Pink “enlivens” gray, which, in turn, adds rigor to the design.


  • With red. A very unusual combination. It can be safely called a novelty, which is only gaining momentum in popularity. Red and pink manicure is fresh, stylish and a little extravagant.

  • With mint or turquoise. Manicure-2023 is, first of all, non-standard color combinations. We recommend combining pink with refreshing mint or turquoise. It will turn out incredibly effective.


  • with yellow. If you want to see a bright positive design on your nails, refer to the combination of pink and yellow. It will be especially appropriate in the summer months, as an addition to beach bows.


  • With lilac. By combining these two shades, you get a spring-like delicate design. Add some glitter or floral patterns to bring out your romantic mood.

  • With black. Spectacular, bold, stylish – this is how you can characterize this nail duet. Shades in manicure can be used on an equal footing, or with a noticeable predominance of one.


  • with light green. Fashion trends 2023 call on us to be bolder, including when choosing the color of nail polish. Use energetic light green instead of classic green, you won’t regret it.

Looks pretty good with pink and brown, as well as blue and orange. A universal solution for business and strict bows is to combine pale pink and beige.

Design Ideas for 2023

A beautiful manicure, made in pink, is appropriate for both evening and everyday bows. It will become a reflection of your mood, will bring a special “flavor” to the chosen style. Let’s take a look at our latest design ideas.


  • french. Replay the classics in a new way. Ditch the white “smile” line in favor of a pink one. The design will retain its main idea, but it will look more interesting. Or refer to the reverse jacket, highlighting the hole with rhinestones, sparkles or the most ordinary transparent top. Opportunities for creativity are plentiful.


  • With a metallic sheen. A pink manicure with a design is always a good choice. In 2023, we recommend turning to the metal decor on the nails. Thin and wide stripes in gold and silver, potal, foil, textured gold patterns, silver rhinestones – all this will be a profitable and effective addition to the image.

  • With an image. Nail art in pink with a pattern, done on long or medium nails, can be both a little playful and deliberately feminine. Floral motifs are very popular in summer and spring. In autumn and winter – laconic drawings in the style of minimalism. A special trend is to depict a pink flamingo on the nails.



  • with sequins. Moreover, it is worth choosing dry glitter so that the design turns out to be textured – this is the most squeak today. With silver or sequins to match, you can decorate one or two nails completely, the “smile” line on a bright pink background, and draw unusual patterns. Show your imagination to make the design original.


  • Neon. The neon effect continues to be popular. But, of course, you need to contact him in the hot season. The main feature of this manicure is brightness and deliberate catchiness. Thanks to the special particles contained in the varnish, the pink coating on the nails seems to be illuminated, which looks spectacular.


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Pink manicure-2023 is a trend that will impress any fashionista. Photos with design options presented in the review prove its versatility and relevance for different occasions.

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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