Trendy swimwear 2021 for teenagers

Beach season 2021 is just around the corner, so if you have a teenage girl in your family, then don’t forget to buy a trendy swimsuit for her. There are enough models of swimwear for teens so that your growing fashionista can choose the perfect one for herself.

What swimwear for teens will be in fashion in 2021

There are separate and one-piece swimsuits, so let’s see what models for teenage girls are presented in both categories. Among separate swimsuits, the most fashionable will be:

  • with ruffles. Ruffles and ruffles are very cute details that often decorate clothes for both adults and children. Therefore, for teenage girls, they are just right. They look romantic and interesting, so they will definitely not leave the girl indifferent. Ruffles can be located both on the bottom and on the top of the outfit.

  • With ties. All sorts of bindings and ties in different interpretations give the swimsuit an original look. For example, the top of the swimsuit can be tied at the back of the neck, or the panties can be tied with ropes on the sides.

  • Asymmetrical. One-shoulder swimsuits are very fond of teenage girls, because such an outfit looks original. There are many interpretations of such a model, so you need to choose the thing you like most directly at the place of purchase.

  • With shorts and tops. The top and bottom of the swimsuit can be more closed and in this case they are represented by shorts and a top. Shorts go in this case shortened, and the top can be presented in different styles.

  • With skirt bottom. The bottom of the swimwear can also be represented by a skirt. This model is often chosen by girls who love everything romantic and cute. In addition, in a skirt, the girl will be more comfortable on the beach among a large number of people.

  • T-shirt top. Such an outfit is called a tankini, and the top in it is represented by a full-fledged T-shirt. If you want to hide your belly, the girl can choose just such a model.

Adolescence is quite difficult, so a girl may have her own special preferences in swimwear. But, a variety of trendy models of outfits for the beach will satisfy the wishes of even the most capricious girl. The main thing is to measure the swimsuit and see how it looks in your particular case.

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One piece swimwear

Some teenage girls often prefer one-piece swimsuits. They are comfortable, easy to move in, and also suitable for girls who are overweight. Among the 2021 swimwear trends for teenagers, you can also find models with frills, ties and asymmetrical options.

In addition, one-piece swimsuits can be divided into three categories:

  • Completely closed. They, as the name implies, are integral, cover the stomach and almost the entire back. They are made of fabrics of bright colors and with interesting prints, so girls like these options.

  • With cutouts on the sides. This model covers only the stomach, leaving the sides ajar. The back in them remains open, which allows her to tan in the sun.

  • With a stripe connecting the top and bottom. In this model, only a thin strip of fabric, similar to an hourglass, connects the upper and lower parts of the outfit. This option is something in between separate and fused.

There is another noteworthy swimsuit model for teenage girls – in the form of a dress. Since it is one-piece and has a skirt, it is suitable for girls who want to hide figure flaws.

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Swimwear for teenagers: colors and prints 2021

The 2021 swimwear trends for teens offer a huge selection of colors and prints. Adolescence is a time when you can afford the brightest and most original colors in clothes. And even more so, this allows the summer and, in particular, the beach season. Trending colors are presented in this list:

  • bright orange, yellow and red;
  • juicy green and light green;
  • saturated blue and blue;
  • delicate pink, purple and lilac.

Choosing a print is also not difficult, because there are many relevant and beautiful options:

  • Striped. Print on the marine theme will be relevant on vacation. The strip itself is horizontal and vertical.
  • Dotted. Polka dots are presented in different variations – from small black or white to large and multi-colored.
  • Asterisks. Very cute and girly print, which is also in trend this year. Asterisks are often depicted on a blue background, imitating the real sky.
  • Floral. Real summer prints in rich colors are the perfect solution for this summer.
  • Cartoon characters. In adolescence, not all girls will want to wear a swimsuit with a cartoon character. But still, such models exist and there is a merchant for them.

As you can see, the choice of printed swimsuits is very large, so you should not have any difficulties in choosing.

As examples, you can see in the photo the most fashionable swimwear of 2021 for teenage girls. Most of them are very bright, cute and original. Now you can help your child choose the trendiest swimwear for next summer.

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