Trendy summer makeup 2023

It’s time to explore the summer makeup trends 2023 and try them out in practice. A fresh dose of inspiration for your beauty experiments – in a selection of looks from Moddam!

colored arrows

Summer 2023 is the best time for rich colors and bright makeup experiments. An easy way to embody a trend is to draw colored arrows. Minimalistic or creative, neon or pastel – all options are in trend.


In summer, you don’t want to overload your skin with a lot of cosmetics, so the trend for naturalness will come in handy. The key to success is well-groomed skin, which can be illuminated with a light layer of base with a highlighter or BB cream.

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In creating natural makeup 2023, makeup artists love to use eyebrow wax, brown mascara, peach blush and a drop of lip gloss. Pastel shades with a matte or satin finish can also decorate a nude make-up. It is important to choose light textures and nude colors so that the make-up looks fresh in summer.

Glowing skin

An important touch of summer makeup 2023 is an attractive effect of radiant skin. Makeup artists achieve a beautiful texture with the help of a highlighter, which is mixed with a translucent foundation for a natural texture.

Red lipstick

In summer, we do not recommend giving up lipstick, because cosmetics protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation. The most trendy color scheme is scarlet, which is stylishly combined with a nude make-up and a light tan.

In fashionable makeup 2023 with red lipstick, you can emphasize the eyelashes with mascara or rely on a light smokey technique in natural brown tones.

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Wet finish

Makeup for the summer of 2023 will turn out sensual and feminine if you make lips with a wet effect. Mix transparent gloss with different lipsticks to experiment with stylish looks!


Grunge makeup 2023 is the next trendy idea for summer experiments. Black shadows, an accidentally smeared pencil and spider legs lashes are all trendy make-up additions for parties in the hot season!


A real makeup hit for the summer of 2023 is painted freckles that adorn a minimalist look in bulk. The easiest way to create brown dots is with eyeliner (the pencil runs the risk of spreading under the summer sun). For a bright look for a party, a make-up with shiny freckles is suitable.

orange shadows

Literally one of the brightest trends of summer 2023 is a make-up with cheerful orange shadows. This beauty technique does not require additional accents – it is enough to create a natural skin texture with a slight glow and emphasize the eyelashes with one layer of mascara.

Makeup artists note that there are several options for embodying this trend – from delicate peach to neon colors. To enhance the saturation of the selected shade, we advise you to use the base under the shadows or combine cream and dry textures in one make-up.

Green color

There was a lot of green in the fashion trends of the spring-summer 2023-2024 season: both in clothing collections and in makeup design. Shadows or arrows in a trendy color will make any summer bow bright and stylish – try it yourself!


The fashion trends of summer 2023 have confirmed: fantasies about blush in makeup are at the peak of popularity! Repeating this technique is a real pleasure, because such a stroke noticeably refreshes the appearance.

Favorite lipstick color is fashionable to use in mono-makeup. It’s simple – the selected product must be applied to the lips, eyelids and cheekbones.

In summer makeup, makeup artists advise using not only classic pink or peach shades: terracotta or coral color will add locks to tanned makeup.

Trendy summer makeup 2023 is an opportunity to look cool and bright. Current trends will push you to self-expression and charge you for a stylish and unforgettable summer!

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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