Trendy things for summer 2019

Especially for you, we have compiled a list of trendy things for the summer of 2019. And all so that you are armed with fashion tips and inspired for a stylish hot season!



Even if you are far from the hippie culture (namely, it can be considered the ancestor of the print), you still have to have at least one item in tie-dye colors this summer.

The most obvious and practical option is, of course, a T-shirt with a designated print. You can easily fit it into any everyday look with the ease of a fashionista. If you are not against fashion experiments, bet on a silk dress, a light coat or a bag with elements of watercolor stains. 100% Trending Guaranteed!

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The style of the 80s era still excites the minds of designers, and therefore you can safely buy denim clothes with an original “boiled” print.

Fortunately, finding such new items today is not difficult and there is no longer a need to stand at the pan for half an hour and watch jeans.

What to buy with this print? If you don’t already have washed jeans, you can fix it immediately. You can also guess with a boiled denim, dress, parka or skirt.

Bicycle shorts

More recently, this trend seemed strange and contradictory to fashionistas, but fashion 2019 has changed everything dramatically. Now cycling shorts are a 100% hit and an object of desire for all fashionistas. The most trendy colors are universal black and bold neon.

If a girl considers cycling shorts to be too radical, fashion trends may suggest that she choose this item in a denim texture with an obligatory raw edge. Denim cycling shorts look more restrained and do not shock the public. Nice bonus! They are easy to make yourself by cutting old jeans to the desired length.


Bermudas do not look as bold and extraordinary as cycling shorts, but they are in no way inferior in popularity.

The versatility of Bermuda shorts is at the highest level – they look so presentable that they are appropriate even in office bows.

Dress shirt

The shirt dress is still among the summer favorites. This style has been at the peak of popularity for several seasons in a row, and it seems that it is not going to lose momentum.

Such a dress may have a vertical row of buttons, but it may well do without them. If you opt for the button-down option, you will look not only stylish, but also taller and slimmer. The most relevant color for such a dress – vertical stripes – also perfectly transforms the figure.

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Knitten things

Needlewomen, this is definitely your summer! Now the trend is absolutely all things crocheted. It can be an openwork vest or a cape, a handbag, a dress or a skirt.

Dresses in a knitted mesh look especially impressive. Such a seductive outfit creates luxurious combinations with swimsuits or short tops.

Urban fashion is also not against a mesh dress, because it can be successfully combined with a basic knitted dress with thin straps.

Wicker bag

If you ask to name the main must have of this summer among accessories, we will, without a doubt, tell you about a fashionable wicker bag.

This season, a wide variety of models are presented – these are chests, baskets, round shapes, clutches or roomy shoppers. Among the unequivocal favorites there are also specimens with a bright lining and decorative pompoms or fringes.

Bright pantsuits

Trouser suits are the main objects of desire of fashionistas this summer. This is especially true of nude and pastel palettes, as well as bright colors. Top and bottom combinations are not strictly regulated – it can be an oversized jacket and straight pants, a jacket with a belt and high-waisted trousers, etc. A very cool combination can be made from a suit in a masculine style with feminine details.

In popularity with trouser suits, elegant options with shorts compete. The trend is not only short shorts, but also elongated bermudas. Accordingly, on the street of girls who are forced to comply with the dress code, a fashionable holiday has come!


The summer forecast will surely allow you to wear a trendy raincoat at least a few times. This is the case when fashionistas will wait for bad weather, not the sun.

A fashionable raincoat will save you from the summer rain

You can safely buy a transparent raincoat with a neon delay, a colored copy or a model with a floral pattern – any option will look extremely fashionable!

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Flying floor length dress

Among the trendy items for the summer of 2019 is a feminine floor-length dress with a flying silhouette. The variety of styles is amazing! Romantic girls choose an off-shoulder outfit that combines modesty and seductiveness.

This season’s mystery girl opts for an elegant long-sleeved maxi dress. The main advantage of this style is that it has no restrictions on the type of figure and physique.

Designers and fashionistas around the world also continue to enjoy the benefits of the high-waisted style. Such a fashionable dress hides the imperfections of the figure, adds height and makes the legs longer and more slender.

A summer dress with a fluffy skirt will come in handy on a festive occasion and on the occasion of a romantic mood.

Another hot trend is the midi or maxi shirt dress.


In the wake of the popularity of industrial fashion, work overalls are becoming incredibly relevant. Its characteristic features are thick fabric, loose fit, wide legs and patch pockets. Despite the “masculine character”, such a jumpsuit perfectly emphasizes the femininity of the figure.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! Patch pockets are present not only on overalls, but also on fashionable dresses, vests, jeans and cargo trousers.[/stextbox]

Satin and satin

Lingerie style continues its fashionable procession in designer shows. Now his most stylish expression is a dress and skirts made of satin or satin.

Lightweight satin allows your body to breathe

Such clothes will easily join the summer wardrobe and will be appropriate even in everyday looks. But if you work on accessories, satin will become a full member of the evening set.

Ruffles and frills

The trends of the summer of 2019 season are a real celebration of femininity. The most coveted prints this time around are delicate flowers and flirty polka dots, while flirty frills and ruffles are among the trendy decor. They can be combined with a light weightless texture, voluminous sleeves and bows. By ruffles and frills, fashionistas can easily figure out a trendy dress, sundress, skirt or blouse.

Pearls and shells

Trends in accessories in the 2019 season are distinguished by their particular elegance and femininity. All these invisibles, hairpins and earrings with pearls look very sophisticated and transform any summer look.

The chain on the glasses can also be pearl. Also, this fashionable detail can be made of beads or a metal chain….

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